The solution to COVID-19 deaths? Old people dying don’t matter anyway.

Biden’s first pick for his Coronavirus Task Force

Young and healthy first, send vaccines to other  countries before vaccinating all Americans.

No flu shots or antibiotics for those over 75 either, better to let them die.

Just can’t wait to live under a Biden administration, but at least now we know how Kamala steps up.

16 thoughts on “The solution to COVID-19 deaths? Old people dying don’t matter anyway.

    1. No flu shots or antibiotics over 75?

      This is the death panel guy from Obamacare.

      I am active and happy at almost 72, I expect to enjoy another 15 years watching and teaching my grandchildren.

      I don’t want a monster like Emmanuel anywhere near my health choices, and with he FDA now dictating treatment courses to doctors, his ilk do not belong anywhere near that power.


      1. “…his ilk do not belong anywhere near that power.”

        You are talking about Trump obviously.

        Emmanuel is voicing his opinion, not policy.

        You oppose Medicaid on principle, but you said you treated Medicaid patients. Did you treat them badly, or the same?

        I don’t agree with Emmanuel on the age. But there is a good point to be made as to how long and for how much do we, as taxpayers and premium payers, keep brain dead people on life support.

        It is not an easy issue to address, but it can’t be ignored either.

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        1. I treated patients in Louisiana with the precursor to Medicaid before moving to VA and in the first practice I worked in in VA, but never in my own practice here.

          It was structured in such a way that you could not profit without cheating.

          And certainly Biden may not take his advice,but why would Biden pick someone with that view?

          Certainly if Trump had, you would have raised hell.


          1. “Certainly if Trump had, you would have raised hell.”

            I wouldn’t have time to raise hell since Trump’s appointees are rotated out so often it is hard to know who is doing what or even they know anything about their jobs. The X-ray technician he has now is a case in point.

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          1. Emmanuel concedes that flu vaccines and antibiotics are cheap and effective, yet he advocates denying them to those over 75 because they will extend their lives leading to more expensive diseases to manage later later.

            My assessment stands, He is a monster.


          2. I was encouraged by your claims that Emmanuel is a “monster” to seek out and read the essay in question. As I suspected you have been totally duped by this right wing smear and OBVIOUSLY have not read the article in question. Or if you did, you are being very dishonest about what it said.

            Len linked above. Here it is again . . .


            It is ENTIRELY about his personal preferences for HIS personal medical decisions once he reaches 75. And why he feels the way he does about it. He EXPLICITLY excludes any kind of force to make others conform to his views . . .

            “And I am not advocating 75 as the official statistic of a complete, good life in order to save resources, ration health care, or address public-policy issues arising from the increases in life expectancy. What I am trying to do is delineate my views for a good life and make my friends and others think about how they want to live as they grow older.”

            And . . .
            “Since the 1990s, I have actively opposed legalizing euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.”

            Just about the polar opposite to the “Death Panels” of a diseased imagination. But leave it to lying liars at National Review to twist this straight-forward and thought-provoking essay into something that it is not. And for those eager to be duped to uncritically suck it in.


    1. I was not aware that the Lt Gov of Texas was going to be advising Biden on the pandemic.

      With the increased role of the FDA in dictating treatment decisions to doctors as a result of the ACA, A person like Emmanuel close to that power is a very big problem.

      When the Pandemic has passed and the research is finally in, the FDA is going to have a lot of blood on its hands as it is.


        1. Who will be in that first 50 million?

          If we seek to quickly eliminate COVID as a cause of death, it should be you and me.

          If Emmanuel were to have his way, we would be last, after foreign countries. First would be young people, especially minorities.


      1. “1/5 of all the deaths and infections in the world are on his shoulders and his administration.”

        That is the Big Lie of this generation. Goebels would be proud.

        Europe, collectively, is roughly the same population as the US. They are at 300,000 deaths, much worse than us, in spite of doing all the things you claim Trump should have done.

        The simple truth is that this virus will do what viruses do. We can take precautions, and I do, but short of locking everyone up in their homes to starve or freeze, it’s going to spread. Some people have to circulate for us to eat and have necessary services.

        Getting the vaccines and therapeutics to the vulnerable populations is the only thing that will really make a difference, and Trump is years ahead of projections on that.

        It is ironic that Trump will have eliminated COVID as a major cause of death at about the time Biden takes over, and no doubt takes credit.


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