17 thoughts on “And on the vaccination front…Romney takes administration to task.

  1. Romney would fault Trump for correctly announcing sunrise.

    If the States and pharmacies lack the personnel to handle the vaccinations, where is the Federal government supposed to get them?

    Do you think the Federal government is better able to find nurses in Boise, Idaho, than the State government or the local pharmacies?

    The States have had 8 months to prepare and they didn’t do it.

    Yet Oklahoma and Connecticut managed to do it.


    1. “Romney would fault Trump for correctly announcing sunrise.”

      Another thing Trump probably lies about.

      You brought up a good point, however. Trump hates Romney so I would not be at all surprised that he is sabotaging Utah’s vaccine program.

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      1. You have evidence for that accusation?

        Of course not, your hate is proof enough.

        And yet the CDC asserts that 14 million doses of the vaccines have been delivered to the states yet less than 4 million have been administered.

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      2. Romney made the mistake of not Sieg Heiling der Fuhrer on EVERYTHING and now must pay the price with those in the cult.

        No surprise here, but I just can’t imagine anyone in the trump Administration seeking retribution. Seems out of character…

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          1. Yes he did. When did that obligate fealty on every issue? Especially when the best interests of the Country are in play. Not sure I see your point.

            Trump clearly hates him now. Remember you can NEVER love a narcissistic enough.

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          2. I am reminded by your post of how these Trumpkins spent years challenging the Presidential legitimacy of President Barack Obama whose mother was an American, his father a foreigner and who was born in the United States but had no problem with the Presidential legitimacy of candidate Ted Cruz whose mother was an American, his father a foreigner and who was a natural born citizen of Canada.

            That tells any objective observer all one needs to know about the wellspring of Trumpism.

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  2. “It’s making the distribution complicated and free that makes it difficult.”

    I thought you said it was not difficult and Wyoming and Connecticut proved it.

    I also thought the pharmacies were paid by taxpayers to aid in the distribution.

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  3. A comment seems to have disappeared.


    Phase 1b is going to be a train wreck if it goes as described.

    For example, grocery store clerks would be ‘essential workers’ but auto parts store clerks would not.

    Now, how are we going to vaccinate them efficiently? Send nurses to Food Lion? But not Auto Zone. What about WalMart which sells groceries and auto parts? Do we given the entitled workers tickets to go to CVS or the Health Dept? That could take years.

    On the other hand, if we go by age, we need only SSN’s or driver’s licenses and CVS could put the through very quickly, especially if we let them charge $10 each to fund additional personnel.

    But if we insist that the distribution be both incredibly complex, handpicking favored groups ahead of others at greater risk, and free, hundreds will die and vaccine will spoil on the shelves unused.


    1. Yeah I don’t know what happened. I clicked on your comment and pffft, it was gone. Must have hit something on the iPad.


    2. “ Surgeon General Jerome Adams said on Sunday that the slow start to the vaccination campaign was due in part to the holidays, when many public health workers were on vacation. It was also a time when virus cases were surging nationwide, leaving fewer local public health resources available than if the vaccine had arrived when cases were under control.

      “The good news is that we’re seeing it quickly ramp up, thanks to our state partners,” Dr. Adams said on the CNN program “State of the Union.” “In the last 72 hours, we saw 1.5 million first shots reported.”

      NYT, 1/3/21

      It’ll get better, I’m sure.

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      1. Nope

        Phase 1b if carried out as described(and why the Dept of Health so lacks transparency on the plan indicates there is none) it will be an utter train wreck.

        It would take thousands of vaccinators to pursue the ‘essential workers’


  4. Poor Tabor.

    His man crush on Trump has left him making excuses for one failure after another. For months he has denied Trump’s responsibility for our national failure on the pandemic by pointing to Operation Warp Speed. Big surprise, OWS has failed utterly on the only thing it was responsible for – logistics. 20 million vaccinations by 12/31 turned into 2 million with MILLIONS of doses sitting in warehouses.

    And now the fake President is caught on tape committing even more crimes. It never stops with this jackass.

    Poor Tabor.

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