Robert Gates, Obama Sec Def, May 2019

Real Clear Politics – Robert Gates on Biden

Even those who like Biden know how wrong he is for the job.

17 thoughts on “Robert Gates, Obama Sec Def, May 2019

  1. Joe Biden is 10 times better for the job than the totally unfit and uneducated fella who sits in the White House now.

    Over 200,000 Americans dead with many of their blood on ‘djt’s hands, because he was too dishonest to tell the truth about the Coronavirus early on.

    Please spare us the words of Robert Gates at this point, and so what if he disagrees with Biden’s foreign policies? At least Biden isn’t in Putin’s pocket.

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    1. A foreign site? All this fellow does is channel the AMERICAN comedian – Joe Rogan.

      If we really care about what foreigners think – and we should – the Trump has to go. The admiration for this nation has plummeted during his Reign of Error.

      More to the point, everything they have to say about Biden’s mental and physical health goes triple for Mr. Trump. Obviously, for every clip where Biden loses his train of thought there are a hundred similar clips of Mr. Trump doing the same or worse?

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  2. “”He’s a man of integrity, incapable of hiding what he really thinks, and one of those rare people you know you could turn to for help in a personal crisis.”

    Gates disagreed with his foreign policy. Then, many people think that Trump’s foreign policy is horrible.

    Then the matter of age. I think it is a problem that we have two septagenarians running for president. Of the two,however, I think Biden, with his occasional gaffes, is a whole lot healthier both mentally and physically than Trump. The president’s rambling interviews and constantly shifting focus along with terrible decisions regarding this crisis, particularly the outright lying about the virus itself, should disqualify him from any major political office.

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    1. RE: “Then, many people think that Trump’s foreign policy is horrible.”

      That’s only true in the sense that many means more than two. Many also think that Trump’s foreign policy has been exceptionally good and that he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize he’s been nominated for, twice.


          1. “I don’t doubt that many people are delusional.”

            Really, Mr. Roberts? Is this the best you can do?

            It is a FACT that many people (far more than two) believe that Trump is not just a foreign policy failure, but that he has been a disaster. I am not asking you to change your belief to the opposite, but merely to acknowledge the FACT that many people hold that view. Is it really impossible for you to acknowledge FACTS that do not conform to what you would like the FACTS to be? It appears so.

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  3. RE: “Even those who like Biden know how wrong he is for the job.”

    Words like smart, accomplished, energetic don’t apply to Joe Biden.


    1. “Words like smart, accomplished, energetic don’t apply to Joe Biden.”

      But they do to Donald Trump?

      Well, maybe you are right. Rarely is a country blessed with a stable genius who knows far more on every subject that just about everyone. More than the generals, more than the scientists. More than the scholars. A man so blessed that he can handle the affairs of a great nation while riding around in a golf cart.

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    2. RE: “But they do to Donald Trump?”

      I think so, but that’s irrelevant. That they don’t apply to Biden is my point, and saying they don’t apply to someone else doesn’t change it. If you’d like to show that Biden is in fact smart, accomplished and energetic be my guest, but there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary if you really want to argue about it.


      1. Many people would say that rising from humble beginnings to become the Vice-President of the United States is an accomplishment. And that requires someone to be both smart and energetic throughout his career – unless of course someone is born a billionaire and has a small army of lawyers and publicists to plaster over every crime, lie and mistake.

        Of course, the real point is that those are RELATIVE terms. “Smart” compared to whom? “Energetic” compared to whom. “Accomplished” compared to whom? Compared to an ignoramus who spends half of his life in a golf cart and who took a large fortune and made it a small one, Biden is very “smart, accomplished and energetic.”


        1. When somebody rises from humble beginnings and succeeds in business before turning to politics, as say the elder Bush, that is worthy of admiration.

          But when a man of humble beginnings enters politics and then gets rich, that calls for a special prosecutor.


          1. Lock him up, eh?

            After a long lifetime of working, saving and investing Joe and Jill Biden are worth about $9 million according to Forbes. About half of which is the appreciated value of two house in Delaware. About $1 million is the value of his government pension and about $4 million is in financial investments. Almost all of that liquid wealth has come from books and speaking fees since he left office. Your suggestion that a Special Counsel should investigate their finances is par for the course in Trump circles but still laughable.

            As for the senior Bush, his beginnings could not be called “humble.” He was the son of a wealthy Connecticut family and of a United States Senator. His father left an estate of $3.5 million in 1972 dollars. Barbara Bush was also born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Senior Bush tried oil drilling for a few years but never made much money at it. From 1966 onward, his career was in politics and government service. In 1988 his net worth was $2 million. When he died his estate was worth about $30 million. Do we need to appoint a Special Prosecutor there as well?


      2. When was the last time you saw Trump pedal anything other that his usual BS or Made In China ties? Biden has been caught on tape riding a bike. When was the last time trump WALKED a round of golf, or even half a round.

        Trump’s blustering does not equal energetic.

        Most people who CHEAT are very smart.

        Accomplished wrt Trump is also questionable. Until we see the tax returns we just have to take his word for it.


  4. Channeling Robert Duval . . . I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

    Clearly, Gates and Biden have had different ideas on specific foreign policy issues over the years. And his opinion is not without weight. I believe him to be among the declining numbers of actually honest and patriotic Republicans. But, as you well know, there are literally dozens of senior people who have actually worked with and for Trump who express the idea “how wrong he is for the job.” And they express that opinion far more forcefully and urgently than Gates does in this interview and in his book.

    It is also telling that Gates was not asked which – given the choice we have – would be better for the country – Biden or Trump. We do know, however, in 2016 Gates had this to say about Trump . . . “he is stubbornly uninformed about the world and how to lead our country” and “temperamentally unsuited to lead our men and women in uniform.”

    Then there is this from a highly respected Secretary of Defense . . .

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