A Running Compendium of Fraud Charges in Election 2020

Source: RealClear Investigations.

You can’t say there is no evidence of election fraud.

The most interesting to me is the first one on the list, the story in Forbes describing an FBI raid in Arizona. The details, however, are sparse and indecipherable.

26 thoughts on “A Running Compendium of Fraud Charges in Election 2020

  1. Approximately 150 million people voted in this election. Of course there are errors and even some dishonesty here and there. By people of all parties. What is missing is how does this year compare to previous elections. According to the expert that Trump fired for telling the truth, this was the cleanest election on record. And according to soon-to-be fired AG Barr there is no evidence of anything that would have resulted in a different outcome.

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    1. RE: “What is missing is how does this year compare to previous elections.”

      A discussion of that very topic is in the video I posted in another thread today.


  2. The barrage of specious, unverified, invented and other tidbits of voter fraud “evidence” has a parallel.

    “A high number of overtime parking tickets over the holiday season is an indication of an increase in crime.”

    On a more serious note, it is evident that all the voting districts that Trump, et.al. are challenging are majority minority. Including this outright racist action in Wayne County a few weeks ago:

    ““Monica Palmer sat there and said she’s willing to approve the results of the lily-white city of Livonia, which had the second-highest number of out-of-balance precincts, but she won’t certify the city of Detroit,” Mr. Brewer said. “There is no reason to single out the city of Detroit for this racist treatment.”
    NYT 11/17/20

    Now the following is the real truth, if you can handle it.

    Here is the script I found on a laptop in a repair shop owned and operated by a blind man who swears he saw something. It is scheduled to come out soon on OANN and RT.

    “Reconstruction the Sequel”,

    Director, D. Trump,

    Starring R. Giuliani, The Quackan and a cast of hundreds who alleged, thought, heard, analyzed and lied anonymously.

    Special guest appearances by H. Chavez, Chairman Xi, The Castro Family singers, and V. Putin made possible by S. Powell.

    “…best actors in supporting roles…” D. Duke

    “…extortion, threats, insults…the best work of the president in years…Barr none…” M. Flynn

    “…thanks for the Christmas presents, if you “pardon” the expression…” R. Stone, Paul “Kiev Klown” Manafort, M. Flynn, agin’, and others TBA.

    Most important, of course, is that this production is based on a true story.


    Now back to the regularly scheduled mayhem.

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    1. But it’s not unsworn nor is it anonymous. There are scores of publicly sworn affidavits from eyewitnesses of violation of election law.

      They have not been refuted, though many have not carried forward simply because they are not, individually, enough to change outcome.

      But it remains that Democrats cheated on a massive sale, whether they needed to or not.


      1. You, sir, are spouting lies.

        It must get tiring to do that.

        Sure you can get a witness to swear and oath that he heard so and so said this and that to the best of his knowledge. Or that he thought he saw an irregularity. But once a judge took a look at the crap they swore to, he tossed them.

        How can you keep saying that the Democrats cheated on a massive scale. You don’t have a shred of evidence. None, Nada, Zip. Because there isn’t any.

        And yet, you keep on lying. Or I guess, to be kind, it is to the best of your echo chamber knowledge.

        So, now that we have established that, what is your evidence?

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        1. “But once a judge took a look at the crap they swore to, he tossed them.”


          Show me the cases where a judge has dismissed any of the affidavits because they were determined to be untrue.


          1. They were tossed because they were frivolous and with little corroborating information.

            Probably not even enough evidence to test the veracity.

            That infamous video you hawked the other day has been so debunked by everyone from the Secretary of State on down. And the lie was made even more egregious by saying no one was in the room, when they were.

            And this is the kind of crap the judges have been tossing.

            Pretty disgusting, but then Republicans are great at “pizzagate” type conspiracies, so why not pass on the lies to the masses.

            “Judge Paul Diamond, an appointee of Republican President George W. Bush, shot back at Trump’s attorneys after they admitted that they were allowed to have observers for the ballot counting: “I’m sorry, then what’s your problem?”

            “Michigan’s 3rd Circuit Court, Wayne County: In Constantino v. Detroit, some Republican poll watchers sought an audit of the vote claiming they believed there had been fraud in the tabulation.

            “Chief Judge Timothy Kenny, who has been on the bench since 1996, ruled that the lawsuit was based on a misunderstanding about process. Kenny’s position is an elected post without political party affiliation.”


            You can find the rest of the examples.

            So although affidavits may have been true to the extent the person believed his allegation or did not understand the process, they were without merit, back up evidence and whatever else is needed to at least call the election into question.

            Like I said, frivolous.

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          2. Frivolous is when a video and election officials explanations that show a perfectly normal counting procedure is declared cheating.

            Throw in hearsay and ignorance about what was transpiring in the election procedures and you have more frivolity.

            We could add lawsuit filings with the wrong state’s counties listed as evidence. Or that Black voters are not as trustworthy as White ones. (Re: Detroit v Livonia and a racist election board member).

            Or that private tax exempt organizations with ties to Trump file the same suits with the same “evidence” under a different plaintiff is also frivolous. Or more to the point, fraud itself.

            Massive fraud, “everyone knows that”…nah. Just a big con

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          3. “Frivolous is when a video and election officials explanations that show a perfectly normal counting procedure is declared cheating.”

            There are no perfectly normal counting procedures when the GOP observers have been excluded by a ruse. There is a felony with every vote counted.


          4. Which election officials?

            The GOP observers WERE NOT present and did not know counting had been resumed in their absence until informed by members of the press.

            But I guess the law is unimportant so long as you get the outcome you want.


          5. Sigh, more lies.

            “ Plus, the state investigator told Lead Stories that partisan election observers were never told to leave the counting room on election night, but instead left voluntarily after some staff members went home — and although Democratic and Republican observers are allowed to watch vote-counting in Georgia, they are not required to be present (the Secretary of State’s office told Forbes it is investigating why partisan observers left before ballot-scanning ended).
            An independent state-appointed monitor was also present during vote-counting in Atlanta, and did not find any indications of illegal counting, a spokesperson for the Secretary of State’s office told Forbes.”


            The video and testimonies have been reviewed and no impropriety was found.

            Since no law requires partisan observers, what law was broken?

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          6. “Sigh.” Indeed!

            How laughable is it when one of these Trumpeters pretends to care about public officials following the law?

            Plus, this is maybe the fifth or sixth time that the story of illegal vote counting in Georgia has been debunked on this forum. Almost for certain, the facts will be ignored yet again. If Republican officials say nothing illegal occurred then their Trumpeter logic dictates that the officials are lying and are a part of the conspiracy to steal what rightfully belongs to Dear Leader.

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      2. “…it remains that Democrats cheated on a massive scale, whether they needed to or not.”

        You have a very odd definition of “massive scale” if a handful of alleged irregularities scattered accross 150 million votes equals “massive.”

        The sorts of problems and errors that have been alleged happen all the time with both parties. Only losers look for them and bring them up. If Democrats had the same victimy mindset as “conservatives” we could dig up just as many or more and I would be able to say that “it remains that the Republicans cheated on a massive scale” and still managed to lose decisively.

        The real and significant voter fraud that has been going on is the obstacles to voting that the chicken-shit GOP has been spreading in its wake. Too bad they went too far with all the bullshit, made people – especially “urban” people – mad and got their ass handed to them.

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  3. Apparently, the Texas AG has filed a frivolous suit to overturn the election in four OTHER states. He’s under investigation for fraud and insider trading. “Well, PARDON ME!”

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