7 thoughts on “The “October Surprise” is here.

  1. Uh, not a surprise. Even President Trump has said there would be a second wave in the fall as people stay insode more.

    But this time, there will be fewer deaths as improved therapeutics come on line and experience has been gained in treating the disease.

    The major bad guy as the second wave hits will be the bureaucracy which is delaying those treatments and the vaccines.

    As part of Operation Warp Speed, Trump pre-purchased 300,00 doses of the Regeneron anitbody cocktail used in his recent treatment IN JULY and they are ready for use as soon as the FDA gives an Emergency Use Authorization, once again being far ahead of the bureaucrats.



    1. There you go again spreading false information. Duped again, I suppose?

      There was indeed an order placed in July for 300,000 doses of the Regeneron cocktail but they are NOT ready for use. They do not yet exist. Just another of Trump’s countless lies. There are currently 50,000 doses available. With no known plan as to how to allocate them. The remaining contract will presumably be filled by new production in the months ahead. At the current rate of new cases those 300,000 doses will cover about 4 days of new infections.


      By the way, this stuff is not easy to produce. Those 300,000 doses by the end of the year seems to be the upper limit of what is possible.



    2. I agree that a resurgence of the virus about now is not actually a “surprise.” But it is playing the role of the political “October surprise” removing any wind that might have caught Trump’s sails. Just like Comey doomed Hillary Clinton in October, this virus resurgence is doing that to Trump.

      This “October surprise” was avoidable. The fact that the resurgence is not a surprise is a further condemnation of Trump’s leadership. This was known to be coming and he did nothing about it. Instead he carried on with his lies and rosy predictions. There has been PLENTY of time to organize mask mandates, enforceable social distancing regulations, effective testing and robust contact tracing. The efforts needed have been haphazard at best.


      1. “There has been PLENTY of time to organize mask mandates, enforceable social distancing regulations”

        The President does not have the authority to do those things. Governors do.


        1. Not having the authority did not stop Trump from building some of his vanity wall. If he had asked, Congress would have given him broad authority in what is clearly an emergency. Or, as he has done in several other areas, declared an emergency himself.

          But leave all that aside, he has a bully pulpit. If he had used it to promote – instead of oppose – the needed adjustments we would not be in quite this much of a mess. Nowhere near.

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          1. “Trump did advise the governors and backed them up financially”


            I cannot say that loud enough.

            Did you forget about . . .
            #LIBERATE Michigan?
            #LIBERATE Virginia?
            #LIBERATE Minnesota?

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