Is it too late to invoke the 25th Amendment?

If the reporting is accurate, and there is little reason not to believe it is, should Pence, et. al. stop the madness that seems to be affecting Mr. Trump?

Turning on his closest allies because they are FINALLY telling him the truth? Asking Congressional Republicans to overturn Electoral College votes? Retweeting threats for Governor and SECSTATE of Georgia to be locked up? Generals at the Pentagon worried about what he will do next?

I ask you, are these the actions of a man in control of his faculties?

12 thoughts on “Is it too late to invoke the 25th Amendment?

    1. Just what you wanted: President Kamala Harris?

      Your boy appears to be going off the deep end. FAST. But he is just misspeaking again, right? Or joking? Or it isn’t true, but just a left wing conspiracy?

      I am starting wonder about other things as well.

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    2. With all your lip service to the rule of law how can you disagree that he should be removed ASAP? This wannabe tyrant is defying the Electorate and now exploring options for the military to force new elections? Shame on the Republican Party for enabling his sedition even now.

      When are you going to admit that whatever “good” unraveling of regulations he has done has not been worth the price we have paid as a country in money, blood, civility, standing and political stability? Those regulations will soon be back but it will be decades to undo the damage he has left behind – if that can even be done.

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          1. ‘Trump reportedly said’ is not the same thing as ‘Trump said’

            Your own link goes on to say that aides at the meeting said it never happened.

            We’ve had 5 years of false reports by unnamed insiders, I guess they’ll keep right on going.


          2. LOL!

            Evidence means nothing to you. The sources of these MANY reports about exploring the military option are people close to Trump. People HE picked. Flynn, for one, has been on rightwing extremist media floating these ideas. Military leaders have found it necessary to publicly reaffirm that the military has no legitimate role.

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  1. The question all Americans who love this country should be asking is –

    Is it ever too late to try to do the right thing?

    Maybe it is in this situation; but, what will it say about us if we don’t try again to get this man out of the White House?

    Will historical readings about us years into the future simply say – ‘They knew the president was terribly compromised, legally and mentally, on many actions during his presidency, but since they couldn’t remove him after impeaching him, they felt another attempt to protect America and remove him from office would simply be to no avail. They chose to stay seated even when his acts were the most dangerous assaults the country had EVER faced.’

    As long as there is even moments left with Donald J. Trump in power every American is in danger.

    But, that said, I also believe even those last moments can be used to Constitionally have him removed. The 25th Amendment seems the only option.

    The clock IS ticking, though.

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  2. When Trump came out on the balcony, stuck his Batman pose and tore of the mask was an indicator that something was not right. Then he tells everyone the virus is no big deal. He got through it.

    Of course, most Americans would not get the hard to get treatment regime with at least a dozen top doctors. So there is now the idea that the virus is a piece of cake.

    After the election, all he did was pardon a couple of turkeys and a boatload of swine. (Did Paxton get his yet, or are we waiting for the check to clear?)

    He lost fair and square because millions of Republicans like their Senators and Congressmen, but had about all they could stomach with Trump.

    It wasn’t the urban “Black cheaters” that made the difference. He gain votes from the 2016 election in those areas.
    He lost in the suburbs. Especially with split ticket voters.

    And for this, we are undergoing a temper tantrum from a delusional man that is trying to overturn the election by threats, bullying, bribery and extortion.

    We are fortunate that our institutions are strong enough to handle the likes of him and his chicken poop congressional folks.

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  3. Don’t you liberals ever tire of even more conspiracy theories perpetuated by unnamed “top officials” on fringe media? I am just so sure that all of these “top officials” are just lining up to tell Axios ALL of the inside scoop. Rolling eyes even more…

    Over 4 years of all of this hate and unfounded conspiracy just isn’t good for you.


    1. “Over 4 years of all of this hate and unfounded conspiracy just isn’t good for you.”

      You are describing Trump to a “T”. And it got him fired.

      His rants, insults, ramblings, threats plus his fostering of conspiracies and grievance politics is why millions of previous Trump voters kept their GOP Congressmen but gave the boot to Trump.

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    2. I doubt that ‘hate’ has anywhere near as much to do with our opinions of Trump as our actual hate of lies, misinformation, inept governing, know-nothingness, etc. from Trump and his cronies, children and other oddities that hang around him.

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