Trump Won the Debate—But Won Bigly the Post-Debate

Source: National Review.

When it was over my only takeaway was: Well, Biden was Biden and Trump was Trump; no change, Trump wins.

To his credit, Joe Biden has remarkably good political instincts, plus the perfect timing of a wisecracker, but to see these qualities in an old man can be sad. Last night, Biden seemed sour and angry to me. He bummed me out.

4 thoughts on “Trump Won the Debate—But Won Bigly the Post-Debate

  1. Thanks for the laugh.

    “There was a low bar for Joe Biden in the first debate, given his cognitive challenges.”
    Cognitive challenges? Biden showed in both debates that this line of attack is attempted gaslighting. Biden showed command of himself and of the issues. And unlike Trump he knew when to face the camera and give some heartfelt straight talk. No sign of “Sleepy Joe.”

    Trump was constrained from his usual behavior by a muted mike and an effective moderator so, for sure, he came across less demented than he did in that first debate. But better is not winning. Winning in a Presidential debate when you are down by double digits is giving voters a reason to switch to you. Trump, again, did not do that. As you said . . . “Trump was Trump” and whether you can admit it or not – that is NOT a good thing.

    Maybe you are “bummed out” because Biden does not sugar coat the issues we face? Or maybe you were “bummed out” that Biden actually got to speak this time and made a lot of sense? Possibly you were “bummed out” that Trump’s lame attempts to impugn Biden’s character and attack his family went over like a lead balloon? And, by the way, thanks to those ugly personal attacks everybody got to hear about Trump’s Chinese bank account and how much more he paid in tax to China than to this country. Bummer!

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    1. I only saw the first 15 minutes or so.

      What struck me was the almost incoherent rambling of Trump’s first answer regarding. COVID. It seemed that after the first 30 seconds it was hard to discern the original question.

      But for the faithful, whether he shoots someone on Fifth Ave. or his own foot, no one will change their vote.

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  2. “Biden seemed sour and angry to me. He bummed me out.”

    Perhaps you are confusing “sour and angry” with seriousness and calmness.

    That would explain why VP Biden “bummed you out”. He is a serious man who stays calm, whereas Trump only goes for the bombastic, over-tbe-top noises he can push through his little round mouth in order to keep a camera on him.

    He seems to live by some silly notion that he must always be entertaining and loud and buffoonish.

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