There may have been massive voter fraud in Virginia

Source: American Thinker.

Fractional votes, if verified, would certainly be a red flag. Votes deleted from the database would be another.

To be fair, red flags don’t prove anything in themselves, but they do validly invite suspicion.

Bacon’s Rebellion reported on an unrelated glitch in Henrico County that apparently was caught and corrected during the tally.

3 thoughts on “There may have been massive voter fraud in Virginia

  1. Funny. When Trump won, the “resistance” was a handful of vocal Democrats and Antifa who popped up now and then to create havoc in a few places.

    Now the resistance is led by none other than the president. I believe he is hoping for serious violence to erupt among his fans. Perhaps he could declare and emergency and stay as “president for life”.

    Honestly, a president who relies on mobs and conspiracies to maintain power is a traitor and should be treated as such.


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