Remember the big show about taming Kim and N. Korea?

Seems like Dear Leader (the N. Korean one) is more powerful than ever since Trump met him to cut deals. Apparently the “Mutual Admiration Society” meeting was “fruitful” 😇. Like the trade wars. And our GDP, trade deficit, and manufacturing output before COVID, but after paying a trillion or so in deficits to pay for tax cuts. At least Ivanka got trademarks and Dad got Chinese investment monies. So there is that.

15 thoughts on “Remember the big show about taming Kim and N. Korea?

  1. N. Korea represents only a portion of the monumental failures this Administration will leave for Biden’s team to fix. Which makes the obstruction and stone walling by the civilian sycophants in the Pentagon all the more problematic.

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    1. Republicans were apoplectic when Gore’s recount efforts caused a few weeks delay in the transition. Blaming 9/11 on that, which we know is a crock since Bush was warned multiple times early on.

      So now we have a pandemic, an economic crisis of Biblical proportions, saber rattling by some major players, domestic unrest, a vaccine roll out…with no current, actively engaged president who refuses to cooperate with the president-elect.

      Sedition or not, Trump is sabotaging the very foundations of our nation in his tunnel vision to become a “winner”.

      Well, Mr. president, there is no doubt you are a real, friggin’ “winner” all right.

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      1. I’d agree, but continue to save my condemnation and disgust for the sane enablers who have allowed and even now continue to support the actions of a mentally ill President.

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      2. You really have to stop rewriting history.

        While the Gore lawsuit did prevent ENTIRELY a Bush transition, that was not the problem with 9-11

        It was the Senate Democrats filibustering every Bush appointee as long as they could that left the door open for 9-11. Bush’s National Security Advisor’s senior staff was not confirmed until 3 weeks before the attack, leaving no effective conduit between the lower level experts and Bush.


        1. 9/11 was a failure in so many venues. Bush was just inheriting a system that did not work well for terror attacks. Information was siloed among several agencies with little coordination.

          But he was warned early on and his answer was that the messenger covered his ass.

          What Trump is doing is unprecedented, dangerous and downright seditious. And this is with the known problems.

          And how is Gore challenging a 500 vote difference in one state with faulty ballots the same as this endless charade about 300,000 votes in 6 states with 7 million popular vote margin?

          Not to mention the hundreds, if not thousands of people from governors to local election officials, about half of them Republicans, that are supposed to be in on the fix. In 6 states at the same time using multiple voting systems.

          Talk about one in quadrillion to the fourth power odds.

          A rigged election is the Big Lie propagated for years even before the first ballots were cast.

          And Trump fans are “all in” for that fantasy because they still want to give the finger to America.

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  2. RE: “Seems like Dear Leader (the N. Korean one) is more powerful than ever since Trump met him to cut deals.”

    So what?

    Notice the first paragraph in your own source: “U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign to cut North Korea’s economy off from the world worked. But it also may have accelerated Kim Jong Un’s efforts to build a military less reliant on foreign support.”

    Short of war or a CIA-led regime change operation, there is little we might have done to change North Korea’s behavior.

    North Korea pursuing its own interests as a sovereign nation is a pretty flimsy pretext for Trump bashing. Maybe we should have nuked ’em to make the world safer for Joe Biden. Or maybe we should have built up their economy with U.S. taxpayer dollars to make it ready for Joe and Hunter to skim off some laundered money.


    1. Maybe Trump’s brilliant gambit did nothing but make Kim more dangerous. The point off the piece.

      Plus after Trump did not solve the problem, he gave up and moved to the next shiny object.

      Like attacking our elections for several years paving the way for this bogus charade.

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      1. RE: “A more dangerous North Korea with less reason to behave is a bad thing.”

        Lots of countries are dangerous to us. The challenge to you and Mr. Rothman is to show us your brilliance by describing a better course of action than the one taken.


        1. Not much of a challenge. It does not take any personal brilliance to understand that you do not win a negotiation by giving the other party everything that they want without getting anything in return. There is a reason that previous administrations – both Republican and Democratic – stayed at arms length from the North Korean dictators. They desperately wanted the legitimacy conferred by a summit with POTUS but were never willing to give anything in return.

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        2. RE: “There is a reason that previous administrations – both Republican and Democratic – stayed at arms length from the North Korean dictators.”

          So, not legitimizing Kim Jong Un would have prevented the military advances the article describes?


          1. The whole effort, such as it was, was for show. Kim knew that and went along because it was in his interest to be seen on “equal” terms with the president of the United States.

            So there you have it.

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          2. Who knows? Maybe if they actually had to do something to get what they wanted they might have done things differently.

            But, apparently it could not have been any worse if we had adhered to past policy. But, hey, I get it. You are bound to always respect and admire the “accomplishments” of your Dear Leader – just like those unfortunates who live in North Korea.

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