An interesting editorial regarding empathy v. antipathy in Trump world.

Though most, if not all, Democratic leaders have expressed heartfelt wishes and prayers for a good recovery for the president and his wife, there is outrage, feigned mostly, against a few activists who wish otherwise.

“To his fervent supporters, Trump’s callous viciousness is funny. It’s the humorless politically correct scolds and loser Never Trumper conservatives who need to lighten up, they say.”

“Now that President Trump and first lady Melania have tested positive for COVID-19, Trumpworld has discovered the value of empathy. And they are shocked — shocked! — that some of Trump’s critics have delighted in the irony of Trump’s coronavirus denialism contributing to his own infection.”

16 thoughts on “An interesting editorial regarding empathy v. antipathy in Trump world.

  1. Wow. That is a truly deranged editorial.

    But go right ahead and keep insulting the deplorables. That will certainly keep them from the polls.

    Liberals are amazingly blind to their own hypocrisy. To accuse Trump supporters of a lack of empathy is ludicrous.
    There is hardly a more charitable demographic to be found.But then liberals think they are being generous when they seek to help the poor with other people’s money and not their own. They don’t understand the concept of charity.

    And, of course, the total lack of empathy for the owners of the businesses being destroyed by left wing “ideas” in our cities escapes you entirely. Serves those greedy businessmen right for putting their shops in under served locations. But not to worry, they won’t go back.

    I am pretty much convinced that liberals are all vampires, as they cannot see their reflections.


    1. Jeez, I did not see all that in the opinion.

      Why are you accusing me of ignoring the torched businesses. Or supporting some form of universal healthcare so poor don’t die for lack of money?

      Liberals are vampires?

      That is a new one.

      Now am I supposed to believe you are fine with disparaging the disabled, total disrespect for POW’s, mocking mask wearing, insulting everyone with schoolyard taunts, telling duly and popularly elected Congresswomen to return to where they came from (mostly our country), calling illegal immigrants rapists while actually employing them for decades, lying to the entire country about a pandemic, extorting our own corporations, trying to extort another nation for political favors, bragging about sexually assaulting women…

      I should perhaps ask “have you no shame?” because of hatred, almost pathological hatred of Democrats.

      But to tell you the truth, I feel pity.

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          1. I don’t know where Don was going with that question. It might be the hypocrisy of using electricity instead of shaving with a sharp flint stone knife.


        1. “As in an amazing inability to see their own hypocrisy.”

          You’re kidding, right? I’ve pointed out your own hypocrisy so many times, we’ve rewritten the Mickey Mouse Club theme song for the occasion.


        1. There were a few caveats however. First was church going and tithing in addition to larger donations.

          Next was donations to private schools which the donor family would use.

          Then there is the matter of income.

          Also noted was the observation that private charitable donations are not nearly enough to cover what Medicaid, Food Stamps and housing subsidies cost for the poor.

          And a lot of that is for children, the elderly, the disabled and the low wage workers.


  2. Seeing as how the very first sentence of this article was utter left wing trash, no sense in reading yet another round of Murphy bowel movement. And I thought there was already a low but…..


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