Putin Trolls Biden: Communists & Dems Share ‘Common Values’ While Trump Record Hard On Russia

Source: ZeroHedge.

Putin says a number of remarkable things in this report of his interview with Rossiya 1 TV, but they all amount to a clear endorsement of Joe Biden for president.

This raises the question: If Biden wins, should we appoint a Special Council to investigate Russian interference in our election and possible collusion between the Biden campaign and the Kremlin?

5 thoughts on “Putin Trolls Biden: Communists & Dems Share ‘Common Values’ While Trump Record Hard On Russia

  1. Why do we often find Trump supporters spreading Russian disinformation? Or let me ask it this way – why do so many Trump supporters hate America?

    Or let me ask you, personally, Mr. Roberts – do you really think that Putin talking about the imaginary similarities between the Democratic and Communist parties is designed to help Biden? Do you think his denial of his role in helping Trump win makes it true? Do you believe Putin when he talks about how tough Trump has been on Russia?

    Don’t bother to answer. These are rhetorical questions intended to highlight the utter inanity of spreading such material and the laughability of the suggestion that Biden is colluding with Putin.

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    1. RE: “Don’t bother to answer.”

      OK, I won’t. When a man insists on preserving his own ignorance, my duty is to oblige.


  2. Start the investigations now!! Pelosi? Pelosi? Pelosi? Sheesh in between Russia and the media, Biden will be too busy reporting donations in kind for years to do anything else.


    1. You can blame Pelosi, Russia, the media or Chris Wallace for the fact that Trump is losing Bigly. So much easier than admitting the simple truth – you have invested your love and support in a con man who does not – even now after three years on the job – have a clue of how to be the President, how to deal with a crisis or even how to manage a large organization.

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