Hunter Biden Chaired a Foundation to Stop Child Abuse, While Engaging In It

Source: Frontpage Mag.

Given what we know — which isn’t much, without visiting the dark web to see for ourselves — it is hard to imagine the Bidens living in the White House. America wouldn’t willingly elect a First Addams Family, complete with itchy demons, basement-dwellers and sinister motivations. If it happens, it won’t be by willful choice.

11 thoughts on “Hunter Biden Chaired a Foundation to Stop Child Abuse, While Engaging In It

      1. Well, pretty obviously the metaphor went over your head so let me explain it for you. I did not mean that you ACTUALLY live in a cesspool. Imaginary comparisons of your house with my house demonstrate that you took it far too literally. The “cesspool” was a metaphor for the kind of mind that would create and/or share material like this filth that you have found on what you call the “dark web.” Not only is it filthy it is irrelevant. Whatever personal demons that Hunter Biden may or may not have, he is not running for President.

        BTW, your implication that one must visit this “dark web” to get truth is illustrative of just how absurd the whole Trumpism movement has become.

        Finally, let me put your mind at rest. The American people – who did not make a “willful choice” for Dear Leader, if you recall – WILL make a “willful choice” on November 3 and evict this jackass, his gold-digging porn model “wife” and his fatuous offspring from the White House.

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        1. LMAO, no, Mr. Roberts’ metaphor obviously went completely over your head resulting in yet another unhinged baseless left wing screed of nonsense. Bravo, bravo, golf clap

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  1. “. . . it is hard to imagine the Bidens living in the White House . . .”

    Naa, not hard to imagine at all. The Bidens are decent, intelligent, FIT people; the kind our Constitution expected to live there and lead America as The First Family.

    However, the self-proclaimed “##ssy-grabbing”, lying, cheating, empty suit and family currently squatting in the Oval Office is something else altogether.

    The Bidens will have their hands full the first several months ridding the WH of the stench left by the entire Trump bunch.

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  2. “…it won’t be by willful choice.”

    So are we assuming you are concerned that people were forced to vote for Biden?

    That may be true to the extent that Americans are weary of the endless drama from the current president. That and the timeworn, but creaky, grievance politics that the Republicans have relied on for a few decades.

    So far, the GOP and Trump have done everything they could to prevent votes from being counted, even cast. A recent SCOTUS ruling affirmed that mailed in ballots cannot be counted if received after November 3. That should endanger some military ballots. But according to their CinC, they are losers anyway.

    Trump knows he can’t win without discarding millions of legitimate ballots, delaying the counts and relying on his packed court to give him the election.

    I think he has done more damage to our nation than we know for now. A shame we had to endure his scams.

    Oh well. We should know some more in a week. With some luck, we won’t have to contend with Trump’s “beer belly militias” as in “stand back, stand by.”


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