A very disturbing sight.

Yesterday, Sunday, my wife and I drove over to Northwest River Park to go for a walk. Coming and going we passed by Hickory Ridge Farm which was having a seasonal pumpkin event. The parking lot was overflowing and the grounds were packed with families enjoying an outing. The hay rides were literally stuffed with people. Several hundred people – at least – were in attendance. A very large percentage of the people in this crowd were not wearing masks and there was zero sign of social distancing. This, IMHO, is a manifestation of the pernicious influence of Republican wishful thinking about the pandemic. It would only take a few people with the virus to turn a gathering like this into a super spreader event with dire consequences for everyone in the community. It is no wonder that the pandemic is back with a vengeance. Wishful thinking or social distancing fatigue will not make it stop.

9 thoughts on “A very disturbing sight.

    1. It is the Republican Party that is peddling the wishful thinking on the pandemic – not the Democrats. If I had to guess, a poll of that crowd behaving so foolishly (IMHO) would be favorable to Trump. His supporters tend to believe his lies. Democrats less so.

      I do not remember making any claims about suburban women, but it is indeed widely reported that they are turning against him. Ironically, I have seen reports that his success in packing the courts with ideologues is working against him – no longer any reason to ignore his flawed character and ugly nonsense.

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  1. Well seeing as how the requirement to wear masks is indoor only, what is your point? Just driving by and you can make this observation that people are not far enough apart than you would wish? My experience with non-mask wearers has been vastly “younger” people and nothing to do with politics. Perhaps, next time, you should stop, take some measurements and take a poll before embarking on yet another babblefest oozing with extremist nonsense.

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    1. “What is your point?”


      My point is not hard to understand for anyone with a lick of common sense. Indoors or out, being very close to a lot of other people is dangerous and doubly so if you and they are not wearing masks. Yes, the people I saw jammed together were mostly young people. If they get the bug, they will probably survive with only some of them permanently injured or needing hospitalization. Is that the only thing they should be worried about? What about their parents and grandparents or any older people they may encounter in their work, school or church? Is trying to safeguard everybody such anathema to you?

      The pandemic is going through the roof. Hundreds of thousands more Americans are going to die before President Biden can get it under control. And a very large number of those deaths will be because Trump and his enablers are spreading misinformation and making people feel safe when they should be far more careful.

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      1. Wow, a man who can truly predict the future of so many deaths and blame any negative outcome on someone else. Golf clap goes out to Paul for his lies and fear mongering. If everything is as dire as you claim, why haven’t Democrat governors shut down all BLM protests and haven’t shut down their entire states into total lockdown? Hint, there is NOTHING Biden or democrats could have done differently than Trump to achieve a truly measurable alternative outcome. By your assessments, all of Europe is under Trump as well since they too are experiencing control difficulties. While I am cautious with this virus, there is a balance between your percieved optimal protocol and the economy.

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        1. I am not predicting the future. I am sharing the predictions of epidemiologists whose life work is studying the spread of disease.

          Europe is now having trouble because they have let down their guard too soon. We never put ours up.

          Without a vaccine there is only one way to control the virus – extensive, effective testing, identifying hot spots and following up in those hot spots with forceful contact tracing and quarantining of the exposed. California and New York are now following this strategy and are faring much better than other states in this latest wave of virus. THAT should be the national approach and we should not have to wait until January 20th to get going on it.

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    1. And yet poor Liddle Trumpie had no chance to achieve the pandemic success of Korea or Japan because, gosh darn it, they are used to wearing masks over there. Masks help stop the spread of the virus. The head of the CDC says they could be as important as a vaccine. These videos were banned from major social media for a reason – they are full of lies and they are dangerous.

      It might be relatively harmless to spread the latest Birther theory or Pizzagate nonsense as you have frequently done in the past, but now you are spreading misinformation that could get the weak-minded or anyone who interacts with them at work, school, church or pumpkin festival killed. This is beyond shameful.

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