Walter Mitty Biden



NR: The Secret Life of Joe Biden

This explains a lot

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      1. “Truthful hyperbole” is only good for the goose, but not the gander?

        Biden is not perfect and because he has been in office for decades, there are loads of comments and information that can be attacked, or made to a much bigger deal than reality.

        Tax evasion, outright fraud, personal misuse of charitable and campaign contributions, delivering polling strategies to Russian intelligence, extorting foreign leaders and domestic corporations, giving lessons on how to sexually assault women…

        Sorry, I will take a few borrowed speech lines and maybe a beefed up class standing.

        Unless we want a Mafioso in the White House, then we have our man there already.


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        1. I disagree, I find a dramatic story of a clandestine trip into a war zone to decorate a reluctant hero, that never happened, an insult to my intelligence and to the honor of those who do go in harms way.

          I also find it repugnant that the MSM will call every misstatement by Trump a lie, but doesn’t mention these fantasy adventures at all.

          Biden is either a liar far beyond anyone else in public life or he lives in a world of delusion. I’m not sure which is worse.


          1. OK, then let’s see what actually happened:

            “Biden said that as vice president, he pinned a Silver Star on a Navy Captain in Afghanistan. Biden said the soldier pulled a mortally wounded comrade out of a ravine, and later resisted receiving a medal.

            Biden did pin a medal on a soldier who felt he didn’t deserve a medal, and it was in Afghanistan. From there, several details are wrong: The soldier tried to rescue a comrade from a burning Humvee, not off the slope of a ravine. He was an Army specialist, not a Navy captain. Biden was a senator, not vice president. The medal was a Bronze Star, not a Silver Star.”


            We have details wrong, no doubt. But he was at a forward operating base and he did pin a Bronze Star instead of Silver.

            I think your repugnance is misplaced.

            With all the crimes that I listed, I would take some mixed up details from an essentially true story in a war zone over a tax cheat and fraudster. Cheating Americans and defrauding Americans.

            Sorry, but you are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

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      2. “Biden is either a liar far beyond anyone else in public life or he lives in a world of delusion. ”

        Why have you given up on Trump? He is number one. Nobody is even in the same league of lies and delusions. This Biden parable spun from different threads to convey a true message doesn’t even come close to ANY of Trump’s 20,000+ lies, fibs and distortions. And it is most certainly not a lie that has killed 150,000 people and counting.

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        1. Killed 150,000?

          The Imperial College epidemiology models predicted 2.2 million deaths in the US, so if we’re going to guess at numbers with no basis in fact, we could just as easily claim that Trump has saved 2 million.


          1. Uh, not too absurd. That 2.2 million number was from a set of assumptions that included that NOBODY change their behavior. People DID change their behavior but because of Trump’s LIES and magical promises they did not change it enough.

            If his leadership had matched that of, say, Angela Merkel, 150,000 (more or less) people would be alive today who are now dead. Taking a proven to be achievable death rate and applying it to our population IS a basis in fact. As with many Trump failures you simply refuse to go where your eyes, ears, mind and the evidence want to take you.

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          2. So, your wild guesses about what might have happened are now fact?

            Sorry, but I don’t buy it at all. I don’t know of anything that could have been done differently based on what was known at the time, that would have made a significant difference.

            Other that turning into a German woman what specifically do you think Trump could have done differently?


          3. What could Trump have done differently? I have answered that question for you several time. You just don’t want to accept what a homicidal failure Trump has been.

            I will state the answer again. He could have done what leaders are hired to do – LEAD. Instead – even when warned of the dire nature of the threat IN FEBRUARY, he chose a policy of lies and magical promises that failed to induce the changes in behavior that were achieved in other countries. Not only did he fail to lead the American people to follow the science, he did his best to confound the efforts of the governors that tried to fill the vacuum he left. And, as we now know that his policy of untruths and concealing the danger was not just stupidity or laziness but a deliberate choice based on his fears about his political future. Criminal negligence is the most kind and gentle way to sum it up.

            It is a puzzlement that you continue to say “based on what was known at the time” when we now know that Trump personally had all the knowledge anyone would need to react to the threat seriously. Other countries did. We didn’t

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          4. You’re raving.

            Feb 29th, Fauci said there was no reason for Americans to alter their behavior. Was trump supposed ignore him?

            What did Gov Northam want to do that Trump obstructed, or any other Governor? Even Newsom, hardly a Trump ally, said Trump got him everything he needed.

            You are blinded by your own hatred.

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          5. “You’re raving.”

            He’s not raving’ he is repeating what he and I have been saying form the beginning. The original models were showing what would happen if NO MITIGATION efforts were put in place. The models have evolved, AS THEY SHOULD, as behaviors have changed. You CONSISTENTLY leave that out of your “what could he have done differently” mantra that is more raving then anything Paul or I have pointed out to you.

            Besides Trump KNEW it was bad at the end of February. If he knew then, as HE HIMSELF HAS CLAIMED, why did he do nothing but play it down? To avoid a panic? His entire campaign in 2016 and today is built on fear and panic.

            He knows more than the generals and the scientists and still he did NOT take appropriate actions.

            I previously provided a fair and balanced statement he could have made early on to support the wearing of masks, social distancing and other efforts to contain the spread. It was not panic inducing and it was uniting in calling on ALL AMERICANS, not just Red ones or Blue ones, to do the right things.

            Yet you continue to cheer him on.

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          6. “…Trump got him everything he needed.”

            Well, since Trump is such a vindictive person and hinted at requiring “thank you’s” for doing his job, a smart governor would praise him so that his state would not be cut out of assistance.

            #LIBERATE encouraged the anti-mask frenzy because Trump wanted to be “cool”.

            Trump is a disaster. And your hatred of Democrats is blinding you to that simple fact.


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          7. “ Fauci also twice described the virus as “an evolving situation,” and said, “Every day, we have to look at it very carefully.”

            That was emphasized after each statement Fauci made as regarding action by Americans in the infancy of the pandemic. So balance that with Trump admitting that he knew the pandemic was serious, deadly and a major problem, but still lied to us.

            And through surrogates like Limbaugh and White House “advisor” Hannity supporters were also led to believe that it was a common cold or just like the seasonal flu.

            #LIBERATE certainly sealed the deal well after the pandemic struck hard, fast and deadly.

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          8. The point it that as late as Feb 29, Fauci didn’t think we had to change behavior, yet Paul is damning Trump for not advocating just that in January.

            Of course our knowledge evolved. It still is, the CDC just updated its advice on the methods the virus spreads this week.

            But trump is supposed to have applied today’s knowledge in Jan and Feb.


        2. One of us is blind. Although it must be difficult to stay that way when there are 200,000 corpses to ignore.

          Typically, you distort what Fauci said in February. You and Trump have done this repeatedly. You leave out the part that makes it clear that he was speaking of safe behavior in communities without evidence of community spread.

          I made clear that Trump’s failure was one of urgency, honesty and leadership. Leaving aside the fact that he totally punted on a NATIONAL crisis, when Northam and other governors attempted to lead their states towards more serious and costly social distancing in order to curb the spread of the deadly virus what did Trump do? He encouraged his supporters to resist. “LIBERATE Virginia.” Believe it or not, Trump’s opinions carry weight with quite a lot of people. If he had encouraged compliance instead of resistance the results would have been different and fewer lives lost.

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          1. “The point it that as late as Feb 29, Fauci didn’t think we had to change behavior, yet Paul is damning Trump for not advocating just that in January.”

            In January? You left out February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and September. To this date, Trump has used his considerable influence to resist the ONLY methods available to control the virus. Even now, when we know that it is deadly, he organizes packed indoor rallies where masks are not required.

            You never seem to remember all that Fauci said. Forgetful or not being truthful?


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      3. Didn’t really care if it was in error or not. You didn’t give The Atlantic the benefit of the doubt and in fact threatened to block links to it.

        My point was to show the flip-flop by NR that occurred shortly after the inauguration.

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