Notice those gas prices?

New gas taxes start to add up

Crude oil prices have fallen by almost a third since this time last year due to the reduced demand from the pandemic.

But gasoline at the pump in Tidewater is up by about $.45 per gallon, another wonderful gift from the “Green Lunatics” in the Northam administration and the Democrat majority in the General Assembly.

Part is from the higher statewide taxes(many hidden) and the rest is from the regional tax we pay here to pay for things we don’t get because all the state money goes to Northern Virginia

But not to worry, were it not for the pandemic dropping oil prices, we would be paying even more.

And they go up even more next year. Of course, if you live in an urban area and  have no commute and never venture into the outdoors, I guess that’s no big deal.

9 thoughts on “Notice those gas prices?

  1. Gas taxes have been way to low for decades. That’s why our infrastructure is so bad.

    Besides, what are the rural communities complaining for? They have not paid for their own roads. Not enough traffic to cover the costs, so the money comes from us, NOVA and Richmond.

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  2. Anti-tax ideologues in our Gerrymandered Legislature have simply failed for decades to keep up with the costs of providing safe highways throughout the Commonwealth. I am not sure what exactly is “green” about trying to raise the money needed to maintain our roads and bridges? Surely caring for highways IS a legitimate government activity even in your eyes? Or, do you think that all highways, bridges and streets should be provided by toll-charging capitalists? LOL! Maybe so.

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      1. I have no problem with “user fees” which an honest gasoline tax would be, but the money is being diverted to passenger rail and bus among other things. In the latest round, some of it will subsidize wind and solar.

        The increase in gas tax is not there to build the roads we use, it is there to try to price private vehicles out of reach.


        1. “. . . it is there to try to price private vehicles out of reach.”

          Gawd! What nonsense! If that is its objective it has a VERY long way to go. There are MANY states with MUCH higher gasoline taxes but – oddly enough – the people there still operate their personal vehicles. Go figure.

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