A Sneak Attack on Our Liberties

If Laurence Tribe says it it must be true.

Notice, too, that the Biden transition team has been cut off from DoD classified briefings, and President Trump is calling his supporters to a massive protest in Washington D.C. on January 6, the day Congress will officially count the Electoral College vote. I hear those military vehicles distributing Covid vaccines to the states are actually prepositioning shock troops.

3 thoughts on “A Sneak Attack on Our Liberties

  1. Trump is just being the sleaze he has always been.

    Crises bring out the best or the worst in presidents. If Trump’s actions are his best, then he is hands down the worst president we have ever had. If his actions are the worst, the same is true.

    Calling for “wild” protests on January 6 is incitement, no doubt. Does he think that Congress will bend to decertification because of the violence? Either that, or he is looking to create enough violence to issue some kind of emergency proclamation.

    Either way, a single injury or death is on the president. For the same reason that he could very easily and with little effort, tell his supporters “thank you for your support, but it is time to move on for the good of the country. Now please roll up your sleeves, keep wearing your masks and lets get back to work.”

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  2. BTW, my brother attended USNA with Ollie North and at the time of Iran-Contra said that Ollie being involved was no surprise to him. North was uniformly hated as a Midshipman and was voted most likely to be fragged.

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