Just another way the FDA is killing us

Reason: A quick route to herd immunity

We’ve all heard that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are 95% effective with 2 doses. But they are actually 90% effective with just one dose. Switching to a one dose regimen would effectively double the rate of vaccination of the population and bring the pandemic to a speedy end.

Remember that the original requirement was for the vaccine to be 60% effective.

But the FDA will not authorize the change, and tens of thousands will die needlessly while we reject the good in chase of the perfect.

12 thoughts on “Just another way the FDA is killing us

  1. Perhaps this is a time for a president to see what his administration can do to speed up the process.

    Some calls. Maybe bringing folks to the White House for frank discussion. The bully pulpit is useful also. Not just for insults and threats. Master negotiators can get things done.

    Or is Trump just a victim of the FDA?

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      1. “Just what can any President to compel or discipline the FDA?”

        Well we don’t know do we? Certainly if our president doesn’t give a crap, we will never know.

        He bragged about getting GM to make ventilators or some such stuff. He gave an world audience to Kim of N. Korea despite much opposition. He slapped tariffs that we all paid for. Twice. He’s got 125 Congressmen trying to do his bidding on January 6.

        Are you telling us that Trump can’t push the FDA to do the right thing? Assuming what you are saying is the way to go.

        I think he could as president. But not as Trump because all that bravado is just a facade.

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        1. What, especially in only 3 weeks, do you think could be done?

          If Trump had another term, and a Congress that would work with him, he could threaten the FDA’s appropriation to bring pressure, but that hasn’t been possible since the last mid term.

          So, please do tell me exactly what you think he could do? (As limited by the Constitution, of course, as you remember I recommended a drone strike last March)


          1. In 3 weeks he has managed to screw up Congress, the relief package and the DOD bill.

            He should have been on top of the vaccine issue from day one. Daily reports, distribution channels, pushing hard for data and information. Questions about why one shot at 90% might not be so bad. That was known months ago.

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          2. A month in FDA time is like 7 years in human time.

            If right now, the FDA were to consider the one dose option, they would insist on randomized double blind clinical trials, testing against the real world, not challenge testing, and we would have a result in 7 or 8 months.

            If Trump tried to push them, the NYT and WaPo would be wailing about the anti science President trying to put people at risk to improve his image, and you and Paul would be the first to post the articles here.


          3. Again, Trump can do no wrong. His inaction is because of the deep state. Or bureaucratic walls. Or because he is a maverick. Or the media hates him. Or his sister hates him.

            More excuses than the classic “Carter has little liver pills”.

            His presidency is just a Potemkin village and his followers think they are viewing utopia.

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  2. E: “Switching to a one dose regimen would effectively double the rate of vaccination of the population and bring the pandemic to a speedy end.”

    Tyler Cowen makes the same point at his web site today:


    According to Cowen, Canada is implementing the policy you recommend, albeit partially.

    I’m done with Hanlon’s razor and quite willing to attribute malice to the FDA.


    1. “…attribute malice to the FDA.”

      And the reason for the malice is…?

      Trump has appointed 5 FDA Commissioners. His own handpicked folks and that makes Trump completely responsible for everything that comes from the FDA, the CDC, HHS and his own desk.

      So what is with the malice?

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      1. RE: “And the reason for the malice is…?”

        I don’t need a specific reason to abandon the prior assumption of incompetence which Hanlon’s Razor requires.

        I also don’t subscribe to the fairy tale of executive responsibility you trot out every time you see an opportunity to bash Trump.


        1. Why is the executive charged with administering the government and who makes personnel appointments with people who will follow his agenda not responsible for the actions and words in those departments?

          Or to put it plainer, who the hell is responsible?

          Remember please, that campaigns for office are based on accomplishments, handling of crises (and there are always crises) and generally effective management of the departments under his control.

          If a president can run on that effectiveness, he can also lose if deemed a poor administrator.

          Trump’s big selling point is his de-regulatory actions via executive orders and management. So how is he not responsible for the departments that are handling the biggest health crisis in a century?

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        2. …”fairy tale of executive responsibility “….

          Really? The President can do nothing? Wow. Then why even have one if he can’t do anything?

          The man takes responsibility for nothing and you give him a pass. you defend him when others call him out for his abdication of duties.

          My wife would think there was something wrong with you. Me; I already know.


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