24 thoughts on “Biden finds no vaccine plan at all in Trump administration.

    1. Again, I reiterate the “wartime” analogy. If we are attacked, the Trump plan was for states to do the fighting and if they need some bullets, the feds might just provide them if, the big if, the governor kissed the president’s ass.

      I have an ugly feeling that the new administration is going to find huge problems and gaps in all major issues.

      I think this is why Trump stonewalled on the transition. Finding they had done zilch on most everything, Trump felt it was better to skip town ASAP.

      “Paper Moon” was a great flick about the life of a con artist who “sold” monogrammed Bibles to bereaved widows by telling them their beloved husband ordered it before he died. Then he would skip town before the local sheriff got wind of the scheme.

      Well, we were obviously sold a bill of goods on this vaccine distribution.

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  1. https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/535219-biden-covid-czar-calls-trump-vaccine-planning-so-much-worse-than-we-could

    “A lack of visibility into vaccine allocation efforts during the transition period has forced the new administration to try to quickly get a handle where things stand with the government’s response to the pandemic, officials said.”

    A REAL transition, not one stonewalled by a President intent of overturning an election, would have made a big difference. Transparency. Meh.

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  2. OOOOOH “sources say” That’s Newspeak for here is the official lie.

    The ‘plan’ was for the Federal government to obtain the vaccine and provide it free to the States, along with all the necessary supplies and funding for 75% of the vaccination expenses . That has been done.

    The states had 8 months notice that this was coming and knew what their responsibility would be. Some states did quite well, others either didn’t believe the vaccine would be here this soon, or they are just so corrupt that they can’t get out of their own way,

    It would be foolish to think that the same plan that would work in New Jersey would be the best plan for South Dakota. And South Dakota is doing quite well. West Virginia has vaccinated twice the share of its population as Virginia. Of course, Virginia only hired Dr Avula to head the rollout 2 weeks ago.

    This is a State level failure, in part abetted by the CDC advisory which provided the State with cover to give preference to public employee union members


    1. RE: “This is a State level failure…”

      I agree. You have to wonder just how complicated a federal distribution plan for the vaccine needed to be. There are 50 states, a couple of dozen territories and a handful of Indian nations — all in all less than 100 potential customers, each capable of calling the vaccine manufacturer on the phone, placing an order, and arranging appropriate shipping. You could write the entire “distribution plan” for that in 24 pt. type on a 3×5 index card.


      1. Wonder no more. The Biden administration has now laid out in some detail what the Federal government plan to stop the pandemic will include. They prepared this plan while being kept in the dark by the departing Trump administration.

        Click to access National-Strategy-for-the-COVID-19-Response-and-Pandemic-Preparedness.pdf

        I am sure that Trump apologists will find things they don’t like or will mock in this plan but stating the goals, establishing reporting standards and mechanisms and being ready to be held accountable is an important part of taking responsibility.

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        1. RE: “The Biden administration has now laid out in some detail what the Federal government plan to stop the pandemic will include. ”

          The topic at hand is distribution of the vaccine, not stopping the pandemic.


          1. If vaccine distribution isn’t part of stopping the pandemic, then what is it? They are tied together by necessity.

            And seeing as there was NO PLAN from the previous administration for stopping the pandemic or distributing the vaccine effectively, this is a breath of fresh air. An administration committed to the PEOPLE, not the individual sitting behind the Resolute Desk.


          2. RE: “If vaccine distribution isn’t part of stopping the pandemic, then what is it?”

            That depends on what you want to talk about. The topic raised was specific: vaccine distribution. The prior administration enabled more than 900,000 vaccinations per day. The new administration wants to increase that to 1,000,000 per day.

            So, what do you want to talk about? Do you really believe there was “NO PLAN” in place that allowed just under one million people a day to be vaccinated?


          3. “The topic at hand is distribution of the vaccine, not stopping the pandemic.”

            What a dopey comment! You were wondering about a federal plan. This is a direct response. You dyslexic or something?

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    2. Think this through a bit. If it is the fault of the states, it would all but a handful, both Democratic and Republican.

      Last I checked, we are a nation. The pandemic is global. Perhaps a bit more interest by the feds to know how it was going, what is wrong, if anything, and what else can we do to move this along.

      CA has a huge problem in that just about all the healthcare workers are currently working and burning out. With patients that have no beds, priorities to keep them alive is tantamount. Perhaps the feds could help with personnel, etc.

      We already had an administration that told states they were on their own early on. They had to sneak in supplies, buy them overseas and compete against other states for prices and actual PPE’s.

      It was the lack of a federal response to a national problem that may have exacerbated the entire program for us. Which is why we have 20%+ of all cases and deaths.

      I think therein lies the problem. Now we have to work past that and see if we can’t solve this as a nation.

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      1. CA does have a huge problem, and Virginia is following in its footsteps.

        Yes, their hospitals are overwhelmed. In another month, our will be too. Yet we are not doing the one thing that will prevent that. Hospitals are not full of 25 year old cashiers or lettuce pickers, or 35 year old teachers. They are full of people like you and me. But VA insists still on vaccinating young people who do not burden the hospitals while pushing older people back in line, both explicitly and through supply manipulation.


      2. RE: “Think this through a bit.”

        You should follow your own advice. You seem to believe a federal solution is necessary, but why? The logistics and supply chain issues involved in vaccine distribution are trivial at best. What makes you think they are not?


        1. “The logistics and supply chain issues involved in vaccine distribution are trivial at best.”

          If that is true, then why has vaccine distribution so far been such a cockup? Are you saying that Trump was not even able to manage a “trivial” challenge? Maybe, but, to be fair to Trump, I believe that the problems presented are a lot more challenging than “trivial.”

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        2. RE: “If that is true, then why has vaccine distribution so far been such a cockup?”

          I don’t buy the premise that it was. When Biden took office, just shy of a million people a day were being vaccinated.

          The complaint in the post is that the incoming administration found no plan for vaccine distribution. My point is there was no need for a formal plan because distribution channels already existed and didn’t require any federal intervention.


          1. …”just shy of a million people a day were being vaccinated.”

            What source are you using? The last I heard yesterday (NPR, and reiterated again on CNN, in interviews with government officials) was in the 500k range.

            …”was no need for a formal plan”…

            The T**** folks told us there was a plan when there wasn’t one. Whether you believe a plan is needed or not, we were sold a bill of goods … with NO goods.

            And this is a NATIONAL issue, not a few individual states. I get the small government ethos, but this is not the time for that. – IMO


          2. Why a cockup?

            Because it badly missed the results that Trump promised. He said there would be 20 million vaccinations by the end of December. It was closer to 3 million. Beyond that, there were weeks of confusion about the amounts that would be available to each state and when making it even more difficult to plan the on-the-ground efforts.

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  3. Are you kidding me with “sources” say. Really, who are you liberals trying to fool with this trash? Enjoy your moment because, as predicted, you fools would over play your hand in a short time and you have managed to do that in only a few days.


      1. Coming from the insulter in chief, you, I could care less what you think. Yes, liberals are fools and prove it every day.


        1. You care enough to parachute in with personal insults. But your posts are not completely useless. They are a reminder of the bullet this nation dodged when people of your ilk were repudiated by the voters.

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