16 thoughts on “America has already collapsed.

    1. I don’t see it, either. The essay makes a fair point about the perception of events, but doesn’t do much to prove the reality it assumes.


      1. Bangladesh?
        I guess you did not read it with understanding or effort. The author was talking about his experiences in Sri Lanka.

        It was not in any way an attempt to compare conditions in the United State with conditions in Sri Lanka. It was about how human beings on the inside of major events see those events differently from each other and from what you might expect. That is all. Food for thought. Don’t give it another one. I thought it was interesting.

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  1. The only thing that has collapsed is left wing desertion of law and order thereby aiding and abetting violent extremists in their quest to destroy our country. Great job there lefties, until of course YOUR property is destroyed at the hands of these idiot thugs.


    1. Actual leaders of the “left wing” explicitly condemn violent protests and destruction of property. Joe Biden has done so repeatedly. And, as a matter of fact, Republicans have been trying to separate people – especially minorities – from supporting Biden and Harris based on the strong “law and order” credentials that they have.

      Actual leaders of the “right wing” tacitly encourage political violence as exhibited by Dear Leader himself when he would not repudiate White Supremacy and the “Proud Boys” in the debate. Joe Biden NEVER promised to pay the legal bills of thugs assaulting his critics. Joe Biden NEVER praised the good old days when people could be dragged away and beaten up if they were annoying Dear Leader.

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      1. But wait, I thought Antifa didnt exist, at least according to the lefties. The more I see them, the more Communism becomes clearer as the true agenda.


        1. Not communism. Communism requires some thought. Deeply misguided and amoral thought, but still some degree of thought.

          These anarchists are all about tearing down what exists but the really don’t have an act 2 figured out.


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