Who is really responsible for COVID deaths?

FEE: The FDA kills

Moderna’s vaccine, which we are just starting to deploy, was designed and ready for manufacture before the first US death.

Challenge testing of volunteers could have had it ready for release by March.

But the FDA said that was too dangerous.

23 thoughts on “Who is really responsible for COVID deaths?

  1. If the facts and spin presented in this story are accurate then Trump’s colossal failure in the pandemic is an order of magnitude worse than we thought. You are now saying that HIS government sat on the solution for a year and no one was able to act on it or get that information to the President so HE could act on it. So, even when he was playing the role of “War Time President” on TV, he was completely clueless and inept. Throw the bum out.

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    1. And yet, had Trump bypassed the FDA or CDC, you’d be the first to accuse him of treason and demand his impeachment for doing so.

      The structure and autonomy of the FDA are matters of law.

      But certainly, we should get rid of it, I is literally worse than nothing.


        1. When they act in violation of the law, they get impeached for real.

          If “real Presidents” act and the law be damned, I guess you wouldn’t really have a problem with Trump ACTing with regard to the election results.

          But again, you change the subject to a Trump rant instead of addressing the issue at hand.


          1. You want to pretend that CDC failures are independent of Trump. They are not. Trump is at the heart of this. If the CDC has failed or the FDA has failed then HE has failed. The buck stops on HIS desk. Not a hard concept really.

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  2. Let me see if I understand your post.

    The president knew that Moderna had a vaccine ready to rapid test via “challenge testing”. Yet he did nothing to pressure the FDA to move along more rapidly.

    This is the same president who broke norms and laws on a regular basis. A man who brags about forcing companies to make PPE’s using wartime authorizations. A man who separates babies from their mothers at the border, then ignores judicial rulings to find them and rejoin the families. A man who takes DOD monies that Congress approved for the military and builds a wall with those funds. A man who threatens and extorts state governors, secretaries of state and local officials from his own party to preform illegal tasks to overturn his election loss.

    Are we talking about the same person?

    He could have put a lot of pressure, a lot of his legendary negotiating skills, tweet storms, Congressional powers if he had any interest in saving lives. He could have called for volunteers among his supporters to participate in the challenge testing.

    He relishes publicity and power. He called for boycotts on American companies that pissed him off.

    What you have found is that he knew and did nothing except tell everyone the virus is going to magically disappear.

    This is the worst kind of inaction by a sitting president that I have ever heard of.

    Is this true?

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    1. You too? Can’t actually discuss and issue?

      Trump didn’t need to call on volunteers, there were plenty of them.

      But the FDA will not accept results from challenge testing.

      The FDA has a great deal of autonomy by law, The question isn’t whether Trump should have violated the law by coercing or going around them, it is whether the public good is served by having them at all.


      1. I was discussing the issue. You said the administration knew a vaccine was available and did not pursue it.

        “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an HHS agency that regulates clinical investigations of products under its jurisdiction, such as drugs, biological products, and medical devices.”

        What is the problem?

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        1. Where did I say the President was informed that the vaccine was ready?

          What I wrote was that the development was complete in days but that the CHALLENGE TESTING which the FDA prohibited could have brought it to market in a couple of months.

          Read the link.

          And again, you would have been among the first to object had the President bypassed the FDA.

          So long as that bureaucracy exists, it will hamstring any President.

          As I wrote, the FDA is worse than nothing.


          1. Don. we were in a serious pandemic that was well known, according to the president, in January. A few questions by any president could have parsed out that Moderna had something going from the proffered DNA from China. Or was that a state secret also.

            The point is that for years you and other apologists have said Trump was being undermined by his own administration. Yet a pandemic is serious stuff, believe it or not. Are you saying that Trump was kept in the dark about vaccines until he cranked up OWS?

            Why would that be?

            You complain about me or others criticizing Trump, yet you say his own HHS is responsible.

            In your mind, is a president ever responsible for what his administration does or knows, or was it just Obama that had to know the details of the IRS and BATF?

            Who the hell is in charge if not the president and his staff?

            That is the question you brought up and now you are crying because we point out the obvious.

            You make no sense.


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      2. “The FDA has a great deal of autonomy by law”…

        You say this all of the time, But instead of pushing for the vaccine to go through challenge trials, he wasn’t even made aware?

        The DOJ is supposed to be independent and not the personal attorney to POTUS, but you defend it when he politicized it on a regular basis.


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  3. RE: “But certainly, we should get rid of [the FDA], It is literally worse than nothing.”

    Sounds about right to me. The Moderna vaccine is not the only example of how public health was compromised by this agency. Various Covid-19 therapeutics that could have saved lives were also disallowed.

    Many different threads create the fabric of the problem at hand. Most, I imagine, are the same as the defects which undermine every effort at large-scale central planning (complexity, incentives, corruption).


    1. Central planning? That is hardly the FDA’s role. It is there to protect the public from unsafe and ineffective products which the market ALWAYS provides plenty of if left to its own devices. You say that “Various Covid-19 therapeutics that could have saved lives were disallowed.” Uh, no. The evidence says that “Various Covid-19 therapeutics that were found to be unsafe and/or ineffective for the treatment of Covid-19 in clinical studies” were not allowed to be labeled for treatment of Covid-19. All are available for off-label prescription if doctors choose to do so – a very common practice, by the way.


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      1. You speak with authority on things you know nothing about.

        The VA Dept of Health, following FDA directives, sent a letter to doctors and pharmacists (a copy of which I posted here) prohibiting the off label use of HCQ. Pharmacists were instructed not to fill prescriptions for HCQ without a confirmed diagnosis of on-label need.


          1. Congress, which created the FDA and gave unelected bureaucrats too much authority.

            What do you think Trump can do? He could fire the political appointees at the top, but the FDA doesn’t need them to operate. He can’t fire the civil services employees or direct them to issue approvals.

            The FDA’s edicts are enforced by the State health department.

            So, what was it you wanted Trump to do?

            In any case, this heavy handed control of the health care system precedes Trump, and has been killing people for decades.


          2. The FDA, which falls under the control of HHS, is part of the Executive Branch. Who is in charge of the Executive Branch?

            He can fire the civil service employees. he made that change via EO.
            He can order the Secretary of HHS to investigate, and if found appropriate, issue approvals.

            …”what was it you wanted Trump to do?”

            1) Tell the truth.
            2) Show some actual leadership.
            3) LEAVE office because the job was just too damned hard for him.

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          1. OK here is the link again


            Note, from the directive :”Prescriptions for chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, mefloquine and azithromycin should be restricted in the outpatient setting and should require a diagnosis “consistent with the evidence for its use.”
            Community pharmacists should use professional judgement to determine whether a prescription is valid and that there is a bona fide practitioner-patient relationship prior to dispensing.”

            Under those instructions, a physician cannot prescribe HCQ for outpatient use, and if he did, the pharmacy would not fill the Rx. And, by the time you are hospitalized, it is too late for HCQ.

            There are better alternatives now, but at the time, there was no alternative and the Dept of Health made HCQ unavailable for off label use.


          2. Just like last time there is nothing in this guidance that “prohibits” (your word) a doctor or a pharmacist from exercising their professional judgment. The use of the word “recommends” is highly relevant. This letter was issued because Trump’s stupid promotion of this drug was triggering a run on it that would endanger the availability for patients actually needing it. If anything this letter empowered doctors who could “just say no” to Trumpkins clamoring for his miracle drug with less fear of a lawsuit.

            Last time when I pointed out how egregiously you exaggerated the contents of this letter your answer was “Yeah but” doctors and pharmacists fear losing their license if they exercise their judgement and do not conform to what you called then dictates from the monster Northam. My answer then was Baloney, so don’t bother this time. The answer will be the same.

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    2. RE: “Central planning? That is hardly the FDA’s role.”

      Perhaps you didn’t understand the statement I wrote. Here it is again for you to study: “Many different threads create the fabric of the problem at hand. Most, I imagine, are the same as the defects which undermine every effort at large-scale central planning (complexity, incentives, corruption).”

      On the question of “disallowed” Covid-19 therapuetics, I offer this video from Senate testimony, which is related to my post:


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