Campaign Conundrums 2020

1) Biden has no spectators at his events. This is very weird and perhaps unprecedented.

I don’t understand why the Dem Party in each area does not order all members to show up. These unattended events show there’s no support for Biden. He can’t be 12 points ahead, more likely 12 points behind.

2) Biden is showing his age, especially if he has to use numbers. People must be figuring it out. If you see a single example of his dementia, you know you shouldn’t vote for such a person. I’ve seen a dozen.

3) Most people said Biden did better than expected in the first debate, probably because he had high-tech assistance and some low-tech assistance. In either case, he cheated. Disgraced former governor Rod Blagojevich said that Biden should be disqualified. Watch video.

8 thoughts on “Campaign Conundrums 2020

  1. Biden cheated? That is a good one. I am sure you can back that up to your satisfaction, but we might want to hear some proof.

    As far as incoherence goes, nobody I have ever heard speak is as incoherent and rambling as Trump. Biden has fought stuttering all his life and has done very, very well. Of course, Trump has fought responsibility all his life and he has apparently done well, at least with other people’s money, including, evidently, all us taxpayers.

    Finally, the reason people have been not attending huge rallies for Biden is simple: We are in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Just ask the few dozen or so White House staffers that are in quarantine.

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    1. You think seeing such people endangering the health of each other and the people around them is a good look for Trump? Or that a few dozen fanatics “trumps” nationwide polling? Okay. Sure, but I stand by my observation above.

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  2. Suicidal Trump supporters vs Biden supporters who believe in science, the rule of local laws, and that Donald Trump is the most dangerous man on the planet.

    Ordering people to show up for rallies is a very authoritarian practice and something the Democratic Party will, not do. Nor do they need to. Showing up at the polls is all that is needed.

    Biden, even with is stupidest gaffes, is more coherent on a daily basis than the roided up leader of the Republican Party.

    Blago got his sentence commuted by Trump and is now attempting to pay back the favor by saying such total and utter BS, even he doesn’t believe it.

    If this post isn’t worthy of moderation then I don’t know what is. It is the most conspiracy, not based in ANY fact, BS that has been posted in the time I have participated on this forum. Mr. Price, any credibility you may have had with me (which you actually did, especially with your ideas on education) has been shot to hell.

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    1. Cute, but here is an actual Biden parade.

      This is the tip of an iceberg. Senior voters are turning on Trump Bigly. His incompetent and callous management of the coronavirus crisis is something that many former supporters cannot abide. Biden now leads in this demographic 60-39.

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