Trumpism floating downstream

This is unbelievable! The State Supreme Court ruled the election win by the Democrat to be the final decision. Yet the GOP majority refused to seat him? WTF?

And in Congress, Nancy Pelosi swore in a GOP Rep from Iowa who’s election results are still being litigated. A 5 vote “win”, but still not finally decided.

I am truly glad that the only reason I have to go back to PA is to bury my Mother-in-law and to visit other gravesites of family members. I am disgusted. And anyone who believes in the “rule of law” and the sanctity of the courts should be equally disturbed -IMO.

33 thoughts on “Trumpism floating downstream

  1. RE: “The State Supreme Court ruled the election win by the Democrat to be the final decision.”

    Not exactly. According to your source the state courts ruled on the complaints they received, but a ruling is still pending for a complaint filed in federal court. Until the federal case is resolved, it is hard to see how Pennsylvania’s legislature is violating the rule of law.


    1. So this is now the norm? Lose an election, then start lawsuits with unending appeals.

      Why not just appoint a 9 judge panel, let the candidates state their cases and then the court picks the winner.

      It is obvious that conservatives, Republicans in particular, no longer want elections. That was voiced in no uncertain terms by several GOP officials, including Trump in the last year.

      A better way is to have elections codified a bit better at both state and federal levels. Then establish election appeals rules. Example: if you want to challenge an election, state your case with a specific number of votes that you are looking to retrieve. If that amount is insufficient to change the election, no redress. All affidavits and witnesses will have to sign an oath before even presenting the evidence.

      I am sure there are legal details that need tending to.

      Trump has done us a favor by exposing a weak system that can collapse with the wrong people in the wrong places. We are fortunate that the swing states were Republican in some cases and that the officials were honest. Or we might have had some “recalculation” to truly rig the election as Trump demanded.

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      1. RE: “Trump has done us a favor by exposing a weak system that can collapse with the wrong people in the wrong places.”

        Every political system can collapse in that way. The thing to grasp in the 2020 election is that the system is working properly as designed. Plus, the design is good.

        Mr. Green objects to the proceedings in Pennsylvania, but there is nothing objectionable to complain about.


        1. Not seating the verified winner of an election is not objectionable? Really? If Pelosi refused to swear in the GOP rep from Iowa, who’s election result is still being finalized (with a 5 count difference!) you WOULD find that objectionable. Not mind reading, just calling you the hypocrite that you are.

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        2. RE: “Not seating the verified winner of an election is not objectionable?”

          It would be, if that were the case. The winner won’t be verified until the federal lawsuit is settled.


      2. The good news is he’ll be seated along with the 2 new senators from GA and some long overdue changes in the way we run elections will be implemented to help the Country stop the GOP obstructionist crap…

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        1. It is looking good for Democrats so far. Last I saw Warnock was the winner with over 50,000 vote advantage and Ossoff had a16,000 vote lead.

          Recounts coming to be sure.

          Republicans can be thankful that there are a few red state Democrats to temper the wild side a bit.

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          1. No recount for Warnock (.5 %) threshold and Ossoff should clear it as well with the remaining counts today. BIG deal for a LOT of practical reasons…

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        1. “That dog don’t hunt.”

          OK JTR, J.D., explain how this case, as among many others lately, can have standing in a federal court when it is in state election.

          This is not a US Senate seat in question; it is a State Senate seat. The federal courts should reject it based on standing and allow the STATE Supreme Court ruling to stand.


          1. BTW, What do the call the roast beef sandwichs they make up there? It’s some kind of a yearly thing. It’s boiled, way overdone, sits stewing all day, and is really tasty.


          2. Ox tail. Flashback to childhood. Little market close to the house sold it by the pound in a tupperware style container, and the maternal unit would by a pound every other week for school lunch. Never enough ketchup to add.


        1. Hard earned experience?

          “Cheers” had Woody entering a bartender competition. His drink invention was Rum and trail mix. I think Philip’s and Grey Goose tops it.

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