7 thoughts on “Department of Energy Rolls Back Obama’s Dishwasher Restrictions

  1. The problem is that the whole country gets regulated for California’s situation.

    Sure, CA has water shortages and it might make sense there to restrict use, but to impose the same regulation on Louisiana where trillions of gallons of water flow past every day unused is just stupid.

    But it’s cheaper for Californians if everyone in the country has to go by their standards, so to hell with everyone else who doesn’t have 40 electoral votes.


    1. A dollar vs a donut says that industry lobbyists are behind the federal standard that is being ridiculed. California standards for everyone is cheaper for them than having to design, manufacture and distribute two very different product lines. The real problem is not knuckleheaded bureaucrats but the pernicious influence of money in our politics.

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      1. I don’t discount the possibility that there is industry input, but were better dishwashers allowed in areas where water shortages do not exist the market would command their production,

        A more likely problem would be that people could get rich buying truckloads of dishwashers that work and selling them on the black market in CA.


        1. A more likely problem . . ?

          That seems to me to be VERY unlikely. A dishwasher is not like a pack of tax-dodging cigarettes. Somehow you would need to advertise their availability and have a network of fly-by-night installation teams and expect people to make an expensive purchase without any kind of warranty. All of which would make the crime kind of hard to get away with.

          By the way, we very recently installed a new dishwasher. The cycle is pretty long but the dishes come out just fine. So reports of “dishwashers that don’t work” seem, based on our experience, a little bit exaggerated.

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          1. Uh, no there isn’t. According to the author . . . “For years, there was a vibrant black market for Canadian toilet tanks and a profitable smuggling operation in effect. This seems either to have subsided or to have gone so far underground that it doesn’t make the news.”

            This article is a typical “conservative” whine without the slightest hint of understanding of why it is important to control as best we can how much water we use and flush down the drain. This is not just a California or Arizona issue but with most of us living in highly congested areas the difference between 2 gallons per flush vs 5 has an enormous impact on water and sewer systems.

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