Communism and Christianity

People of Praise will be in the news for the next few weeks because Judge Barret and her husband are dedicated members. We will soon all hear that People of Praise membership requires that wives be subservient to their husbands. There will be discussion if that is a philosophy that is acceptable on the 21st Century bench. And rightly so. If a Justice cannot put aside that sort of anachronistic belief and very strictly follow the law, bad decisions will follow.

But, there is a lot more to what they believe than that peculiar point. They do not explicitly declare the maxim originated by Karl Marx – “From each according to his ability. To each according to his needs” – but the sentiments they express and goals for their community amount to that. They are in fact “Communists” in the truest sense of the word. And THAT really is what Christ was teaching, so I say – Good for them!

One last point I bring to the attention of those people here who mocked President Obama for being a “community organizer.” People of Praise put high value on doing exactly what President Obama did – move into distressed neighborhoods and work with the people there to solve community problems. Let the mockery begin.

5 thoughts on “Communism and Christianity

  1. The Catholic Church has a lot of modern day schisms.

    Latin services, conservatives, anti-abortion crusaders and liberation theology.

    The last issue has been accused of communist leanings mainly because of words and actions decrying brutal dictatorships. Of course many were our dictators so we disparaged the brave nuns and priests trying to make a better life for the poor.

    Republicans try so hard to put liberation theology workers in a bad light. This may be a problem of their own making.

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  2. This is so stupid. There is no comparison between Communism and Christianity or even Socialism for that matter. One is voluntary and one is compelled, like taxes being given away for alms. Another milk through the nose moment. Thanks…


    1. It is not actually stupid. And the close similarity between the Christian ideal and the Communist ideal is not something that I dreamed up. People have made that observation countless times. Jesus and his disciples were what we today would call a “commune” (the root word of “communist”) and so were the early Christian groups as People of Praise are pointing out and striving to emulate. Jesus Himself spoke of giving up wealth to benefit the poor as the way to follow Him.

      So, as any informed reader will understand, the Christian ideals expressed in this People of Praise manifesto are very, very similar to the idealized “Communism” that Karl Marx was talking about. Of course, historically, Fascist dictators such as Lenin, Stalin and Mao paid lip service to these ideals of “Communism” while doing everything in their power to crush the human spirit, usurp all wealth and rule as absolute monarchs.

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    2. Mr. Smith. Shortly after ascending to the papacy, Pope Francis was mocked in a political cartoon by Michael Ramirez (VERY conservative) as preaching from the Book of MARX.

      Juts sayin’.


  3. If Judge Barret can put aside her religious beliefs and tenets in making her rulings, there is no reason to denigrate her choice of worship. No more than anyone else’s should be mocked or attacked. Her judicial record and any writings are open for questioning.


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