Tulsi Gabbard is starting to grow on me

Gabbard rips CDC Bureaucrats

Why couldn’t you Democrats have nominated this one.

35 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard is starting to grow on me

      1. Well, I just though Dr. Tabor would find her views on his favorite subject interesting.

        I mentioned NRA as a jest. But if you want to discuss how deeply corrupt, extremist and divisive the NRA had become under the leadership of the Million Dollar Man let’s do it!

        By the way, I got my first .22 when I was 10 and currently own two long guns. Back when the NRA was really about gun training and safety and was not dedicated to extremist political views, I was a member.

        Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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    1. Nothing.

      Trump has made a policy of following CDC recommendations.

      And you and Paul would be the first to blast him if he bucked the CDC, even if you agreed he was right.

      Politicizing medicine has been a deadly error, and your side did that within a week of the virus being discovered.


      1. “Politicizing medicine has been a deadly error, and your side did that within a week of the virus being discovered.”

        Milk out the nose funny!

        Trump is the actor making pandemic response decisions from the get go. He put political priorities ahead of science. The disastrous results are in and undeniable by any honest person based in reality.

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        1. Show me where Trump started the politicization of the virus.

          When did he blame anything on Democrats? When was he anything less than fully supportive of Democrat Governor’s requests.?

          Democrats undermined Trump on the virus response from February on.


          1. He blamed the Democrats for “their new hoax”. His surrogates called it the common cold. And he lied about what he knew to the American people in the hopes the economy, his big bragging point, would not notice.

            All this was in response to the general news coverage about a serious virus issue in China and then Italy and Spain. And what we were doing.

            How did Democrats undermine the Trump response? # LIBERATE was a good idea?

            But believe what you will. 350,000 dead Americans might have something to say, if they could say anything.

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          2. What about the other 1,800,000 who were supposed to be dead by now?

            If you can make the assumption that Trump somehow is responsible for us having a non-zero death toll in a worldwide pandemic, then I can just as easily credit him with the 2.2million dead by Christmas being prevented.

            Trump followed the CDC recommendations right down the line, except for the travel bans, which Fauci, after the fact, said were a good idea.

            He never said the virus was a hoax, he said the Democrat politicization was a hoax. And he was right.

            He was wrong in not opposing the anti-mask rhetoric sooner. but that has not proven to have made much difference, as the actual policies were set at the State level.

            Pandemic Misinformation


          3. Don, he said “this is their new hoax.”, pure politics, nothing else by Trump.

            But why bring it up as a hoax, political or not, at all?

            Unless he wanted to politicize the virus.

            CDC is part of the administration and whatever actions it takes, recommends, mandates are Trump’s responsibility. Starting with the bad testing kits.

            Not hard to understand. That is his job.

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          4. Don has to defend him to the very end. I don’t know why, but it just seems the only thing for him to do until Jan 20. Then it will be back to attacking Northam or some other Democrat, regardless of if Don moves to the head of the line for the vaccine.

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          5. If you want to see the ultimate politicization, look at what the Deep State at the CDC is doing. You’re always saying our health care should be more like Britain’s, well this time you’re right

            Woke CDC


          6. “What about the other 1,800,000 who were supposed to be dead by now?”

            Laughably dishonest.

            You want to compare our tragic results to one early model that was based on the assumption that absolute no changes in behavior would occur. The real comparison is how we have done versus other countries. And the answer is – Miserably. Instead of being one of the best, we are one of the worst.

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          7. You miss the point.

            Neither allegation is supported by solid evidence.

            You can just as easily claim one as the other, neither is really knowable, and both are purely speculative.


          8. “Show me where Trump started the politicization of the virus.”

            When he decided to lie about it. THAT was a political decision that – ACCORDING TO HIM – he took very early in the process.

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          9. Your point is based on one of your battered straw men. No one is saying that we should have been able to achieve a non-zero death toll. No one. But there is no law of the universe that says our country had to be among the worst instead of among the best. With almost anybody other than a TV clown in the White House the damage from the pandemic would have been far, far less. IMHO. Look, for example, at Canada whose per capita death toll is about 40% of ours. It is not magic. Just leadership that followed the science instead of ignoring it.

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          10. Don, your reactions and arguments are increasingly sad to read. You paint yourself in a corner, get called on it and just change the point you tried to make in the first place.

            Do you ever have an epiphany and just accept you are wrong about ANYTHING? Really tiresome and non-productive..

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          11. I’d like to see you folk actually comment on the topic at hand instead of changing every subject to a rant about Trump.

            We don’t always get our wishes.


          12. At this point in time what difference does it make when Democrats began talking about Trump’s neglect in keeping Americans in the loop about the Covid-19 virus? And, regardless of the date, I would think that OF COURSE they were going to ‘politicize’ the neglect and dishonesty from the White House re: the virus. Wasn’t it certainly important enough to alert Americans about the virus as early as possible?

            As we found out in Woodward’s book, “RAGE”, Trump was sitting for Woodward and telling him the truth about how dangerous Covid-19 was and how serious, while at the very same time-frame he was lying in the faces of Americans, daily, by telling us it was not serious and that it would be gone, magically, very soon.

            How can you say that the following is NOT Donald Trump politicizing the Covid-19 virus during a rally in Feb.? And, as this article addresses, it was Trump who started early on ‘politicizing’ the “HOAX” word.

            Nothing the Dems said about Covid-19 even remotely compares to neglectful stupid, ignorant lies from Donald J. Trump as thousands of Americans began to die.


            By Lauren Egan
            NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. — President Donald Trump accused Democrats of “politicizing” the deadly coronavirus during a campaign rally here on Friday, claiming that the outbreak is “their new hoax” as he continued to downplay the risk in the U.S.

            “This is their new hoax,” Trump continued, adding that attacking the White House’s response to the coronavirus had become the Democratic Party’s “single talking point.”

            My question is why on earth WOULDN’T the Democrats make the demise of thousands of Americans their ‘single talking point’, considering the harshness of so many deaths.

            Perhaps Trump, his supporters and his administration viewed mounting numbers of deaths differently than I did.

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          13. Jim, (to quote John McEnroe) “You cannot be serious!”

            His failure to respond properly and effectively is the issue. Dems didn’t politicize the pandemic, they criticized Trump’s impotent response. If you believe otherwise, you really aren’t paying attention.

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          14. If they criticized his response without articulating the specific alternatives they advocated, then they were just politicizing it.

            And they’re still doing it.


          15. “Otherwise, Trump would have won the election.

            Unlikely, there are too many patriots who have not lost their minds and joined a dangerous and dysfunctional cult.


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          16. No, too many dead, senile, imaginary, or otherwise unlawful voters.

            Or not, we’ll never really know unless those mail in ballots are effectively audited.


          17. Like the TRUMP voter in PA who has actually been charged with voter fraud for submitting a vote in his dead mother’s name? You said it happened, and you were right. It was a Trump voter who did it. All other claims of similar instances have been investigated and disproven.

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          18. “Dr. Tabor is right: Democrats were the first to politicize the pandemic. And it worked for them. Otherwise, Trump would have won the election.”

            Keep telling yourselves that if it makes you feel any better about backing a loser.

            Trump’s abject failure as a leader in the pandemic crisis certainly contributed to his loss. But that was only one of many, many failures, affronts, crimes, betrayals and broken promises. Whether his failure with the pandemic was decisive or just icing on the cake we will never know.

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          19. @Jimmie…..”Do you ever have an epiphany and just accept you are wrong about ANYTHING? Really tiresome and non-productive..” The same could be about several people that post on this forum.


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