OK, Let’s make Biden a hero

OK, let’s make Biden a hero. He has the power to end the COVID Emergency in a month. There will still be a COVID Problem, but deaths will decline dramatically and hospitals will be unburdened.

But that requires having enough vaccine and using it efficiently.

The Astra Zenica Vaccine was ready to deploy 6 weeks ago but researchers accidentally discovered that it was even more effective with an adjustment in the dose. Instead of going with that, the FDA sent it back to do Phase 3 testing all over again. Meanwhile. the vaccine is saving lives around the world. Similarly, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is known to exceed the requirements for efficacy and safety, we don’t need to wait another 2 months to find out by how much. Get them both into the game.

Next, the Phase 1b deployment by occupation is incredibly complex and subject to cronyism. It is the reason vaccines sit unused in freezers. Follow the rest of the civilized world and vaccinate oldest first, which is simple, and fast.

Even without the AZ and J&J vaccines, vaccinating everyone over 65 could be accomplished in 6 weeks, with them in less than a month. So, Biden can be a hero by February, but if he allows himself to be hampered by the FDA’s over caution and the CDC’s wokeness, he will fail spectacularly as the more contagious mutations spread through the Spring and hospitals are crushed.

32 thoughts on “OK, Let’s make Biden a hero

  1. As I read your comments I became bewildered by the fact you are not serving on the Biden team put together to deal with the pandemic issues. It’s obvious that you have a clear-eyed perspective that is simply beyond the abilities of the career professionals being consulted.

    Keep the phone close, you never know.

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    1. Cute, but where am I in error?

      On this, at least, I want Biden to succeed. Further, he has the ability to do it in a way Trump could not because he has the MSM on his side.

      If Trump had said to the FDA, ‘Get those vaccines out there or you’re fired.’ We would have heard nothing other than Trump was anti-science and putting Americans at risk, but if Biden says the same thing. it will be hailed as steely-eyed leadership through the emergency.

      Likewise, if Trump had said that the CDC’s Phase 1b was too complex to implement fast enough, he would have been called a racist protecting his elderly white base, but no one is going to call Biden a racist, instead it will be a pragmatic approach in a time of urgency.

      So, Biden can be the hero, the question is will he do it?


      1. You just can’t help yourself, can you? The mainstream media will be treating Biden the same way that they treated Trump – report on what he says and what he does. That is what they do.

        And rest assured, enterprising journalists will continue to dig into the activities of the government and root out its secrets. That is what they have always done and what our Constitution expects of them.

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          1. At least, I can see the color of the sky. You apparently cannot. There is none so blind as those who will not see.

            The media is biased towards covering disasters. Bad news sells better than good news. I grant you that. Trump provided the equivalent of a train wreck just about every week. For four years. So those train wrecks got covered and decent people were disgusted.


        1. Ha ha ha ha…who are you trying to fool??? Surely you don’t think that anyone on this board buys that for a second, do you?


          1. I know it is hard to admit, Bobr, but you have been conned by Mr. Trump. The mainstream media is NOT “fake news.” They reported factually on what Mr. Trump said, tweeted and did. It is not their doing that he is massively ignorant, self-centered, incompetent, boastful and corrupt. That is on him.

            In a moment of candor Trump explained to Lesley Stahl that he bashes the press to demean and discredit reporters so that the public will not believe “negative stories” about him. That strategy worked very, very well on you. Obviously.


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          2. “He doesn’t even believe it himself.”

            Pretty bold claim. Any evidence to back it up? Of course not.

            I DO believe what I post. Unlike some, I do not post things that I believe to be false. This you may find hard to believe but most people do not share your delusions. Trump was NOT the victim of “fake news.” He was a victim of his own banality, stupidity, vanity and corruption.

            As he did on every subject, Trump lied his ass off about the news media. He is the “fake” not them and unless you have been mesmerized, it has been glaringly apparent.

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      2. “… has the MSM on his side.”

        You mean FOX, talk radio, Washington Times, WSJ, EPOCH Times, NY Post, etc. are all on Biden’s team now?

        The “common cold” crew has shifted gears to Drive instead of Park, or Reverse.

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  2. I am 100% confident that President Biden will be guided by the best scientific advice he can find. It may align with your ideas and it may not.

    For what it may be worth, your constant remarks about “wokeness” do not resonate very well in the aftermath of a deadly White Supremacist assault on the Congress.

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      1. Epidemiology is a science, right? You are not an epidemiologist so you are happy and self-satisfied with your back of an envelope level calculations. Actual epidemiologists – like those employed by the CDC – have to look at a bigger picture. For example, you resent younger people doing essential work being higher on the list of priorities than you are. How did you factor in the effect on the spread of the virus if stay-at-home seniors are protected while active working people in daily contact with dozens of random people are not? Answer – you didn’t.

        You whine about “race-based” decisions even though you excused Trump’s failures by citing the fact that African-Americans tend to suffer much worse consequences when infected. Do you not see the obvious disconnect there? Probably not.

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        1. Epidemiology has little to do with it.

          I previously provided you with the link to the CDC vaccine panel’s working report from November,

          It explicitly said that their recommendations were based only in part on medical considerations and were adjusted for ‘health equity’ and admitted that the plan would result in 6.85% more deaths. What’s 6.5% of 200,000?

          And don’t forget that elderly Black Americans are being sacrificed as well, but they justified that because there were disproportionally more white elders who would die.


          1. “admitted that the plan would result in 6.85% more deaths.“

            I’ve read their guidance and seen most of the projections and can’t find where the CDC admitted this. Can you provide a link?

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          2. I think this is the link you refer to . . .

            Click to access COVID-04-Dooling.pdf

            As usual you have cherry-picked, over simplified and misrepresented the material linked to.

            The material covered epidemiological modeling to test three strategies for phase 1b in a number of different scenarios with different assumptions about the then unknown vaccine and whether it would be available as infections were rising or falling. The CDC did not “admit” anything. You have selected the one of many models with the “best case” for your point of view. The modeling effort was summarized with this statement . . .

            “Differences among 3 strategies is minimal”

            The committee then opined that with that in mind other issues such as implementation and ethical considerations might be decisive in setting the final list.

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          3. Thanks Paul, I had seen that and did not find any “admitted to” in it.

            If that is his reference then I’d agree the statement is at least a couple of Pinocchios worthy and disappointing.

            I’ll wait until Herr Doctor has a chance to respond after a hopefully successful therapy session.

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    1. The plan was for the States to administer the vaccinations, with the Feds covering 75% of the costs.

      They had 8 months to prepare, some states did, some. like Virginia didn’t

      But the failure is at the State level, as are the successes.


      1. There was NO plan. Unlike the playbook for dealing with a pandemic the Obama administration HANDED to the incoming administration, there is nothing to hand off. Prepare? How do you prepare for something that doesn’t exist?

        Yes, there is failure at all levels. But the BIG failure is at the top. No vaccine stock; no real plan for distribution. Biden’s team has to start from square one to fix what wasn’t left behind.


          1. “The vaccine stock is there”

            The original batch? Yes. But the promised “second dose” batch? Not so much.

            The reason my father’s first shot got cancelled late last week was because they were out of vaccine. This was about the same time that Azar admitted they didn’t have the stockpile they said they were holding back and wanted to release.

            Still you do not deny there was no plan.

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          2. I’m sorry to hear that your father’s vaccination was canceled, but you have been misinformed.

            Virginia has received 963,000 doses from the Federal government and has used 360,000. The state has not run out of vaccine.

            Your father’s dose was there, but it was either diverted or is being held for, someone the State of City Health Dept has assigned a higher priority, likely a younger, healthier public employee union member.

            It’s not that Virginia has no plan, it’s just that the plan is very complex and corrupt.


          3. He’s in NY. So, no, I have not been misinformed

            And you continue to speculate on what you do not know to be true. Complex is probably accurate. Corrupt is purely conjecture. AND only because you WANT it to be.

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          4. Ah, I misunderstood.

            Still, New York has only used 1/2 of the 2 million doses it has received.

            Whether it is incompetence or corruption in NY I do not know, but it is still a State failure.


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