And just like that, Portsmouth achieves Banana Republic Status

Police chief fired for enforcing law

Local despots rise above Rule of Law

You knew the fix was in when Common Wealth’s Attorney Morales was allowed to take over the investigation. I will never set foot in Portsmouth again, for the same reason I would not go to Cuba or Iran. The Rule of Law no longer exists there.

23 thoughts on “And just like that, Portsmouth achieves Banana Republic Status

  1. You seem to see “Banana Republics” everywhere except for the only one that matters, the one lead by Donald Trump. Your blathering on about the “rule of law” rings very hollow because of your blindness in that area.

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          1. Again, this is off topic, but the Congress’s power of the purse does not supercede the executive branch’s powers to conduct foreign policy. Plus Federal prohibits the transfer of funds if the President does not believe the funds will go to their intended purpose.


  2. Yeah, I found this story an extremely disgusting example of Portsmouth’s and Richmond’s left wing extremist racism. To allow Morales to handle the case and the subsequent firing of Greene is an affront to law and order and an obvious case of “watch this whitey” cronyism. The left should be so proud. I hope law enforcement boycotts Portsmouth and leaves it to rot even further into the cesspool it already is.


      1. He responded to your question.

        He could have gone on to mention . . .

        1. Rape laws
        2. Sexual assault laws
        3. Tax laws
        4. Fraud laws
        5. Campaign finance laws
        6. Bribery laws
        7. Emoluments law
        8. Constitutional purse strings law.
        9. Federal employment laws.
        10. Immigration laws.
        11. Employment laws.
        12. Discrimination laws.
        13. Defamation laws

        There is no area of personal or public life where the law is not treated as something that Trump must comply with. And yet you are blind to all of it.

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        1. Every one of those could be refuted, but AGAIN, this is off topic.

          Hijacking every subject for an anti-Trump rant is not permitted and does not excuse what is going on in Portamouth


        1. So, it is OK for a legislator to bypass the police chief and order policemen to ignore violations of law and to tell rioters it is OK to destroy property without fear of arrest?


  3. This IS about the “rule of law” but you have it ass backwards. The courts found that the Portsmouth police abused their power with these inflated charges against Lucas and other protesters who were not even present when the major vandalism occurred later that night. Believe it or not, the police do not get to use the powers we grant them to further a political agenda. THAT would be what happens in a “banana republic.” And when your police actions are repudiated in court for their unlawfulness, that is a firing offense. Regardless of your race.

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    1. Lucas, and her daughter, on video, told the police not to arrest protestors vandalizing the monument and then told the protestors that they would not be arrested, effectively telling them vandalizing the monuments would be permitted.

      She has no such authority. She is, in fact, guilty of inciting riot and destruction of public and private property.

      The judge and Morales both owe their jobs to Lucas’s influence. Neither should have been involved in the case.

      If you excuse this kind of corruption just because it is by members of your party, you invite despotic rule.


      1. And yet, the case was thrown out in court. The real threat to our system of government is people like you impugning the motives and the integrity of the courts. Unlike your opinions, the judge’s opinions are subject to review and her career would be in jeopardy if she was as corrupt as you are saying.

        Confederate memorials are a thumb in the eye to a large part of the citizenry. You can say that Lucas was inciting riot. I can say based on the same evidence that she was trying to defuse a potentially tragic confrontation. We will never agree. That is why we have courts.

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        1. Sure, the courts could overrule to local judge, but for that to happen, Democrat Attorney General Herring would have to intervene.

          Citizens don’t have standing.

          But even if we agree that the monument should have been relocated to a cemetery, that would not change what the law allows ans requires.


        1. If a local political boss told you you were exempt from the law…

          Do you think those rioters have the depth of understanding of the law to know she had no such authority.

          And of course, a young man is a vegetable as a result.


  4. Forgot to add that the Banana Republic also re-elected a felon to city council too. Didn’t know that was legal but that’s what Portsmouth wanted and got.


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