The “debate” is now history. And so is Trump.

Well, well, well. If Biden would have somehow “destroyed himself” with his “radical” ideas as some have hoped, we will never know after the embarrassing spectacle that Dear Leader made of himself last night.

The political reality is that Trump is losing the election. At this stage in 2016, Clinton was ahead by 3 points nationwide, won by 2 points but lost in a squeaker because of the anachronistic Electoral College. Biden is ahead by 8 points. More importantly, in the swing states which Trump won by tiny margins in 2016, Biden is leading by 5 points or so.

To legitimately stay in power he needs to convince ALL of the undecideds and some of Biden’s current supporters to give him their votes. He did absolutely nothing to achieve that. His virtuoso performance as a school yard jackass may have pleased the Proud Boys but for everyone else it was cringeworthy. He may think that leading this nation is a sort of WWE freak show. It isn’t.

It is clear from last night that Trump knows he cannot win and equally clear that he is planning some sort of Hail Mary based on the chaos he hopes to create by his constant dishonest bullshit about mail-in voting and the violence he hopes it will generate when the election is “stolen” from him by slow counting of the massive mail in vote. Proud Boys, put on your brown shirts and “Stand by.”

27 thoughts on “The “debate” is now history. And so is Trump.

  1. Best description I read is that it was a 90 minute tweet storm by Trump.

    “Unhinged” is the best description of Trump himself.

    If there is any doubt that Trump is now calling for violence during and after the election, it is now erased.

    “Trump basically said to go fuck them up! this makes me so happy,” writes one prominent Proud Boy.”

    They have a new meme and logo for t-shirts already based on “stand by”. They must have had prior notice that this phrase was coming. Campaign contribution by White gangs?

    Oh, no question.

    Trump encourages going to polling stations. Why? I thought the mailed in ballot was “the problem”. Why harass those who are voting in person?

    The president has wrapped himself in the flag, carried a Bible, and now issues a call for White gangs, “camoshirts”, (“camocrap” is more like it).

    “I didn’t know…” will be the clarion call of Trump fans when the poops hits the ventilators.

    We’ve heard that before.

    All this IMHO because I do care about our country.

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    1. Uh, it was Biden who brought up the Proud Boys.

      It was also Biden who conflated White Supremacists with 2nd Amendment organizations like militias.

      Wasn’t it you who provided a link to an article stating that the militia groups were not racist not fanatics?

      Don’t think that 2nd Amendment supporters missed being lumped with racists or that they will forget.


      1. Biden did indeed mention the “Proud Boys” because Trump seemed to be struggling with the concept of “White Supremacists.” And was clearly hesitating to condemn such people. Biden helpfully gave him someone concrete that he could condemn for interjecting violence. Biden has unequivocally rejected violence. Trump could not bring himself to do that. Instead, he called on the “Proud Boys” to “Stand By.”

        By supporting Trump, you “2nd Amendment supporters” lump yourselves with racists. In case you have forgotten, Trump rose to power by promoting the racist slur that President Obama is not a real American. And started his campaign with racist slurs directed at brown immigrant. And spent this debate with one racist dog whistle after another.

        These so-called “patriot” (Ha!) militias do “enjoy” a very high participation by out and out racists. Deny it all you want. It is obviously the fact of the matter as evidenced by their love of Confederate regalia.

        I suppose your question (“Wasn’t it . . .”) is some sort of typo – I cannot decode it.

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        1. The reply was to Len, who provided the earlier link.

          The Proud Boys are Western Chauvinists, which by exclusion is anti-Muslim, as Islam is incompatible with Western civilization. They are not racists, and have Black members.

          Guilt by association? For a start, Trump is not racist.


          1. “Trump is not racist.”

            Trump may not be a racist – although his track record, rhetoric and behavior indicates that he is – but he definitely plays one on TV as a way to motivate his base. Of course, you will deny – as you always do – that Trump’s promotion of Birtherism for years after Obama had provided every possible documentation of his citizenship was designed to attract racists to his banner. Period. That is “racist” enough for me.

            “Islam is incompatible with Western civilization?” With all due respect, that is pure ignorance on display. I hope you are quoting the beliefs of one these ridiculous militias and not your own. Hard to tell from the context. Islam is one of the three Abrahamic religions at the core of “Western Civilization.” Furthermore, Islamic nations, universities and scholars have been intertwined from the eighth century onward with the preservation of Greek and Roman history, knowledge, philosophy, ideals and values.

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      2. “…2nd Amendment organizations like militias.”

        Gangs, Don, just plain gangs. “Militia” is truly gilding the lily. Or more precisely, the dandelion.

        I have worked as a poll watcher in the past. Now I might have to get through a line of rabid, camoshirted gang members who are doing Trump’s bidding.

        He has threatened violence for the election. And there are more than enough unstable people with guns to perform like puppets.

        “Stand back and stand by”. Waiting for what, a word from the regime to start shooting?

        This is not a 2nd Amendment issue, this is an attempt to de-legitimize our election process which has served us well for centuries. And it is not about mail-in ballots. Trump has attacked elections since he slid down the golden chute in Trump Tower.

        Any American should be concerned and questioning “who the hell does the president think he is trying to rig the election”.

        I would like to believe that SCOTUS would see through the scam and stay out of the fray. Plus tossing the election to the states might not work if, and it is very possible, the Democrats turn the states blue.

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          1. “Any American should support a President trying to prevent the rigging of an election.”

            Indeed, they should. But, sadly, we do not have such a President. He has been doing his level best to block all measures and funding that would help local election officials deal with problems posed by the pandemic and the assaults on our election process by Trump’s pal in the Kremlin.

            With all due respect, pretending that Trump’s constant whining about the election he knows he is losing is him “trying to prevent a rigged election” is totally risible. In the debate he refused to commit to waiting for all the votes to be counted before declaring victory. Biden did not hesitate to do so. Biden respects the people. Trump doesn’t. It is that simple.

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          2. So support Biden.

            Your assertion that the Democrats are the “riggers” would require thousands of people working in thousands of polling districts. God only knows how many bus loads of Mexican rapists going from poll to poll.

            Trump is doing it by hiring thousands of lawyers to sabotage the voting and the counting to delegitimize the election just long enough to run into crucial dates of certification.

            So massive, unwieldy conspiracy Impossible to hide or even really pull off v. the regime purposefully screwing with my vote by taking it away from me. All under the guise of being “all nice and legal like”.

            PS: the only assault on your gun rights is that a Biden win will bring out the preppers and supremacist gangs to buy up ammunition and guns, creating another shortage for you and massive profits for the gun industry.

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          3. That’s OK, I have stock in arms and munition companies.

            But Biden has explicitly said I don’t “need” anything more than a shotgun. ‘Shall not be infringed’ means he doesn’t decide what I need.

            Warner’s margin of victory over Gillespe was less than 12K votes, well within the range of fraud. And it doesn’t take a massive conspiracy, Appartchics operating independently for their own boss in each Congressional district can turn the State with no cooperation between them.


          4. That is how Trump won WI or MI or PA, no?

            Dod you help set that up. Come on, Don. Fess up.

            Really Don, your scheme still require planning on a massive scale. Who hires the workers? How many do you need? Can you keep them quiet?

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          5. The Trump Campaign denies that they coordinate with O’Keefe’s slime machine. Too bad they do not have a good IT person to help cover the tracks of their coordinated disinformation campaign.

            Donnie, Jr. had a copy of the hit piece before it went public (as forensic examination of the public video file and Donnie’s tweeted video file reveal) and its release was rushed ahead of the announced date to try to blunt the breaking bad news about Trump’s taxes.


    2. My favorite post-debate statement on the entire event was Dana Bash referring to it as a “shit show”. I did an absolute double take and asked my wife if I heard that right. She also told me about Jake Tapper’s dumpster fire, catastrophe, and what ever other synonym he used as I missed it while in transit from the den to the bedroom.

      And Don Jr. on Fox calling Chris Wallace a tool of the left (more or less). He let Trump get away with his interruptions until about 75 minutes in. Seriously? A tool of the left? Because Wallace attempted to do the impossible last night, he is now a tool of the left? I about popped my CPAP off without undoing the straps.

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  2. Weird, I guess we weren’t watching the same debate. In the one I watched, Trump tore Biden a new one while all Biden did was give sheepish grins while repeating left wing sound bites and nonsense.


    1. Well, Mr. Smith, I already acknowledged that Trump’s die hard supporters might enjoy the display of arrogance, entitlement and boorishness that Trump offered to the largest audience of the campaign. So, I am not surprised that you enjoyed it.

      But if you are honest, maybe you will acknowledge that such behavior will do less than nothing to win new supporters where Trump needs the most? Or not.

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        1. You trying to being down the tone? Stir up trouble? Why?

          I made no accusation of any kind. Nor did I say that he must agree with my assessment. I said that MAYBE he would agree that the behavior Trump exhibited would not win over undecided or Biden voters. Rather than an accusation, it was an invitation to offer an objective assessment of what Trump did and failed to do. You know, discuss current events rationally. Foreign concept for you? Maybe you or Mr. Smith have an honest reason to think that the boorish behavior on display was a smart political move? I do not know.

          But keep up your whiny little victim routine. It is good for a laugh.

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    2. When my wife gave her assessment of Trump’s “performance”, she used several words that haven’t come out of her mouth in many years. “Spoiled child”, “bully”, “stupid” (she really doesn’t like that one and I was shocked to hear her use it).

      Let’s just say she was disappointed in the entire evening with both participants. However, she was happy to see that her decision to NOT vote for Trump in November was vindicated.

      And what exactly were the left wing sound bites? Was it when he said he supported more funding for police to be able to do their very challenging jobs better? Or when he reminded us that, yes his son had a drug problem and has been able to overcome it? Or could it have been when he said he would respect the results of the election one all of the ballot LEGALLY cast were counted? Or how about having an actual PLAN to get the economy moving again through job creation?


  3. “But if you are honest”…hmmm…all that came out of that debate was Biden had no substance nor answers and could only resort to a snarky smile and name calling. I know you so enjoy name calling but I don’t think that won over anyone. IMO


    1. I agree that Biden probably did not win over any new voters with anything he said. I will add that he is no Obama or even Clinton when it comes to speaking off the cuff. But he did what he had to do. With that said he had a few moments. For example when speaking of pandemic he said something like “It what it is, because you are who you are.” Highlighting Trump’ callous indifference and poor leadership. He also made a good pivot when Trump started attacking his family with damnable lies – “He wants to talk about my family, I want to talk about yours.”

      The thing that I wondered whether you could agree was that Trump – who MUST find some votes – did not win any either. If anything, his ugly boorish behavior and non-stop stream of lies added to Biden’s support instead of his own.

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  4. Biden doesn’t have a plan on anything. That is the sound bite or, better yet, his Dem Dog Whistle. Biden has no plan on doing anything different than Trump on Covid except maybe shutting down the economy. That would create some jobs, right? All he tried to promise were government subsidized green boondoggles but that is as empty as it gets. Biden talks around “police reform” aka defunding to please his radical rioters while trying not to piss everyone else off. Who cares if he said his son is a druggie? All Biden had was name calling and liberal BS. Who would be surprised that a BLM supporting left winger’s wife would “feel vindicated”? Is that somehow unusual or startling?


    1. You really really rally need to lay of the orange PCP you’re snorting.

      And attacking my wife, who needs no defense from me, is as bad as Trump getting the Biden sons mixed up. Mrs. Green is an independent thinker who I have argued policitcs with only on occasion because we don’t always agree. Example, in 2008 she did vote for Obama, but she also voted for Rigell in the second because she believed that split government is a GOOD thing for the country. However, she has come to the realization that Trump is very bad not only for the country but for the future of our children and grandchildren.

      As far as anything else goes, GFY!!!

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  5. “Biden doesn’t have a plan on anything”

    Uh, no.

    Biden’s plans, beliefs and agenda for FORTY-EIGHT different issue areas are laid out on his site . . .

    And then there is this . . .

    Click to access 2020-07-31-Democratic-Party-Platform-For-Distribution.pdf

    By the way, I could not find similar details for Trump’s plans for a second term. If you have a link to such, that would be great. And I see that the GOP did not issue a new platform addressing issues that have become more prominent on Trump’s watch. They just copied the one from 4 years ago.

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