WSJ News blows up WSJ Opinion on Hunter Biden

AN Opinion writer tries to indict the Biden family and the news reporters debunk her narrative. In the same issue. Not sure how to take that. But it did make me SMH,

The other take away from this piece was why Rudy gave the story to the NY Post. “Giuliani acknowledged to the Times that the Post lacks certain journalistic standards, explaining that he specifically opted to give the story to the tabloid because they wouldn’t “spend all the time they could to try to contradict it before they put it out.””

Like I said before; the only reason to read the NY Post is for the Sports. And maybe the lottery numbers.

2 thoughts on “WSJ News blows up WSJ Opinion on Hunter Biden

  1. RE: “Not sure how to take that.”

    One way is to realize The Daily Beast is lying, right in the first sentence of its first paragraph:

    “A pro-Trump writer at the Wall Street Journal’s opinion section published a convoluted column Thursday evening asserting that newly released text messages proved that former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was involved in an alleged pay-for-play scheme with his dad and a Chinese energy company.”

    The opinion writer, Kimberly Strassel, makes no such assertion in her piece. Instead, she reviews the same details as the news report, then concludes:

    “All of this is news. The press corps that is ignoring it spent four years writing about Donald Trump’s Moscow business. The correspondence meanwhile blows up Rep. Adam Schiff’s claim that the Hunter story is Russian ‘disinformation.’ It raises real concerns about what security risks Hunter might pose for a Biden administration. And it raises questions about Joe Biden’s involvement.”

    There is no contradiction between the news and opinion pieces at WSJ and the opinion piece was not debunked.


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