Busted! Pro-Trump “Patriots” plot violence in Oregon.


This is a classic Fascist tactic. Create violence and then use it as an excuse for a “law and order: expansion of the police state. Is anyone in the White House encouraging such outrages? Your damn right there is – Donald J. Trump.

13 thoughts on “Busted! Pro-Trump “Patriots” plot violence in Oregon.

  1. For years law enforcement has been worried that in our fervor to clamp down on radical Islamic terrorists we have ignored the much greater threat of homegrown anti-government gangs.

    I would not be at all surprised if the lax attention to the right wing thugs, who are pretty well organized, was welcomed by a man, and his regime. After all he has referred to his “rough” folks as backing him up.

    So “Putinesque”.

    And all part of the disinformation program by the administration to ensure enough chaos for claiming the office for another term.

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    1. Antifa is a problem.

      But not THE problem.

      The administration calls these gang members folks part of “the base”. “My rough folks”.

      “I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump — I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad.”

      Tacit support by the regime is treasonous behavior.

      Of course, Trump said he would cover legal bills for supporters that beat up protesters. Honestly, if I were a gang member I would not count on that.

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  2. So, you’re going to tar the GOP and millions of Trump supporters based on an online dick measuring contest by a couple of wannabe operators?

    Will you next hold every American Black accountable for the ravings of the most extreme members of BLM?

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    1. There are more than a couple of online operators.

      Trump has praised his “rough guys”.

      “Will you next hold every American Black accountable for the ravings of the most extreme members of BLM?”

      You guys have already done that.

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        1. Aside from calling BLM Marxist, violent communists, I guess there has been nothing said.

          You mentioned O’Keefe. Isn’t he the guy who edits videos to make it look like Planned Parenthood eats young children with coffee and grits?

          Didn’t he also insist that Soros bussed in a million immigrants from Maine to vote in Vermont or some such bull poop?

          Like so many on the right, if it is him. they have no story so they make them up.

          Sort of like the videos of a sleeping Biden which were doctored, but actually convinced the intelligentsia on the right they were real. I personally know solid folks, republicans, that are convinced that Biden rambles and sleeps. Of course, they cannot hope to translate the incoherent gibberish Trump puts out, with or without a teleprompter.

          This is a nasty election. I just hope people ignore the call for violence by our own president.

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        2. “No one has done that.”

          Oh really? No one except the President, his campaign, Fox News, most of talk radio and the entire QAnon universe of hate and disinformation web sites. You yourself – in a recent forum topic – took the youthful declarations of a single individual to be the entirely of BLM’s political philosophy.

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          1. You are right, I was responding as if you had talked about judging BLM by the actions of a few. I did not notice that – for some reason – you switched the frame of reference from judging a political movement (Trumpism) by the actions of a small number to judging a whole race by the actions of a few. That switch does not actually make any sense. But, you are right, I missed it.

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    2. Says the guy with enough guns and ammo for a small army and is not shy about declaring his willingness to use them should what HE takes to be “tyranny” every raise its head.

      The false narrative that you and the ass-hat in the oval office have been peddling is that it is the legitimate protesters and Democrats who embrace violence. This story is not out to tar anyone, but to set the record straight where the violence is coming from. It is from the White Supremacy and Second Amendment Solutions crowd who are – not all but – a significant part of Trump’s “base. One of the chants at Trump’s rally here in Virginia yesterday was “Free Kyle Rittenhouse!” That says it all about who these people truly are.

      Your plaintive question . . . “Will you next hold every American Black accountable for the ravings of the most extreme members of BLM??” is beyond laughable since THAT is exactly the heart of your man Trump’s campaign.

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