This is why the true enemy of the people is sitting in the Oval Office

Trump tries so hard to destroy our system of elections. Just like his labeling the press, Democrats and even those rare Republicans with principles as “enemies”, he is repeating lies over and over to confuse even his own supporters.


Trump’s stating that the election would result in a peaceful continuation only if he wins. He is threatening violence if he loses. If any citizen were to make such a call, he could be arrested. Think of just about any elected official at any level issuing such destructive calls. 

18 thoughts on “This is why the true enemy of the people is sitting in the Oval Office

  1. Yet another good example of dishonest fact checking. I don’t wish to spend any time on it, but to give just one example:

    The NYT says, “you’re facing a deluge of misinformation” about voting by mail. “Much of it is coming from President Trump.”

    The writer obviously doesn’t know whether any readers are facing a “deluge” of anything or whether any readers have been exposed to even one iota of misinformation. Thus, to say that much of the misinformation readers are getting is “coming from President Trump” is outrageously fallacious. The rest of the piece goes downhill from there.

    People really should stop reading the NYT; it is that bad.

    My real question is, What are Democrats going to do if major media projects a Trump win on election night?

    Last time when that happened there was much gnashing of teeth, flowing of tears and screaming (and pussyhats and dreaming out loud about blowing up the White House). Then Democrats demanded recounts. When the recounts failed, Democrats demanded faithless electors. When faithless electors failed, Democrats demanded elimination of the electoral college. When elimination of the electoral college failed, Democrats began pushing for impeachment. Impeachment failed, and the loser of that election still hasn’t conceded the loss. It was all quite a spectacle.

    Based on the historical pattern, it seems a bit odd to be concerned about how the incumbent might behave on election night and afterward. If he acts like a Democrat, wouldn’t that be OK?

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  2. Trumps has been saying the election is a scam almost everyday since the pandemic created a need for more mail in ballots.

    I don’t know what you consider a deluge from the administration, but daily exhortations are a pretty good example.

    All the more reason to read the NYT. At least we get the quotes and tweets that erase any doubt about the regime’s intentions to cheat the election by jamming the system and hoping SCOTUS will pick him.

    “My real question is, What are Democrats going to do if major media projects a Trump win on election night?”

    What will Trump do if the projections are for Biden? He has already threatened violence.

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    1. RE: “Trumps has been saying the election is a scam almost everyday since the pandemic created a need for more mail in ballots.”

      The pandemic never created a need for more mail-in ballots. So, if that’s the basis of your thinking, Yes, the election is a scam.


        1. The explanation is simple. If people can go to the grocery store, they can go to the polls. I believe both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix have also said that in-person voting is safe and acceptable.


      1. “The pandemic never created a need for more mail-in ballots”

        That is just plain silly. Why? Because when the traditional in-person trip to the polling place is a threat to your life, that DOES create the need for an alternative. And that is patently obvious.

        Maybe you prefer that only people dumb enough to ignore that risk vote, but that is a different question.

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          1. Mr. Roberts, I will let others who may read your response judge for themselves whether you are exhibiting the blind and uncritical acceptance of anything and everything that Trump says or does that is the hallmark of his supporters.

            But, whatever, it is a FACT that the pandemic has increased the need for alternatives to in-person voting on election day. Denying the obvious is an old trick of yours.

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  3. So, your real question is:
    “What are Democrats going to do if major media projects a Trump win on election night?”

    Why is that your question? The Democrats are not the ones yammering constantly that. . . ‘the ONLY way Democrats can win is if the election is rigged’, and that ‘we cannot let the Democrats steal the election from us.’

    The lying, faux leader is doing nothing but hoping the next out-of-control 17-year old trump worshipper with an illegal fire arm strapped on is listening to him.

    The trump gang has ONLY sought violence at EVERY turn, starting with his ignorant “5th Ave.” shooting statement.

    He’s all about violence.

    And, for the record, we’re not at all afraid to pull out the ‘P- hats’ again. Not by a long shot.

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    1. Is that James O’Keefe?

      Interesting that after committing proven felonies, this hooligan ended up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor and being sentenced to 100 hours of community service. How do you spell White Privilege? If he was black and committed the same crimes in Louisiana he would still be in jail. IMHO.

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  4. When Trump talks about the election he is simply playing the democrats to keep himself in the news It called free campaign advertising.


    1. Man, we are so fortunate to have a genius in the Oval Office. 😇

      But, you are right. Trump has played the media since he was dodging vendors and the IRS in the 1980’s. John Barron comes to mind.

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    2. I hope you are right about that. Maybe Biden should get some of that “free campaign advertising” by refusing to commit to accepting the choice of the voters and encouraging the “tough people” who support him to back his play? THAT would surely generate a lot of the “free campaign advertising” you speak of.

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  5. Uh, and this is the Fox News defense??

    “In reaching her decision, Judge Vyskocil relied in part on an argument made by Fox News lawyers: that the “general tenor” of Mr. Carlson’s program signals to viewers that the host is “engaging in ‘exaggeration’ and ‘nonliteral commentary.’” The judge added: “Given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer ‘arrive[s] with an appropriate amount of skepticism’” about the host’s on-air comments.

    In other words, Mr. Carlson’s viewers may not necessarily believe everything they hear.”

    Everyone knows we’re liars.

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    1. Apparently conservatives are the unsung heroes of comedy and wink-worthy mendacity.

      This might explain the incessant need for interpretive statements from the regime to “translate” the obscure, outrageous, rambling or false utterances from its leaders.

      A curious effect is that we have a president who either doesn’t mean what he says or says what he means.

      Or both.

      The modern “code talkers” energized by Trump are probably the reason QAnon is so popular.

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