Forget the Hunter Biden sex tapes. The real news is much bigger than that.

Source: American Thinker.

As expected, the Hunter Biden sex tapes have leaked onto the Internet, along with other material. This AT piece is one of the more cautious commentaries to make note of this new phase of the Biden family scandal.

37 thoughts on “Forget the Hunter Biden sex tapes. The real news is much bigger than that.

    1. Odd, you didn’t think it was a problem when it was alleged that Trump might be compromised by Russia having embarrassing dirt on him. Of course, they didn’t, but you were positively gleeful to further the ‘peeing on the bed story.’


      1. I had no idea that Hunter Biden was running for president.

        Perhaps it is time to rehash the Trump family “jewels” such as Ivanka’s trademarks, Chinese investments and tax payments, Kushner’s Qatari bailout, Eric and Don, Jr. using the presidency to sell and rent properties.

        BTW we still have no idea who dropped off the laptops, one with a sticker for a Biden charity so there would be no confusion as to which one had the planted emails. We do know that both original reporters for the NY Post pulled their names because the story was so bogus. Two hapless women who worked for FOX earlier were given that dubious distinction.

        So far the actions and responses by the regime show real desperation in the face of a massive rejection of Trumpism and the broken shards of the Republican party. Of course this was getting obvious when the tactic of filing hundreds of suits now and after the election to cause a jam up to be decided by SCOTUS and their new ideologue, ACB. The same ACB that worked feverishly to deny vote counts in Florida in 2000.

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      2. So, this kind of material is what you opened this forum to discuss? Who knew.

        I may have commented on the Steele Dossier from time to time when the subject came up, but odd, I do not remember posting as a new thread a link from a salacious web site that was about nothing else but Trump family members sexual deviancy. I easily could have since Donald Trump is a known pervert.

        You really believe that Russia has no dirt on Trump? So you think his treasonous behavior is only about money?

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          1. “I think he has stood up against Russia far better than his predecessor”

            You are entitled to your opinion. Too bad very little evidence supports it. Trump almost literally kowtows in Putin’s presence, says nothing about their election meddling and even when bounties are put on the heads of American servicemen, he says and does nothing. I could go on at great length, but why bother. You are unable to admit that Obama is a bigger and better man no matter the subject.

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          2. “Blustering and brinksmanship?”

            That is precisely Trump’s style of “diplomacy” with everyone except Putin.

            Obama brought Russia into a critical nuclear arms agreement and into the monumentally important Iran nuclear weapons deal. What exactly has Trump accomplished besides giving in to Putin in every possible way.

            It is now well-established that Russia was offering bounties for dead Americans. Let’s see you defend Trump’s total non-response to that disrespectful provocation except to say “there are good people on both sides” – our intelligence agencies on one side and Putin on the other.

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            And the story is based on reports from BEFORE Trump was elected.


            And it was Obama/Hillary who put US and Russian military aircraft in the same airspace in Syria, placing us on the brink of a direct military confrontation.

            It was Obama/Hillary’s policies that brought us to the brink.


          4. Thanks for the link confirming essentially the point. Trump saying that he believes Putin rather than our own intelligence agencies is “saying something”, just not the right thing. Calling the reporting by NYT, WAPO and others “a hoax” is the way that Trump ALWAYS deals with embarrassing facts. I dunno, maybe you thought no one would bother to read the material linked to?

            As for brinksmanship what did you just say about picking up a rock. If standing up to Russian adventurism is “brinksmanship” then clearly Trump is not guilty. He just gets us out of the way, just like Putin requires of him.

            Your argument has a 1984 ring to it – Weakness is strength. Standing down is standing up. Yeah, sure.

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          5. What I wrote was that Diplomacy was saying nice doggy while looking for a large rock.

            Brinksmanship is the opposite, provoking a confrontation when you can’t back it up without going to all out war.


          6. “I think he has stood up against Russia far better than his predecessor”

            When he directly sanctions Putin, and not his toadies, then you can say that. Until then, it is just a game to Trump.


        1. “Brinksmanship is the opposite, provoking a confrontation ”

          Uh, there is the problem. Trump, obviously, and you, apparently, think that standing up against Russian adventurism is “provoking a confrontation.” The confrontation is provoked by the adventurism.

          I noticed that you dodged the question. I listed two MAJOR accomplishments of the Obama administration vis a vis Russia and asked “What exactly has Trump accomplished besides giving in to Putin in every possible way?” No answer?

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  1. Let’s see if I understand.

    We have skyrocketing infection and hospitalization rates in hard hit middle America. Unemployment is still very high. Stimulus monies have been scrapped by Republicans to jam through ACB for the Court. Our deficit is enormous. The USPS has been effectively sabotaged by the regime. No healthcare plan by Trump, again.

    Plus devastating hurricanes and wildfires have impacted millions in the West and Deep South.

    So it is comforting to know that our administration and its cohorts in Congress are concentrating enormous energy to smear Hunter Biden.

    We should be proud of our current cast of misfits in office. After all, they probably don’t know how to govern any better. 😇

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    1. Let’s See:

      Increased infections are hitting Europe just s badly as here, did Trump cause that too, or is it just the nature of the virus, like every other respiratory virus that advances in colder weather?

      The stimulus bill is stalled in the House by Nancy Pelosi. McConnell has said there will be a prompt vote in the Senate if Pelosi reaches an agreement with Trump. which she is stalling.

      Hurricanes and wildfires? Really? Even if there were a global warming component, it would be the result of CO2 emissions worldwide over the last 4 decades, and the US, though it is no longer part of the Paris Accords is the only nation which has met its goals.

      No one has to ‘smear’ Hunter Biden, He has accomplished that very well all on his own. The question is to what extent Joe has compromised the country trying to hide his decadent behavior.

      I have to wonder why that doesn’t concern you and Paul?


      1. “The stimulus bill is stalled in the House by Nancy Pelosi. McConnell has said there will be a prompt vote in the Senate if Pelosi reaches an agreement with Trump. which she is stalling.”

        Have you been traveling out of the country? Just curious, because the Democrats had a detailed stimulus bill back in May. McConnell didn’t even address the issue until a month ago. And you say the Democrats have been stalling. And the House even dropped their bill by 1/3rd as a compromise and were still met with a blank wall.

        For some reason, getting Barrett on the bench now, instead of any time between the election and the inauguration, is more important than
        keeping our workforce at least moderately solvent through this crisis.

        Sorry that “dog left the station” a long time ago. 😇

        BTW, COVID is not just another respiratory virus. It is much more contagious and lethal.

        Why are you bringing in climate change? I did not mention that. I wrote about natural disasters because that is what they are and the president could give a hoot based on his rambling speeches, idiotic tweets and other inane pronouncements.

        And finally, as far as compromised goes, that is the problem with Trump and all his unknown creditors, Russian Mafia connections, Chinese favors for investments and trademarks. business with Erdogan in exchange for killing the Kurds, his son-in-law’s indebtedness to Qatari princes, and the list goes on.

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        1. No, the Democrats passed a Christmas wish list in May filled with things that had nothing to do with COVID relief, mostly bailouts for Democrat run cities already hopelessly in the red long before COVID came along. McConnell has promised a vote as soon as a bill the President will agree to reaches him, The ball is in Pelosi’s court.

          I thought you were blaming the fires and hurricanes on leaving the Paris Accord, never mind.

          Considering that China is trying to get Biden in, I don’t think you can claim they are in league with Trump


          1. There you go again. Democrat run cities? Uh, that is where the American people live. And they have been very hard hit by the pandemic. Every bit as much as airlines, cruise lines and the corporations who sucked up the lion’s share of the first relief package.

            This second relief package is a prime example of political malfeasance by Trump and the Republicans. Pelosi – had she behaved like a Republican – could have taken every step to ensure no relief until after the election. She did not. She offered relief and even made a significant trim. All the GOP had to do was say “Yes.” They refused. Trump even tweeted something to the effect of “Drop Dead Democrats.”

            China in league with Trump? Straw man. China preferring Biden – if they do – does not preclude them from having and enjoying leverage over Trump. They know where the bodies are buried on many Trump family dealings in China and with Chinese investors. That’s leverage. Especially with Trump trying to make family corruption an issue.

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          2. Christmas wish list or not, McConnell ignored any negotiations until the last minute. Pelosi showed the willingness to compromise by cutting 1/3rd.

            The “Turtle”…nothing but gas.

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          3. The negotiations are not between Pelosi and McConnell, they are between Pelosi and Mnuchin. If McConnell steps in it undermines the talks. All he can really do is let the talks go on and hope Pelosi stops moving the goalposts.


          4. And that is the problem. Congress is supposed to negotiate a spending bill between the two houses, then send to president for approval.

            McConnell is not doing his part. He is just another toady for the regime. He refused to do anything with regards to the House bill passed in May. Did he ever think to negotiate? That is his job.

            What was he waiting for? The virus to give up and go home?

            Of course that is the regime strategy, so there is the wrench in the gear box.

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          5. So whose fault is that?

            Since May, yet. McConnell’s strategy is simple. Don’t provide any record of how Senators voted. Actually that has been “turtle’s” strategy for years. Unfortunately American workers pay a huge price.

            No matter how you parse it, the Democrats realized the country needed another stimulus early on. They knew that evictions, bankruptcies and just putting food on the table would be a problem so long as the virus was creating havoc. The pandemic was not going away by wishful thinking and vaccines were not the lifeline for working America until it was universally available next year. Not rocket science.

            These reasons are why this election will dump Trump and kick out the GOP club in the Senate. Americans can’t work, they are losing family to COVID, and they are tired of the daily drama and incessant grievance politics in the White House and Senate.


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          6. Cities both red and blue are hurting. The pandemic has killed revenue but increased expenses for most jurisdictions. First responders and other municipal services are critical.

            Simply put, food, clothing, shelter and safety can’t be ignored.

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          7. The difference is that the Democrat cities were hopelessly over-committed BEFORE COVID and Pelosi wants everyone else to be forced to bail out their foolishness.


          8. Well, the Senate did have 4+ months to negotiate a bill with the House. Or work with the regime and the House as a political ménage à trois. The May bill was an opening bid.

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          9. If McConnell had started negotiations 4 months ago these issue could have been addressed in a timely fashion.

            Slow walking stimulus to a pandemic economy is hardly a good strategy.


          10. McConnell is not a party to the negotiations.

            It is Pelosi who has taken a ‘take it or we wait until after the election’ stance to use COVID as a crisis to get entirely unrelated bailouts past the Senate and the President that the American people would not stand for as stand alone acts.


          11. You keep saying McConnell is not a party to negotiations.

            Whose fault is that? That is his job for Pete’s Sake.

            You are familiar with how our government works. Why do you keep covering for the Senate hiding in the cloak room?

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          12. Because Pelosi is not talking to him other than to demand he pass the Bill the Hose passed in May.

            Sh is only negotiating with Mnuchin and pretty clearly is just stalling and moving the goal posts.

            It is entirely the House Democrats stalling the COVID relief until after the election.


          13. To quote a quip, “if I agreed with you we’d both be wrong”.

            McConnell is refusing to negotiate in good faith. Pelosi dropped the House plan by over a trillion. McConnell doesn’t want to negotiate unless he has Trump’s blessing in advance. And Trump is all over the place. He even said he wants to “go big”.

            It is the Senates JOB to stand up and be counted.

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          14. McConnell has thrown more House passed legislation into the black hole of his desk since 2019 then any other Majority leader I can recall. No discussion, no negotiation, just throw it in the black hole and pretend it never existed.

            You cannot honestly blame Pelosi for McConnell’s lack of integrity. While she tried to get relief to Main St., McConnell’s one and only focus is to ignore his own words and rush through a SCOTUS nominee in an election year. And less than 2 months from the election? I guess the voters only have a voice when HE decides they do.

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          15. Only inside the propaganda bubble where you hang out is Speaker Pelosi the bad actor in this process. The Republicans cannot decide who speaks for them while Trump and McConnell have taken turns just saying “No.” Trump is afraid of dealing face to face with Pelosi and McConnell is afraid to go to the White House. Physically afraid and for very good reason.

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