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    1. Why do you think that?

      11th highest death rate per million in the world. A half dozen states are highest in the world. And all this in a nation that brags about the quality of health care. These rates are not about deaths per infected, it is deaths per population, tested or not.

      Houston (and Fargo, Los Angeles, NY, Wyoming, Mississippi…) we have a problem.

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      1. RE: “Why do you think that?”

        The writer is clueless because he thinks the healthcare industry is a “free market” in which the problems he complains about are caused by market failures. In fact, the healthcare industry is one of the most over-regulated, controlled economic environments on Earth.

        Being clueless, the writer says nothing useful.


        1. Among industrial nations, we probably have the least regulated healthcare industry.

          I agree that we have a Gordian Knot of public and private interests that could certainly stand improvement. I believe we spend more on healthcare than anyone else, but still don’t have affordable and available care for 10’s of millions. Plus, in the middle of a pandemic we have hospitals and doctors offices closing and staff working exhausting hours.

          That is like cutting back the military after we have been attacked and in a protracted war.

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  1. The writer seems a bit confused. The free market is what quickly supplied the tests he bemoans as not enough for the little guy but thinks the government could do better somehow and then “coordinate and RATION” them. So he would prefer the free market to make them and government decide who gets tested and who won’t? Besides, tests seem to be pretty easy to come by and largely free for everyone. Yawn….


  2. If I become symptomatic, I will gladly take the rapid antigen test over the PCR. or forgo testing entirely and get treated based on symptoms.

    By the time the results on a PCR come back, the ideal window for antiviral treatment will have passed.


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