Hedge Fund Moves On Virginian-Pilot Parent Company

Source: Kerry.

I’m nostalgic about the once-was Virginian-Pilot, but ambivalent over its slow decline and certain fall.

Devoid of impressive writers — Ms. Dougherty carried that distinction alone for many years, until she, too, eventually departed — the paper long ago became a local Pravda in my estimation. It will no doubt purify its role in that capacity under the new management. That may even be the point.

Oh well. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger: Salt water and red ink, for those who may remember a similar phrase.

5 thoughts on “Hedge Fund Moves On Virginian-Pilot Parent Company

  1. I posted this at Kerry’s site:

    You never know what you are missing until it is gone. When you realize that the only institution standing between us and government overreach is the press this vacancy can be very harmful.

    The press is at once flawed, biased and opinionated. Always has been and always will be. The First Amendment guarantees freedom to investigate and castigate the power brokers, private and public. It does not guarantee quality.

    But that is not the whole point. When there were lots of newspapers, competition and volume would still get out the truth and allow for criticism that the founders were hoping for when they wrote in those freedoms. When a local or regional paper bites the dust, we all suffer because no one is minding the store anymore.

    There is an old joke about the worst thing a CEO or a government official wants to hear is that “60 minutes is in the lobby and would like a few words with you”. That fear of media looking over the shoulder is all we have and when it is gone, so is the life ring in a dangerous sea.

    It takes a lot of resources, money, talent, experience and well developed contacts to do really good, long term investigative reporting. From the sounds of your article, the fund taking over the Tribune is not going to provide that.

    Funnies, fishing reports and weather may be important, but we never needed a First Amendment right to get that information.

    Corruption, however, is another story. A story we may never see.

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    1. Certainly a concern. I quit reading it shortly after their decision to eliminate public comment. However, I’ve continued to pay for it as a form of general support.

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  2. It is always a sad day when a local newspaper ends up getting shafted. When that does happen, it is the readership that truly gets the shaft.

    I do have one bone to pick with Ms. Kerry. She wrote this, …”I hear from many of you who are disgusted with the liberal editorials in The Virginian-Pilot.” Apparently she hasn’t been reading the latest editions of the Pilot. The guest commentators have been about 2-1 conservative v liberal. More Hanson and Thomas than Collins. Lots of Douthat as well.

    But the key point is we are in danger of losing our last chance at print journalism in a fairly large market.

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    1. Corrupt officials, rogue police, railroading prosecutors, developers sidestepping zoning, bidding for jobs, crime waves, vaccine smuggling (gonna happen, “just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait.”)

      There are so many issues that won’t see the light of day without local coverage. Details and patience are not the bailiwick of “10 on your side” 3 minute standups.

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