The world is concerned for our country and the attempts to undermine the election by Trump.

Perhaps the ardent supporters of the president consider those views unimportant. “America First” seems to encourage a “who cares what the world thinks” response.

Yet our position in the world is partly, but importantly, dependent upon the fact that we are the longest, major democratically elected government. That the elections are fair, true and trusted.  And that we have enjoyed peaceful transfers of power for almost 2 1/2 centuries. Unprecedented, really. 

What Trump and a cohort of vocal and silent enablers in Congress, the media and conspiracy folks are doing is tearing at the very fabric of our stability. That thousands of officials, Republicans and Democrats alike, volunteers and paid part timers across a handful of major states are accused of corruption is nothing but contempt for America and its citizens.  

Some accusations are fantasies based on a few stories that when checked were false, a clerical issue or so minor as to just be ridiculous. The rest are pure lies based on nothing but rhetoric designed to confuse, confound and go viral. 

Couple all this with a president whose history of bombast, falsehoods, attacks and insults and we are losing our leadership position in the world. We are now more like a single, deformed goldfish in a window display that has people asking what is wrong with it. It used to be bigger, better and more golden. 

Again it looks like the Democrats are saddled with the job of cleaning up after the elephants. 

15 thoughts on “The world is concerned for our country and the attempts to undermine the election by Trump.

  1. RE: “What Trump and a cohort of vocal and silent enablers in Congress, the media and conspiracy folks are doing is tearing at the very fabric of our stability.”

    Protest is the highest form of patriotism.


    1. Protest, sure.

      Lying about the counting is not protest.

      It is lying.

      And coming officially from our president?

      It is treasonous since it is designed, with malice aforethought (assuming “thought” is possible) to undermine our election process and demean thousands of people.


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    2. RE: “It is treasonous…”

      That’s just crazy talk. The candidates are within their rights to question the counts. They are also within their rights to speak about their concerns.


      1. Sure, the regime can say anything it wants. And it has.

        That does not make it true. Nor actionable, as most judges have ruled so far.

        Yet, if the words and actions are designed to undermine our democracy, that is violating the oath of office.


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      2. RE: “Yet, if the words and actions are designed to undermine our democracy, that is violating the oath of office.”

        The challenge for you is to prove the design. If you can’t, then your own comments irresponsibly “undermine our democracy.”


        1. Just a cursory review of the Republican efforts to suppress the vote in the last years. Add in the purposeful attempt to slow down the USPS, frivolous lawsuits based on crap, announcing that Trump won when the counts had not been completed, lies by the right that votes were counted in secrecy, intimations that thousands of hard working volunteers, counters and Secretaries of State are perpetrating fraud, declarations that the system is rigged (5 years of that lie)…

          My comments are fully responsible and true.

          Trump is a traitor to our democracy by trying to cast doubt on a system that both elected him and deposed him.

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  2. I would think the world is more concerned that efforts are being made to steal an election and so many people want to sweep it under the rug with no investigation.

    Even if it turns out the fraud was not of sufficient magnitude to change the results, it is important that the methods and culprits are ferreted out and appropriately punished.

    Regarding which ballots should be counted, it would be those cast within the scope of the law.

    The Constitution provides that each state can select its electors in the manner chosen BY THEIR LEGISLATURE. Unless their legislatures specifically delegate the power to make exceptions due to emergencies to the executive branch or the courts, the law AS PASSED by the legislature must be followed.

    In both Michigan and Pennsylvania, their Sects of State unlawfully extended the time limits, and those late ballots are not lawful, whether State courts allowed it or not.

    I don’t know what the remedy would be as those unlawful ballots have been intermingled with the lawful ones, but SCOTUS is going to have to set that right.


    1. No, nice try though. The people cast those ballots in what they were told was lawful and correct.

      If you think a judge is going to tell people their votes are no good based on a vague technicality, then I think you are mistaken.

      Republican state houses have already screwed up by demanding that no ballots be canvassed, sorted or counted until election day. Which, of course, extended the counting period to handle the millions of mailed in ballots. And you can probably safely bet this was on purpose to create a logjam and appearance of shifting the election. That is what I call real fraud. Add in the planned and executed slow down of the USPS. More fraud. And if this was truly coordinated with the Trump regime or campaign, you are correct in that heads should roll.

      This election was the most watched, open and transparent we have seen. Live streaming the count, dozens of watchers.

      My understanding is that PA had a relatively insignificant number of ballots not postmarked on or before November 3. And they have both be segregated and not counted in the tally yet.

      So even if a judge rules against it for a third or fourth time, including SCOTUS which is redder than a beet, the votes mean nothing.

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    1. I guess you are going to assume this alleged voter fraud was in favor of Democrats.

      I agree, since it took place in the 2018 Democratic primary. Unless, of course it was for cross over voting, a favorite Republican tactic as evidenced by Limbaugh’s Operation Kaos effort to thwart the Democratic primaries in 2007 or so.

      Interestingly, Trump fans are constantly yelling “fraud”, yet there has been absolutely no evidence of anything like that. Mostly either an admin snafu, paperwork issues or just big lies by the right.

      We all know there was no fraud. The tactic is to delay, confuse and muddle the political arena so Amy can vote to suppress all votes and anoint a king with tiny hands and a long, red tie.

      What is so surprising is that about 2/5ths of the country cannot fathom why it lost to 3/5ths. And this after all the effort to screw things up in advance.


      And yet again the polls were right in the presidential race, probably within the margins of error. Biden got more votes than anyone in history. At least 4+ million more than Trump.

      Losses in the House were an amalgam of bad campaigns, probably weak candidates and miscalculations. The Senate was a Hail Mary that may still pan out.

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      1. Yet vote fraud in nursing homes seems to be SOP for Democrats, How many times has it happened? For how long, how many local races stolen?

        Doesn’t that pattern bother you?


        1. Geez, Don, how many times has it happened in the last few years. Even decades. And how many votes theoretically are we dealing with? A few hundred in a race that Biden won by 8,000 to 150,000 votes depending upon which swing state.

          No election is perfect, but this one is remarkable in the lack of any evidence of fraud.

          Remember, Republicans are the folks caught in fraud. Taylor in Va Beach, the Congressional race in NC that caused a whole new election. Add in efforts to suppress votes like in Harris County with 1 ballot box for 4 1/2 million voters. Or GA with inadequate machines and polling places in minority districts.

          That should bother you a lot more than the possibility and anecdotal stories of a handful of old folks.

          There is where you should be looking. The real thieves.

          And the real pattern.

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          1. If it happens once it is a coincidence. If it happens twice it is a pattern.

            For someone who proclaims to love the rule of law, Don sure does a lot of mansplaining about how laws (or NEW RULES… Thank you Bill Maher) can’t be good….Unless of curse it supports his cause.

            Sing along with Mickey… H-Y-P 🎶

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