Gang members arrested in plot to kidnap and try Gov. Whitmer

#LIBERATE has taken a sinister turn as Michigan gang was making elaborate plans that included 200 gangsters storming the capitol. Thank you Mr. president for encouraging gangs to do your dirty work. Domestic terrorists from the right are at it again. McVeigh wannabees I suppose.

15 thoughts on “Gang members arrested in plot to kidnap and try Gov. Whitmer

    1. I was just about to post a link to the incident myself.

      However, it wasn’t 200 guys, it was 6, saying they needed 200 to do the job.

      Not sure yet how serious this was, Offhand, it doesn’t sound like they collectively had the mental capacity to form a conspiracy. I suspect beer was involved.

      I wonder who turned them in. Dollars to donuts, it was one of the other militias they reached out to for men.


      1. They had been investigating these guys since June, about 3 months or so. They had a trap door in a business for secret meetings. Plans for bombs, including practice with them in the woods.

        They must have drunk a lot of beer for a long time.

        More details to come, of course. But Paul said it best about whether they were encouraged and inspired by a president who was sympathetic to he cause of #LIBERATE, “Stand Back and Stand By” and “my rough folks”.

        It is bad enough to encourage such behavior by a nutjob on the web at InfoWars and others as evidenced by the poor, misguided Pizzagate shooter.

        But when our president plays with those guys as if it were a video game we are looking at treasonous behavior in my opinion.

        It is looking like a possible landslide election win by the Democrats as the president’s words and behavior start to turn the corner to truly bizarre. I just hope it is so big as to erase all doubt early on. That might help put these yahoos back under the rocks where they belong.

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    1. We haven’t heard much about Antifa lately. Perhaps they are doing what campaign advisors tell their clients.
      “If your opponent is shooting himself in the foot, let him and keep quiet.”

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  1. Sounds to me like they took their cues from Seattle. At least these 6 people got arrested. When are those Seattle terrorists going to be arrested anyway?


    1. Anti-government seems to be the flavor of the month. Stand by… and #LIBERATE are courtesy of their pal in the White House. It makes no difference if they like Trump or not. They are feeling vindicated and appreciated by our current president.

      Timothy McVeigh was anti-government, so these folks can get very dangerous.

      Trump is playing with fire and we are the kindling.

      I prefer a president that actually loves our country and supports our government.


      IMHO. of course.

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      1. Government is not a binary choice.

        Even Libertarians concede government is a necessary evil. But like any dangerous animal, it must be kept on a short leash or it will range where it does not belong and destroy everything good.

        The worst thing you can do is to allow government to decide how much government we need.


        1. “The worst thing you can do is to allow government to decide how much government we need.”

          We ARE the government. That is what is so disturbing about this scenario.

          We elected the president, Congress and by Constitution, we elected the Supreme Court and all its underlings.

          Trump was elected on fear of foreigners (truth be known, fear of non-Caucasians) and a promise to drain the swamp. In other words, populist bigotry was his big vote getter.

          Draining the swamp was the promise to Americans. Trouble is, the president has no idea how our government operates, what the Constitution says or actually what it is he wants to do to keep America the world leader it used to be. It is government by (a substantial) gut instinct and tweet storms.

          The example I like is to compare the president to the captain of a modern aircraft carrier. Aside from the fact that turning the ship, and ship of state, takes time and planning, it also requires knowledge. The captain doesn’t necessarily have to know what button to push and levers to pull to make the engine run, but he has to know where the engines are, how they respond, where the ship is, where it is going, the weather and the mission. Just putting on a hat with gold on the brim does not cut it.

          The final few weeks of desperation just clarify that Trump is in way over his head, and, more importantly, he has no desire to learn.

          It is my government. It is your government. We both elected it. And we can take back from the hands of a man who has no idea what he is doing.


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          1. We elect the “management” to look out for our interests.

            Yes government can go sour. But the key is to increase participation, both politically and economically, so as to not create a “friendly” dictatorship.

            Trump has been pushing for an oligarchy, but without much luck.

            As it is, the power of the financial sector and wealthy heirs is huge.

            If we have a broad based middle and working classes that have a stake in the country, we will all be better off. But laws favor shoving wheelbarrows full of cash into the top 1% since Reagan. And they are not that much more production or brilliant than the top 1% was in the middle and later parts of the last century.

            Tax laws have come under new scrutiny since Trump’s tax returns have come to light.

            Of course he is cheating, but even so, the laws are so skewed as to be ridiculous.

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          2. So, allowing people to keep a larger share of the wealth they create is “shoving wheelbarrows full of cash into the top 1%”

            I got up early today and went fishing with my grandson. We had a pretty good morning. What share of the fish we caught is rightfully yours?


          3. You don’t understand do you?

            It is not a matter of punishing success. It is a matter of laws changed to favor accumulation of wealth at the top at the expense of the vast majority.

            In other words, punishing wage and salary earned work through shifting financial laws.

            Just taking your fish would be wrong. But if you changed the laws so that others either can’t fish or have to send you most of their catch, that is a problem.

            In a country where the rule of law is dependent upon wealth, that is a huge problem.

            Trump is a very apropos example. His 5000 or whatever lawsuits are primarily driven by the tactic of forcing the other party to go broke by endless and frivolous suits. Smart business? Perhaps. But it only works when wealth is law.


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