Amazing coincidences

1/24/2021 Nancy Pelosi’s husband buys $1.25million in Tesla stock

1/25/2021 President Biden signs EO requiring all government vehicles to transition to EVs

Extended family?

39 thoughts on “Amazing coincidences

  1. It was pretty well known that Biden would push hard for EV transportation, so the EO was no surprise. Paul Pelosi is a venture capitalist among his other investment businesses. So I am sure he is always on the lookout for deals.

    At the same time that he took out options to buy Tesla, he also bought options for Apple and Disney.

    Personally, I think Congressional members and their families need to heed optics as well as ethics. I agree that elected officials need to be very careful about what they do.

    Right now there is no law that prevented a spouse from investing based on public knowledge but following an EO by 24 hours is pretty shaky to me.

    But then, ethics have been on hold for a while.

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      1. At least the insider information of a deadly pandemic was not the impetus. Hmmm, I wonder why Trump played down the pandemic. Did his buddies on Wall Street needed time to shift positions before the rest of us knew what was going on? A few Congressmen took advantage of that.

        What’s a few hundred thousand dead old folks when money is to be made.

        Just sayin’.

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        1. Suddenly you’re worried about old folks after defending the debacle in Virginia for weeks,?

          NY Governor Cuomo “My policies killed 8000 old people”

          VA Governor Northam “Hold my beer”


          1. “Suddenly you’re worried about old folks…”

            Kind of missed the point. I have always been worried about old folks for obvious reasons: I are one.

            No, just calling out the thieves in the previous Congress and administration.

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          2. I don’t think anyone defended the VA rollout. I called it what is is: “incompetent”.

            However, we all threw a bright yellow flag on your “corruption” BS.


          3. So says you. But you have provided nothing but your own opinion, which recently has been based on baseless claims.

            No proof,no corruption. No proof, no widespread voter fraud.

            And YES it is the same thing.


          1. Like I said. No proof, just conjecture. My point is that you defended Tillis’s actions as being above board. Now all of a sudden, becasue it is Pelosi’s husband, you have a BIG problem with it.


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  2. RE: “Extended family?”

    Yes. The government-purchased EVs themselves never have to materialize. Mr. Pelosi can sell his stocks just before the next batch of insider dope goes public.

    EVs are sexy and wonderful in many ways, but gasoline-based vehicles remain more safe and efficient along many engineering dimensions. This will be true until we have the ability to produce and distribute electricity that is absolutely free.


  3. ESG. When Democrats are in power, the companies associated with environmental, social, and governance tend to do well. Of course, most do well anyway, but this is their time.

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      1. We are dependent upon our environment for survival.

        We are very social animals. And in the modern world of travel, economics and communications, we are blending diversity faster than many are willing to accept.

        We need government to ensure our better angels.

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          1. You preferred the anarchists and terrorists who attacked Congress for picking winners and losers? Or perhaps Giuliani, Powell, Paxton, Hawley?

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        1. No, but a lot of my relatives in Louisiana will be unemployed within a year due to Biden’s EO stopping oil exploration in Federal waters and lands.

          These are hard working people who do dangerous work to keep you comfortable and prosperous, and they will lose everything because Biden has to pay off the extreme green


          1. Sure, they can get a job making solar panels or windmill blades.,

            In China.

            Not sure how other families are going to do better paying twice as much for imported gasoline or scraping their perfectly good car to buy a $100K electric car that will not serve them as well. ANd if they need a larger vehicle for their work, tough.

            There is no upside to forcing people to pay a higher price for energy, knowing full well that if the US went to zero emissions, it wouldn’t make 0.01C difference in global temperature by 2100.


          2. THere is a town in Louisiana called China? Who woulda guessed. I did know there is a town called Lima in Ohio, just like in Peru.

            You have told people before they need to go where the jobs are. I guess that only applies to the “others” in your universe.

            The “higher prices” you seem to be so sure are going to occur are NOT happening. You wish tem tom but again, that does not make it so.

            ANd by the way. the Keystone pipeline carries CANADIAN oil, not US. SO how it that beneficial to the US oil sector? It’s not because ALL oil is on the global market. We have been independent producers since the middle of the Obama years. Conveniently overlooked history. But you’re good at that; ignoring FACTS that don’t feed your beliefs.

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          3. The oil coming from Canada will be refined in Texas and Louisiana. Much of it will go to bunker fuel because of the makeup of the Canadian oil, not all oil is the same. But much will also be chemical feedstock for the industries along the lower Mississippi. And some will go to gasoline.

            There are many things besides gasoline that come from oil, everything from solvents to plastics. Many of those things we depend on.


            Certainly you don’t imagine we’re going to do without diesel for trucks and tractors, of jet fuel, or plastic or chemicals?

            But if we eliminate gasoline powered cars, what are you going to do with all that gasoline? Dump it in rivers? Burn it?

            Simple solutions get complicated


          4. Your desperation is evident with every post. I love how you ignore the facts of our being energy EXPORTERS since the mid-Obama years. Ignoring facts because they don’t fit is part of your delusions.

            Keep it up. It’s fun to watch you spinning in the wind like a wind turbine.


          5. The US became a net energy exporter in 2013 but only because we exported A LOT of coal. We only became a net petroleum exporter in 2019.

            Does coal exported to China to be burned not put CO2 into the atmosphere?


          6. You are really full of it this morning.

            Take the whining about the need to pay $100,000 for an EV. We have been down this road before and I have provided chapter and verse on MANY EV options that are available NOW that are far, far less. Here is a recent sampling . . .


            Beyond EV cars, there are a number of EV pickup truck options in the pipeline that are also far less than $100K.


            And then the whining about your relatives’ jobs. As a matter of fact, even with a lot of manufacturing of renewable energy equipment NOW being done in China – because Trump dropped the ball – there are far more people involved in producing green energy than in producing fossil energy. The ratio is about 3 to 1. They are hard working people too.


            You should read this Forbes article. It documents that a lot of your a priori assumptions about the cost of green energy do not match reality.

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          7. Looks like someone at WAPO wants to prove himself to be “fair and balanced” with this nitpicking. It is all based on restricting “green energy” jobs to panel and turbine installers. That is not the whole story. Not even close. The Forbes article that I linked to reported that “green energy” jobs are already three times as numerous as “fossil energy” ones. And growing as fossil shrinks. Kessler deserves as many Pinocchios as Kerry because his use of statistics leaves the false impression that green jobs are insignificant. They are not.


            Of course, there is lots of room to play with definitions, but YOU want to insist that “green energy” is more expensive. What is the source of such extra expense? More work to be done. You cannot have it both ways – Green energy cannot be both more expensive AND a job killer.

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          8. Don’t forget that any cost comparison must include the cost of a grid able to move energy long distances and the cost of backup fossil fuel plants left idle when the green power is available. Add disposal costs and the opportunity costs of tying up vast tracts of land and green energy is prohibitively expensive.

            Regarding jobs, I wonder if there is anyone keeping track of kilowatt hours per job? A rough guess would be that each fossil fuel worker is going to produce more than 100 times the energy of the green worker.


          9. A more robust grid is something that we need anyway. It is not a cost difference between green sources and fossil sources of electric power.

            As for the argument that fossil systems need to be on standby, I will not try to claim that the argument is totally bogus, just exaggerated. And the need for such standby systems at all central power plants is a function of the quality of the grid and the market penetration of stand alone green systems in homes.

            It is not at all clear why you think disposal costs favors fossil fuel. All power plants have finite lives and have to be disposed of in the end. As does mountains of toxic ash created by burning coal.

            There may be some “opportunity cost” for some green systems in some locations. I have family in Chicago and have driven there several times. There is a massive wind farm in Indiana on the way that takes about 1/2 hour at freeway speeds to get through. The land it is on is being farmed. As it would be anyway. As for solar, I cannot think of any opportunity cost given up should my roof be the home of a solar power system. This is not just about technology at central power stations.

            I will stipulate that the “cost” per KWH is always going to be less for fossil fuels since the damage burning fossil carbon does is not factored in. That is kind of the point. If your estimate of 100x KWK/job is right then maybe you should give up saying that green energy will cost jobs when it replaces coal?

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          10. No, we don’t need a robust grid. Transmission costs over distance are wasteful.

            What we need are more dual cycle natural gas power plants of moderate size dispersed over the area.

            these plants are quiet, safe and non-polluting so they can be located near the demand without causing problems and with minimal transmission loss.


          11. “No, we don’t need a robust grid. Transmission costs over distance are wasteful.”

            Uh, we already move electricity around the country with three interconnected grids. A more “robust grid” refers to making the existing interconnections more efficient and more reliable. That is a worthy goal no matter what kind of equipment is producing the electricity.


            Nationwide the loss in transmission and distribution is around 5%. Most of the loss occurs in stepping up (at the power plant) and stepping down the voltage (for sub-stations and final distribution). The losses in the “long-haul” part of the grid are a small part of that overall loss.

            By the way, your point about transmission losses is highly relevant to understanding the relative advantage of in situ solar solutions – like on your roof. They not only do not lose 65% of the energy consumed in producing electricity at a power station, they do not suffer transmission losses either.


      2. Investing is 99% inspiration and 1% sweat. When sentiment chages, investing changes. It’s just fact. But it is not lamentable. It’s not zero sum. If advances are made in one sector, it will eventually spill into others and raise them.

        This is good. Money is moving.

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      3. Gun stocks are going to keep climbing, too. Always does when there is a Democrat in the WH. Even though the doomsdayers statements of “coming to take your guns, better buy now before it happens” NEVER materializes.

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  4. The truly “amazing coincidence” is when you all of a sudden become concerned with potential “corruption” by Dems when Republicans have been doing the same damned thing.

    Your fake outrage is as hypocritical as ever.

    And absolutely NOT surprising.

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    1. Totally agree.

      Just take the last 4 years for example. Trump and his kids had hundreds of sketchy dealings & goings on and NEVER blinked an eye when questioned.

      After the GOP just smiled and didn’t do a thing, EXCEPT thank Donald for all their new judges) I don’t give a fat farkle what any of Congress or Biden buy.

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