Stern warning from Biden. This follows.

Too little. Too late. He had better pull the plug on the bullshit they have been spreading TODAY.

3 thoughts on “Stern warning from Biden. This follows.

  1. “Stern warning” from sleepy Joe? Why everyone is shivering in their boots!!! I KNEW I could count on you for a milk through the nose moment on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks again…


  2. If it tickles you to refer to our next President as “Sleepy Joe” knock yourself out. In spite of all Trump’s best efforts, this is still a free country.

    Name-calling does not change the fact that next-President Biden has repeatedly addressed Putin – through the media – and made it clear that – unlike at present – there will be serious and damaging consequences if their efforts to screw with our democracy don’t stop. Now, with Trump’s defeat highly probable, out comes this Putin cyberwar cease-fire proposal. You may not wish to connect the dots, but they are there for anyone to see.

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