Did a Democratic senatorial candidate figure out how to woo Trump supporters?


Admit to an affair and your poll numbers go up? Sounds like a Trump campaign strategy and it could work.

OK, the above post is tongue-in-cheek. However, it could make one wonder.

5 thoughts on “Did a Democratic senatorial candidate figure out how to woo Trump supporters?

  1. Speaking of Tillis, he was back at the Barrett hearing today just in time to put on a nauseating display of what is wrong with the GOP. I refer to his showing Barrett a picture of his baby granddaughter and using it as a prop to accuse Democrats of allowing such babies to be killed because she was 3 weeks premature and was only safe from Democratic baby killers because she was then outside the womb.

    Profoundly stupid and/or dishonest. Roe v Wade is very clear that the state can protect such babies in utero and they ALL do. And that includes NC. Let’s hope and pray that such indecency will be dragged down by the voters along with Trump and the rest of the lying liars who support him in Congress.

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    1. It’s election time folks!

      Time to gear up the God, gays, guns and gonads talking points.

      What I heard on the radio regarding the hearings was ACA and Roe v. Wade. But the Republican talking points say Barrett is being attacked for her faith.

      Were there any such questions at the hearing from the left?

      Tillis is a desperate elephant, so he is throwing pachyderm poop and seeing what sticks.

      Meanwhile Trump’s buddies on right wing airways are encouraging violence just like the ignorant Mr. #LIBERATE and “stand by…”.

      Riled Up: Misinformation Stokes Calls for Violence on Election Day


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