A Pond In a Cow Pasture

Whatever the “official” results turn out to be, the 2020 presidential election will forever be perceived as tainted, like a pond in a cow pasture. The reasons are cultural, as described in the video. Because of that, the taint will be remembered and regurgitated for years to come.

That is to say, neither candidate who gets the nod will ever be considered wholly legitimate. The consequences are fascinating.

One of them — one to hope for — is that states around the country will take serious steps to improve their election procedures.

Another one — not to be hoped for — is federal government becoming a lame duck (or worse) due to lost public trust.

41 thoughts on “A Pond In a Cow Pasture

  1. Was curious and watched. Now I’m dumber for having done so. It did however demonstrate the batshit idiocy of those who deny reality and attempt to hold on to “Make America White Again”. The guard rails worked and need to be reinforced to protect America from this level of stupidity.


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        1. RE: “It was good to see the GA GOP certify today….”

          I’m happy for you, but it is a shame you waste space here making irrelevant comments.


        1. A few points:

          He says that the election metrics are 100% accurate and would predict a Trump win. Nothing is 100% in predictive politics.

          He cast doubt on the 6-7 million vote difference between Trump and Biden. Why? It was a record turnout.

          He refers to 2020 as “exceptional”. 2016 wasn’t? Get real folks.

          He found it incredulous that Biden won the key swing states? Any more incredulous than the 3 traditionally Blue states that Trump won by a tiny margin? The same states that Manafort sent polling data to Russian intelligence in 2016.

          He talked about rejection rates of almost 0%. A total lie. According to Factcheck.org, it was the same as 2012 and 2016.

          He said Trump did well in minorities. But lumping his increased support from Latinos in Florida with Blacks as “minority” is very misleading.

          He talks about sudden gains overnight. Well, if key states could have prepped the absentee and mailed ballots before election day, it would have been counted earlier and probably Trump would have lost on election night.

          And he goes on and on with mostly bull poop.

          I think that sums it up.

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          1. You have sooo much more patience than I.

            Answering the, what is “”stupid” question, is both easy and tiresome and serves as a distract/deflect tactic for some on this forum as they attempt to question and deny the obvious. I simply choose not to play that juvenile game.

            I am thankful the “center” held and hope it continues to do so.

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          2. Questioning conspiracies is proof that the conspiracy is true.

            Trump fans keep repeating the election was stolen, while praising the efforts by Trump to actually steal it.

            Kind of like arguing with the owner of a retail store while your confederates are emptying the storeroom out back.

            To your point, however, I offer this tidbit:

            After 73 years of life and 45 or so years of running my own business, peppered with some hard earned lessons about, and from, grifters, con artists and unethical business people, I have met many Trumps.

            I just never thought we’d elect one of them as our president.

            But we did.

            An addendum to this, is the realization that around a quarter of us are more comfortable with “alternative truths” as compared to reality. This is the true legacy of Trump.

            Trouble in River City.

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  2. “Whatever the “official” results turn out to be, the 2020 presidential election will forever be perceived as tainted, like a pond in a cow pasture.”

    Uh, that would be only by people who either do not understand or do not care about the importance of actual reality-based evidence. Here is something that you may not understand. Donald Trump telling anyone who will listen that the election was stolen from him is not evidence of anything other than his pitiful self-absorption.

    We ARE at a “cultural” cross-roads and that is very disturbing to some people. It is clear that the days of unquestioned white male hegemony are coming to an end. Trump is the last desperate gasp of those people who think of themselves as the only “real Americans” and their failure to carry the day is what generates this emotional nonsense about a massive election fraud when there is ZERO evidence that any such thing took place.

    Trump’s final betrayal of this country – among many – is his choosing to stoke these damaging emotions instead of trying to calm them. Betrayal is working FOR HIM. Hundreds of millions of new donations from his marks as he leaves office.

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  3. Not surprising. Trump and his folks have been denigrating the election system since 2016. And with millions of rabid fans, the effects will be around for a long time.

    So if the goal was to screw up our nation’s voting, they succeeded.

    Jenna Ellis, a Trump legal team member, was also part of the Thomas More Society which has been flooding courts with regurgitated challenges.

    “However, her affiliation with the organization — as well as other links between Trump’s team and the conservative group — suggest a coordinated effort to flood the nation’s courts with repetitive litigation that allows the president to claim the election results remain contested.”

    WAPO, 12/7/20

    You say that the states need to take serious steps. Well, Democrats have pushed that for years, but it keeps getting rejected. Why improve a system when we can have one with uncodified norms, vague rules, etc. that make litigation the preferred system of candidate selection?

    Fortunately, we have Secretaries of State, governors, state legislative leaders from both sides that have some integrity. GA has been under tremendous pressure by the extortion, bullying and calls for illegal action by the president. To their credit, the governor and the election officials, all Republicans, have held steady.

    And this is in the face of rallies that chant “Lock Him Up” referring to Raffensperger (another “enemy of the people” according to the real “enemy”) because he gave honest assessments of the voting results in Georgia. A president that encourages imprisoning political opponents and those of his party not deemed “toadying enough” to suit him has not been seen since Adams invoked the discredited and un-Constitutional Alien and Sedition Act.

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    1. RE: “You say that the states need to take serious steps.”

      Yes. I have in mind such things as:

      • Photo ID at the polling place.
      • Elimination of early voting.

      • Severe limits on voting by mail, plus robust procedures for validating mail-in ballots.

      • Federal standards for electronic voting machine devices, including open source software code.

      But these are all things Democrats have fought for years.


      1. “But these are all things Democrats have fought for years.”

        Democrats have fought unnecessary hurdles to in-person voting. That much of what you say is true. The rest? Not so much.

        Why do you people always resort to “alternative facts” to make your arguments?

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        1. RE: “Democrats have fought unnecessary hurdles to in-person voting. That much of what you say is true.”

          I didn’t say that. Why do you people only carry on conversations with yourselves?


      2. The states that have been using mail for years have had few issues. It works well if time is allotted to prep them before election day.

        Validating the mail in votes is in place.

        Voting machines that provide paper ballots for audit and recounts are already in place in many states.

        What we do need is some limit on frivolous lawsuits. The Trump legal team was rushing the suits so that they were inaccurate, indecipherable and a general mess. Mixing up Minnesota and Michigan counties was just one of many SNAFU’s, indicating, of course, that it was not about truth, just stalling and flooding the system.

        All affidavits should be sworn under oath with more detail than “I heard from a co-worker…”.

        And regurgitating already dismissed “evidence” should be illegal with sanctions for the attorneys involved.

        Finally, it should be illegal for a sitting president to intimidate, cajole, threaten, bully or extort state governors and election officials.

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      3. RE: “The states that have been using mail for years have had few issues. It works well if time is allotted to prep them before election day.”

        Then let the states that botched their handling of mail-in ballots this cycle adopt the same procedures.

        RE: “Validating the mail in votes is in place.”

        Not everywhere, and not robustly. Where voting machines perform validations, that’s a known invitation to fraud.

        RE: “Voting machines that provide paper ballots for audit and recounts are already in place in many states.”

        As I have mentioned before, voting machines can fabricate paper ballots quite easily. This is why the software should be based on open source code and certified to a national standard.


      4. I had to laugh out loud when I saw what you wrote about voting machines. This country did NOTHING when the craziness of the 2000 election was decided by the Supremes. There was zero, Zero, ZERO concern for “Federal Standards for electronic voting machines . . . ” back then.

        I understand why you probably saw no need to scream and shout about that since YOUR guy was put in office. Ironically, you and the rest of Trump folks are only upset now because Joe Biden won.

        Also, why eliminate “early voting”? Why not allow states to start the process of counting those ballots before election day? As for “limits on voting by mail” and “robust procedures for validating mail-in-ballots”, WHY? Americans did what they were told to do to stay physically safe. I voted early and I liked it. The millions of voters who voted by mail did what made sense to them in light of the Covid-19 virus. Luckily, for all of us we didn’t have to surround ourselves with other people if we were concerned about our health.

        So, I’ll just fall back to that ever popular ‘conversation-stopper’ Trump folks used whenever we Democrats concerned ourselves with the major lack of fitness, diplomacy, decency and intelligence displayed by DJT:

        Suck it up and get over it. You lost.


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        1. RE: “why eliminate ‘early voting’?”

          It’s a security issue. The longer the vote is ongoing, the greater the invitation to ballot sstuffing.

          RE: “As for ‘limits on voting by mail’ and ‘robust procedures for validating mail-in-ballots’, WHY?”

          Another security issue. Many countries don’t allow ANY voting by mail because it is susceptible to fraud.

          RE: “Suck it up and get over it. You lost.”

          It is not a fact that Trump lost.


          1. ..,”the greater the invitation to ballot sstuffing.”

            Laughable and completely unproven in any court in the land.

            ” Many countries don’t allow ANY voting by mail because it is susceptible to fraud.”

            So NOW you wnat to be like some other countries, like those rn by autocrats and dictators?
            Laughable again.

            “It is not a fact that Trump lost.”

            Um, yes, it is. Certification of over 270 electoral college votes is complete and by the 14th it will be done. Then MAYBE, just maybe, you will admit the inevitable. But I doubt it.

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          2. You are, in essence, saying that every voter who cast an ‘early vote’ (of which I was one), and that anyone who voted by mail (including the military, the sick people and those who wanted to protect themselves from Covid-19 ) are crooks.

            Regarding ‘any voting by mail being susceptible to fraud’, I’d just say that you might want to enjoy your fantasy of having every single ballot validated at least 50 different ways before accepting it, is just that – a fantasy. Unless, that is, you plan on moving to a country with a much, much less number of voters.

            Joe Biden won. That is THE fact. And, you know what other FACT goes along with that one – Donald J. Trump lost. By a lot. And, each and every one of the millions of votes can be counted again and again and again and on and on and on – if it gives you a warm fuzzy all under; but, Trump will remain the guy with the “L” on his forehead.

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        2. You have a poor memory, the 2000 election pretty much ended the use of punch card voting machines.

          Unfortunately, many were replaced with electronic voting that did not produce a truly valid paper trail.


          1. Not in all cases.

            There are two approaches. you can mark a paper ballot which is then read by a machine. or you can vote electronically and the machine supposedly prints a paper record. There is, however, no real guarantee that the paper record actually reflects the entry you made.


          2. Or those dishonest Republicans and Democrats who stole the election from Dear Leader could throw those paper ballots in the trash and substitute a pile of fake but favorable ballots prepared in China and smuggled in on North Korean gunboats through Maine.

            I guess we might as well face it. It is impossible to hold democratic elections. So why bother. Just leave Trump as President-for-life.



      5. Right. Democrats have been fighting voter suppression for years. Why don’t Republicans? Because they have said repeatedly that the more people who vote, the less chance there is of Republicans getting elected.

        And the funny thing is, the GOP did quite well in the down ballot races. So consider this: If all of the ballots are invalidated, then those GOP candidates who won will possible have lost. Nose off to spite face?

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  4. What a crock!

    “Whatever the “official” results turn out to be, the 2020 presidential election will forever be perceived as tainted, like a pond in a cow pasture.”

    That’s really an ignorant sentence, isn’t it? The “OFFICIAL” truth and results of the 2020 presidential election IS that Joe Biden won – fair and square.

    There was nothing different about how it played out, other than we had to wait for days longer for all the mail-in ballots to be counted and then for Donald Trump’s fake/false legal claims of ‘widespread fraud’ to play out and get knocked down in courts across the country.

    Had there NOT BEEN A RAGING PANDEMIC going on causing millions of American to vote by mail-in-ballots, I wonder what nonsensical fraud Trump would then have had to come up with to declare himself THE WINNER?

    Day by day I am more insulted by the arrogance and hatred of Donald Trump toward all Americans who find him unfit and no way capable of being anyone’s president. He and his family and administration got to be liers, cheats and crooks for 4 years. That’s more than enough to know America cannot deal with four more.

    There is nothing, zip, zero and nada that perceives this election as tainted – not like a “POND I A COW PASTURE” nor anything else nefarious.

    If we are to accept the stupidity that Trump and his supporters and most of the GOP in Congress are pushing, then, we have no choice other than to go back and over-turn the 2000 election and the 2016 election. You know, just wipe the history of those two years from our memories and history books. Compared to those two sh-t storms – this 2020 election played out technically the way it should.

    Someone needs to whisper that in DJT’s widdle ear.

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    1. RE: “The ‘OFFICIAL’ truth and results of the 2020 presidential election IS that Joe Biden won – fair and square.”

      The “official” result of the 2020 election won’t be known until one of candidates concedes, or inauguration day.


      1. No. the official results will be when the electoral college sends its votes to Congress, and the new congress validates them. No concession required. And on Inauguration Day, Mr. trump MAY be charged with trespassing on federal property.


  5. No one has to concede. But, regarding the Inauguration Day mention – I see where you’re going. he’ll have no choice but to start his packing, sooner rather than later.

    The people tasked with moving the new president into the WH do a very detailed job from what I’ve read.

    The current WH guy should be packing up his stuff, rather than traipsing over the country fighting the losing battle he’s fighting that he THINKS would keep him in the WH. It’s sort’a funny. Trump said the place was a dump when he first moved in, and now he can’t bring himself to leave,

    Add ‘wishy/washy’ to his list of adjectives.

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    1. RE: “Trump said the place was a dump when he first moved in, and now he can’t bring himself to leave,”

      As I recall, he and Melania did some remodeling that got high reviews.


      1. Melania, yes. He doesn’t get involved with those details.

        Of course, some it was done on tax payer dollars in the middle of a raging pandemic. At least the new tennis pavilion is nice.


      2. Sooooo, they couldn’t make their remodeling without verbally trashing the WH?

        No wonder so many people wouldn’t pour water on his head if it was on fire.

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