It is time to just stop

It doesn’t matter if you can’t get past the paywall. The headline says all we need to know about fraud in this year’s election.

If you don’t believe officials from both parties in ALL states, then you don’t want to believe. Period.

31 thoughts on “It is time to just stop

  1. “If you don’t believe officials from both parties in ALL states, then you don’t want to believe. Period”

    Well said!

    I just hope that the damage from Trump’s scorched earth policy will be minimal.

    Unfortunately, the damage to the 40% of the electorate with regards to confidence in our elections going forward is not crippling or permanent.

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    1. “Let the legal process play out…”

      It is played out, but reset and starting again.

      What needs to be done is to do what the Democrats wanted to pass a year or more ago. Money to shore up the election security and efficacy in the face of international interference and digital vulnerability.

      Then get those complicit in slowing down the USPS to trial.

      Then get the legislators in the Republican strongholds to allow canvassing and counting to start for early and mailed in ballots before election day. Like Texas did.

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      1. “Then get those complicit in slowing down the USPS to trial.”

        Absolutely. the postal union leadership should have been in prison years ago.

        Absent their featherbedding, the business style reforms would never have been necessary.


    2. “Let the legal process play out”…

      0-10 in court filings thus far.

      Watch out for the next step: Trump and his minions start pressuring GOP governors to NOT certify the election results and the allow GOP run legislatures to choose Trump electors. THAT would be the ultimate fraud visited on the American people.


    3. A very silly article indeed.

      BTW, Flynn was not prosecuted under the Logan Act. Duh. Nobody EVER has been.

      There are ZERO “provable stolen votes” unless you are counting the 150,000 ballots lost in the Post Office or the hundreds of thousands of voters purged from voting rolls in “error.”

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    4. “You mean like the Democrats did when they tried to start impeaching Trump before he took office?”

      That is simply laughable. Trump was impeached in December 2019 almost three years after he took office. In spite of countless High Crimes and Misdemeanors the Democrats held their fire until a Whistleblower complaint of particularly egregious misconduct forced their hand.

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    5. “You mean like the Democrats did when they tried to start impeaching Trump before he took office?”

      Geeze; was that an option? Really?

      We could have impeached that empty-suit who knew exactly nothing about running a country . . . BEFORE he moved in???? Wow.

      What we do know, though, is that many grandmothers and grandfathers would still be around to be hugged by their grandchildren.


        1. If you really and truly believe that nonsense then you are even dumber than I had previously thought. All along I had believed you to be merely dishonest. Maybe I was mistaken?


          1. So, you’re claiming that the Steele Dosier was not used to defraud the FISA court to spy on Carter Paige and Michael Flynn was not threatened with Logan Act violations in an attempt to get dirt on Trump?

            Either you’re trying Stalin’s rewrite of history ploy or you’re having memory problems worse than Biden.


          2. Your ravings are not even internally consistent. First the impeachment began before Trump was even inaugurated and it was the Democrats that did it. Now you want to talk about Trump’s fantastical and thoroughly debunked claims about his campaign being spied on and and poor little Flynn terrified into false confessions by a law that has NEVER been applied and any lawyer knows is a joke.

            There is a pattern to the nonsense that you spout. Trump claims it. You repeat it. And NEVER any evidence worthy of the name.

            Multiple witch hunts aimed at our security services have produced nothing. Multiple attempts to prove widespread voter fraud have come up with nothing. Fifteen and counting lawsuits over this election have been laughed out of court. But none of that interferes with what you Trumpkins really, really want to believe. Is this laughable? Or pitiful? Or, both.

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        2. Your site, your conspiracies. I get that.

          “And there was plenty of fraud…”.

          No, there was not and so far more than a dozen cases brought by the best attorneys in the country have not unearthed fraud. Mistakes, administrative details, technical issues perhaps, but no fraud on any scale that even remotely approaches the Republican efforts at election fraud over the years. None.

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  2. RE: “If you don’t believe officials from both parties in ALL states, then you don’t want to believe. Period.”

    That’s illogical. Why should anyone “believe” anything in this story, when the disputes will be formally processed? If any of the election officials NYT interviewed are bad guys, they wouldn’t admit it.

    The article is a good example of the NYT attempting to shape the narrative.


    1. So contacting election honchos in ALL 50 states, and in BOTH major parties, is an attempt to “shape the narrative”?

      That on it’s face is idiotic and without any real merit. Discounting officials statements to the press makes no sense what so ever.

      And thus far, ALL of the formal processing has gone against Trump IN THE COURTS. So are all of the judges tossing the frivolous lawsuits “bad guys” trying to “shape the narrative”?

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      1. Keep in mind that in WI and MI and PA. the state courts were party to the Constitutional violations, you have to expect Trump will lose at that level.

        It is when it gets to SCOTUS that the Constitution will be applied.

        So, be patient. We have until Dec 13 to get it right, and a rush to skip to the end without dotting the ‘i’ s and crossing the ‘t’s will only create more doubt.


        1. Meanwhile Trump is doing all he can to sabotage our government, our nation really, with his relentless pursuit of a unicorn.

          The president is certifiable and that may be enough to oust the conceited bastard.

          Forget SCOTUS. They are not going to enter this fray.

          Trump lost, the Republicans won. You are grasping for straws in you lack of understanding that many Republican voters stuck to their party down ballot, but couldn’t stomach another 4 years of ignorance and power grabbing.

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          1. Actually, Biden’s alleged margin largely from ballots with no down ticket votes. You can tell because in many states where there was a Senate seat in play, the total votes for Senate was considerably lower than the total for President and Vice President.


          2. But if the votes were rigged somehow, why skip the Senate/House Seats?

            Biden won twice as many popular votes and the swing states by as big or bigger margins than Trump’s 2016 squeaker.

            If Trump had been successful in all his lawsuits I would see some rationale. But he has lost every one so far.

            There is no reason to drag this out other than Trump’s ego and his fans’ fantasies. And the damage he is doing, with malice intended, is proof that he is a traitor.

            Our adversaries are just grinning from ear to ear as he does their work for them with regards to weakening our country.

            Trump demanded the counting stop when he was ahead. That alone should indicate his intentions are not in the interest of our nation.

            I think what is going to happen is that the recounts will take place, the results will be verified, electors selected and a winner declared. Then we move on to the GA special elections, and finally inauguration.

            Ignore the fat man with a long red tie.

            BTW, even his main law firms, centuries old institutions, are starting to lose interest. They do have reputations to uphold. And bills to pay.


            So if $1000/hr attorneys see little value, Republicans with some moral fiber (a rare breed to be sure) are asking him to concede and cases are collapsing I would think it is a lost cause.

            So the damage to our nation is strictly the work of a demented president.

            Biden will have a lot of work to do to straighten out the mess he made and is making worse.

            Again, cleaning up after the Republicans.

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          3. Why so many ballots with no down ticket votes? Good question, One possible answer is that a Senator losing his seat is a lot more likely to sue and knows where the bodies are buried, or unearthed, as the case may be.

            But nonetheless, that is the case, and it is another of those statistical oddities that point to foul play.


          4. Trump winning 3 traditional blue states by 77K votes is also a statistical anomaly. Especially when the popular vote was so one sided.

            You can bet all your legal musings and accusations of grand conspiracies are not unique to you. You can bet legal eagles have hashed this out hundreds of times.

            Condemning mail in and early voting months before even the primaries selected Biden, casting doubt where there is none, followed by sabotaging the USPS and Trump’s bitching about voting in general was by design. The hope being to get Barrett rushed on the court, not for the ACA or abortion, but to cast a vote for Trump should the case get that far.

            That is treason. He is aiding and abetting our enemies who love to see us weakened.

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          5. The reforms at the USPS were begun long before the election rules were changed, and were overdue by a decade.

            Why was it OK for Gore to exhaust all his legal options and wait until Dec 13 to concede, and for Stacey Abrahms to hold out for 2 weeks, but wrong for Trump to pursue his legal options?

            I would say he owes that to his supporters.


          6. Debating conspiracy theorists is futile

            One thing, the USPS changes were this last summer. Just a few months before an election that we all knew would be mail in heavy.

            And of course, Trump told his fans to vote twice, so there is that blatant attempt at fraud.

            Arrest him if you are interested in justice.

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        2. SCOTUS should not even consider any of the suits as the STATES run the elections.

          Now, all of a sudden, the states rights crowd are screaming for Federal Courts to intervene and counter the will of the voters. H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y! In case you forgot how to spell it out. Hillary conceded by this time already and she also won the popular vote. Gore conceded to allow the country to move forward and not act like a crybaby candidate like the current Oval Office denizen

          There was no freakin’ fraud. Get the f over it already and lets move the country forward.


          1. Gore conceded on Dec 13th after all of his legal options were exhausted.

            It is proper for the Federal courts to intervene when state officials violate the Constitutional rights of the citizens.

            And there was plenty of fraud the question is whether there was sufficient fraud to cover the difference in totals and if there is a remedy, with invalid votes mixed with the valid ones how do you fix that?

            States have backup plans for cases where the election cannot be certified, and if neither candidate can reach 270 votes, the 12th Amendment is the failsafe.


          2. …”after all of his legal options were exhausted.”

            Had the date wrong, but he could have kept fighting but for the sake of the country, he did not. When the GOP decides to put country over party let me know. I will raise a glass in celebration.


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