3 thoughts on “#LIBERATE Michigan!

  1. A “simultaneous post”.

    This is important and dangerous news. I am getting the impression that the White gangs are upset that the political focus is on giving Antifa all the credit for mayhem. 😇

    Evidently the rock has been overturned by our dear president and the mobilization of weekend gangsters has picked up steam. “Stand back and stand by” has consequences Mr. Trump but you flat don’t give a crap.

    Supporting and abetting anti-government gangs is really over the top.

    Barr, arrest that man before he hurts us anymore. Oh, wear a mask please.

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    1. I heard this just now in the car on NPR when coming home with groceries. I listened a few minutes and wondered if it was a joke or a crazy new commercial. But, no; the person delivering the news seems very much serious.

      This is unbelievable. And, oops, I forgot to give a big shoutout of a ‘thank you’ for the man in the White House for being responsible for just one more S##t-Show.

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