How much you want to bet…

.. a Covid relief deal happens this week?

With the markets plunging (as of 330) in the 2% range across the board, Trump is going to want to fix it. It has, and always will be, all about the stock market with this guy, Main St. be damned.

3 thoughts on “How much you want to bet…

  1. I think we are out of time for a stimulus bill. The Senate, which still has to vote on it, is pretty ignorant as to what is going on. Or at least McConnell is.

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  2. Hey, you seem to be on the money, so to speak. I saw a headline that the regime is pushing for a stimulus deal in 48 hours.

    Bread for the Roman mob, cake for the French peasants, a chicken in every pot for Americans. And now, drum roll please, a stimulus that the Democrats urged in May with a bill totally ignored by Turtle and his mentor.

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