And so it begins

As the former President said, the more people who vote, the less chance there is of ever having a Republican president ever elected again.

So legislatures around the country, particularly those lead by the GOP, and in states where T**** lost, are crafting voter suppression laws. They are referring to them as “integrity” laws. But it was the leader of their party who pushed the false narrative of voter fraud even before the first ballot was cast. Even though the down-ballot Republicans did better than expected.

Stand by, voters. You will have to do a little extra work to ensure your voice is heard. And take note of those pushing these “integrity” initiatives. They are suppression cloaked as integrity. And those who support them need to be voted out of office before they can do real harm. Like changing the laws back to white, property owning males over the age of 21.

25 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. White, property owning males over 21?

    I’d settle for alive, citizens, living in the district where registered, and cognizant.

    Though on reflection, I’m not sure the 19th Amendment was all that good an idea.


    1. …”I’m not sure the 19th Amendment was all that good an idea.”

      So I take it you tell Mrs. T. how to vote or that she shouldn’t have the right to do so? Amazing.

      And an originalist, such as yourself. should have figured out the reference.

      Seeing as there was no voter fraud to the extent the outcome of the election would have been different, your statement about it happening is a waste and shows no sense of humor whatsoever.

      Once again you show your propensity for only wanting people that agree with your worldview be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights. To that measure, I could easily say that Libertarians should not be allowed to vote until the third November each year.
      But I don’t think that. I believe that every citizen who has the right to vote should be able to do so and the hurdles that are continuously being erected by the Republican Party need to be torn down.

      Like I said, even T**** made it clear that when people are allowed to vote, there will never be another Republican President elected. And if the last name IS T****, I have absolutely no problem with that.

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      1. My wife is more conservative than I am, at least on social issues, but she would agree that on average, women vote based on emotion rather than reason.

        But again, asking that people be alive to vote and aware of their surroundings is not too much to ask, Are you really that worried your side can’t win without the absent, dead or demented votes?


        1. First time I’ve shown my wife a post: when she read the “emotion” comment she commented that one of the impediments she had found (and overcome) into the executive ranks in corporate America that she had experienced was not only the “baked in” sexism of the men, but also the cluelessness of the women who had bought into the male-reinforced stereotypes of such bullshit.

          As she walked away she muttered “fucking idiots”…

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          1. I believe her analysis is spot on. Not emotional at all.

            If you are so offended by her analysis, refute it. Otherwise, it would be best not to comment on someone you know little about… except that she thought your comment about women was idiotic.


          2. I do not know Mrs Jimmie and did not comment on her. She may well be a very rational person most of the time. I commented on her response in this case which was about how she FELT about women who agreed with the characterization of women as emotional.

            That is specifically what the response was.


          3. …”how she FELT about women”…

            Your failing to acknowledge her analysis is telling. She analyzed the statements and came to a conclusion that those who feel that way are “fucking idiots”….

            I don’t know her either, but it seemed like a reasoned response. Not a shred of emotion.


          4. Marrying me? Certainly, but don’t we all..

            Seeing sexism and sad acquiescence relative to the historical subjugation of women for what it is?

            Not so much.

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        2. I do not begrudge your wife’s right to vote, In fact I support it 100%. (and your comment the other day about legalizing prostitution… .yeah, I get it) It appears you are the one that doesn’t.

          And my wife votes based on what she hears and how she believes it will effect her family. We do not always agree. But I would never do anything to interfere with her right to vote.

          As far as your other comment; it is anti-democratic drivel. Your little anecdotal evidence is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Just because there are a few corrupt people in your family’s neck of the woods, does not mean there is widespread fraud to the extent that would change the outcome of this or any other election. And the most egregious fraud in recent history was NC-09 a couple of years back.

          When people are afforded the opportunity to exercise their constitutional rights, then that is a good thing for the country. But then again you live in a place where normal turnout for LOCAL elections is in the 18 -or-so% range.


      1. Note that what I wrote was that I wondered if the 19th had been a good idea.

        I don’t deny that women should be voters as a matter of justice. But sometimes doing the right thing results in unfavorable outcomes.

        Women, in general, not necessarily as individuals, tend to prioritize perceived safety over liberty. They tend to support equity over equality,

        Those trends produce unfavorable results politically.

        But no, I still would not deny them the right to vote, no matter how badly they do it.


    1. How is my comment racist? Because I referred back to the time of the ratification of the Constitution when ONLY white male property owners were the only ones allowed to cast a ballot? Not racist; HISTORICAL.

      Who’s listening to dog whistles now?

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        1. You are delusional. Just because I am supportive of ALL peoples, does not make me anti-white. It makes me anti-discriminatory.

          You, on the other hand, happen to show a great deal of white nationalism tendencies.

          And if you believe that racism has not played a part in the history of this country, you really know nothing about history.

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  2. Trump lost the white, senior, and suburban votes. He gained some urban votes. So tightening voting restrictions are not going to do much good for someone like him.

    Down ballot did fine except for GA where he helped defeat his own party.

    So let’s see. Republicans did well under the current voting rules.

    Time the change them.

    Sounds reasonable to me.

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    1. GOP death throes, that will fail this time around.

      Social platforms are at the heart of many of our societal problems. It has helped to radicalize the easily led and weak minded, but it also shines a LOT of light on the corrupt processes used by the dying GOP to hold on to power. Calling out and voting against these attempts to restrict voting by those not in the cult will fail.


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      1. Flash mobs for music, dancing and partying have taken a dark turn.

        We are smug and disapproving of dictatorships like China that clamp down on social media.

        Yet, after this recent 4 year fiasco with Trump, Twitter and right wing gangs, one can understand regimes that control the internet access and postings.

        Not suggesting we do the same, but like the gun issues, there will be a minority of loonies that can eventually erode our freedoms.

        Unrestricted access to firearms has a serious social cost in high gun violence rates and, by extension, the police shootings. So does a daily inundation of conspiracies. Especially in the face of mistrust in our institutions.

        We may be nearing a point of no return via the abdication of responsibility with our cherished freedoms.

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