Stalling until his debts are paid

Vaccine registration site expected in a few weeks

He had 10 months, and now expects to have registration in a few weeks and be able to make appointments in a few months.

Of course, by then all the Public employee union members and other cronies will have been vaccinated and it will be OK for the serfs to get in line.

14 thoughts on “Stalling until his debts are paid

  1. I’m getting confused on who exactly is supposed to vaccinate me and my wife. VA, government clinic, city of VB, state of Va, CVS, GP or what? I am a 1b 60yo with HPB so I’m registering where I can and waiting for whomever to say make your appt. In the mean time I see lots of young people being vaccinated ahead of us. It’s a cluster with the goal line moving farther away every day.


        1. If your primary care doctor is a Sentara or Riverside member, he might be able to help.

          I got a vaccine invitation this morning from my Polycythemia doctor at Riverside. I sent him a thank you email and told him I had gone to NC already.


        2. I registered with the city when it first opened up and have received a weekly email saying that I am still in the queue, If I can get a CVS or Walgreens shot in the interim, I’ll tkae it.

          It is confusing. But patience is a virtue.


    1. OK

      note that 89.65% of those vaccinated in Virginia are under 70

      Phase 1b is half the adults in the State. But vaccination is not random in that group. When you registered, you went through several pages of questions in which you disclosed your employment, race, age, health status and whether you had a government or private sector job.

      That goes into a database that allows health dept bureaucrats to select who gets the invitation to get an appointment. They make those selections in secret based on criteria not disclosed. Not that I am claiming they are, but if they chose to, they could select by race, It is totally non-transparent.

      When you look at who is actually getting vaccinated, they are overwhelmingly government employees. That’s the only way to that 90% age distribution from the Phase 1b tranch.


      1. Speculation of corruption. Incompetence is more likely, but you have to insist that because it is a Democrat, it is corruption.

        “. Not that I am claiming they are”. Uh yes you are and have been.


        1. No, I am not making that claim. The page I linked shows that has not happened yet, at least.

          But it does show that government workers got priority within Phase 1b over ELders


          1. OK, you explain to me why a 25 year old firefighter, who rarely has direct contact with the public in the course of their job should have priority over Elders who are 100 times more likely to die if infected?


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