BLM and the Chinese government are not working together

It seems the right wing blogosphere suckered it’s devotees one more time. The regime is so proud. 

37 thoughts on “BLM and the Chinese government are not working together

  1. Lies, smears, disinformation and fear are the only thing the modern Trump-era “conservatives” have to offer. Every time they have been entrusted with power they have screwed the pooch. Their ideas and values are not popular, they fight with science and try to wish problems away. And now they have descended into the morass that is Trump’s corruption, dishonesty, irresponsibility and murderous incompetence.

    Their inability to gracefully accept the simple truth – Black Lives Matter – tells us everything about the engine that powers their kiddie car.

    January 21, 2021 cannot come soon enough. It is time for the responsible adults to clean up yet another “conservative” mess.

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    1. Greene, the Georgia conspiracy nut who will take a seat in the House next year, held a rally surrounded by “olive drab shirts“ armed and ready in case a counter protesters showed up.

      Where in history have we seen such politicking?

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      1. Reminds me of my youth in Georgia where white people – my father among them – were encouraged by the Sherriff to bring their shotguns to the Court House on election day to make sure that “only the right people” voted. It takes many generations for a cancerous culture to heal.

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        1. Black Lives Matter is an anti-racism movement. Is that really so hard to understand and support. According to polling more than 50% of the public manages to do that. You can’t?

          It is a very large movement and it is not hard for those who are against anti-racism to cherry-pick almost anything they want to back up a smear.

          Here is a “fair and balanced” assessment of the validity – or lack thereof – of this smear you choose to spread . . .

          In the “marketplace of ideas” smears and name-calling don’t carry much weight with informed and educated people. IMHO.

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          1. I admire your head banging with those who refuse to accept the realities of things.

            But confusing them with actual facts and not just the alternative ones that have been foisted on us since the Great Escalator Descent will NEVER convince them.

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          2. I don’t it think it is matter of convincing.

            That “Ship of Fools” has sailed long ago.

            Rather it is a matter of keeping the regime’s lies and criminality in check and at the same time shining a spotlight on them.

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          3. I am with Len on the point of the “head banging.” Just to set the record straight.

            I have zero recollection of any of these “conservatives” ever abandoning their “alternative facts” even in the face of evidence as compelling as their Dear Leader confessing on tape to his lies and even his stating bluntly that the purpose of his lies is to sow confusion so that the free press will not be believed when they report the truth about him.


          4. “BLM, is not anti racist, It is as racist as the KKK”

            Freudian slip? I stated the truth. “Black Lives Matter is an anti-racism movement.” You changed that to “anti-racist” which is somewhat different.

            As far as this KKK claim, that, again with all the respect due, is feeble nonsense. BLM wants to put an end to injustice. The KKK and their ilk at the heart of today’s GOP wants to perpetuate it. There is no significant element of BLM that is remotely similar to the “White Supremacy” beliefs that is at the core of KKK’s racial animus.

            Millions of people of all races support BLM. Leave it to the Trump propaganda machine to take the postings of a few people – now disavowed – as proof of a ludicrous smear.

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          1. That is not the page they originally had up.

            The one that called for an end to private property, the nuclear family, and proclaimed their allegiance to “Blackness” whatever that is.

            Small wonder they took it down once it gained national attention.


          2. I believe you Don. I am sure you saw something. But there is not even a screenshot available. And we know how quickly the rabid right media would have jumped all over it.

            But, nothing.

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      1. So, Did I say I agreed with everything Trump does?

        But he is not a threat to our Constitution, Biden and Schummer are. Anything else can be fixed but the the Constitution is lost it will be regained only by blood.


        1. I disagree. You are predicting violence in case Trump loses.

          “Nice window you have at your business. It would be a shame to see it broken. Of course you could pay me to protect you.”

          One and the same.

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          1. I believe you have that wrong.

            Has their been a democracy with decent wealth distribution, a large middle class particularly, that has collapsed into socialism or communism.

            They have been oligarchies with wealth in the hands of a few and most of the population are peasants.

            And when I pointed that out many times over the years, you accused me of extortion. Promising violence if people did not have food and shelter was the issue.

            Universal healthcare, affordable education, good social safety nets and real justice in the courts are not threats against our system. They are the things that will strengthen our nation so we can concentrate on business, entrepreneurship and innovation.

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          2. “No, I am looking at history”

            There is no such history.

            With all due respect, your very loose and dangerous blather about Biden being a threat to the Constitution and references to blood as the only solution are exactly why your unfettered military-grade arsenal is a the real threat to Constitutional order.

            All this daydreaming about violence is, I suppose, a natural emotional response to growing old, becoming irrelevant, and being on the intellectual fringe of a modernizing society with no other path to power in sight once the raving anti-democratic autocrat we have now has been removed by Constitutional means.

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        2. …”Biden and Schummer are”…

          Why? because they are Democrats?

          Your view of opposing stances wrt to this country are much more dangerous than anything else. Threats of violence if Biden wins? There is already violence and Trump is in office. (And I know you will play the Democrats in charge of those areas card.) I guess you buy into the ads that say what is going on today is what is going to happen if Biden wins. IT IS HAPPENEING NOW. And Trump is doing nothing by firing up his base of hate, racism, divisiveness and authoritarianism.

          And I have a hard time recalling you NOT agreeing with Trump. You would think it would be easy to remember because it happens so rarely. And by saying he speaks carelessly? That ain’t disagreeing, that is giving him a pass for his words and actions.

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          1. “Why? because they are Democrats?”

            Well, yes, because they are democrats in the worst sense of the word.

            No rational person would want to live in a democracy. But today’s Democrats are not rational. They see no part of our lives not subject to government control. no rights they cannot violate if the polls support it.

            They seek to impose one size fits all policy on a nation that is very varied in reality.

            Look at Biden’s promise of a mask mandate. I support mask wearing but the same rules that make sense in New Jersey are foolish in Montana. Even within Virginia, the same rules that make sense in NOVA or Hampton Roads are excessive in the more rural parts of the State.

            So, no I do not want the Heartland ruled by the cities, but the cities have the population to do it.

            And I am not threatening violence, I am warning of it. I can tell you right now that the people in the heartland are not going to tolerate being told they cannot drive a pickup truck, or that a pickup must cost more than they can afford because it is loaded up with taxes.

            It’s not a button you want to push just because you can.


          2. “I support mask wearing but the same rules that make sense in New Jersey are foolish in Montana.”

            You have made this silly observation many time and I have let it pass. But now that you offer it in support of your seditious claim that Biden will subvert the Constitution, I am going to point out that people in Montana can be just as close to other people in stores, churches, cinemas, restaurants, bars, schools, playgrounds etc. as people in NJ. In neither NJ or Montana is anyone suggesting that masks be mandatory when you are on your own. Duh!


          3. Actually, that is exactly what Biden said.

            But masks aside, why is the rule on what kind of car you can drive or what gasoline should cost. taxes included, be the same in New Jersey and Montana?

            There are countless things that make sense in the city that don’t in the countryside, and vice versa. Do I try to mandate that duck hunting be permitted in NYC’c City Park?


          4. “And I am not threatening violence, I am warning of it. ”

            Uh, no. You may not be threatening violence, but you are promoting it with your silly but seditious loose talk about Obama, Clinton and now Biden destroying the Constitution. Especially when you wrap that nonsense with talk of blood being the only cure.

            You may deep inside still have enough sense to hold your fire – even when the “tyrant” wants to make you wear a mask, but there are boatloads of people in the Trump universe who don’t. We have, for example, the 17 year old murderer who took such hate speech very literally and ends up being praised in Trump land. There are plenty more where he came from. So for all our sakes STFU about blood.


          5. “Actually that is exactly what Biden said”


            But if he did say that, he is obviously wrong. The virus does not care if it is in a rural area or in a city. And, thanks to Trump’s failed leadership, the virus is now everywhere.

            The way you want to divide the country between “the Heartland” (LOL!) and the city leaving those poor “Heartland” people to suffer under the uncaring city folk is absurd. For starters, every state has both. But if that distinction really is important for setting policy why – in your mind – is it better for the majority to be ruled by a minority rather than the other way around? If there really is a dichotomy, you are favoring the wrong side with this analysis.

            If anything, taxes on fuel should be higher in rural areas. Why should people in cities pay for roads and bridges that few people use?


  2. This New York Times “fact check” isn’t entirely honest. It doesn’t link to the Heritage piece it criticizes:

    Had it done so, it would have been easier to discover that the Heritage story accurately documents the connection between the San Fransico Chinese Progressive Association and the Boston one by referencing a Standford University undergraduate thesis that explains the connection:

    “The [San Fransico] CPA was the first of five CPAs, and in the next ten years, other CPAs were established in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and for a short time in San Diego as well…In addition to collaborating with the other CPAs, the San Francisco CPA worked with other people of color grassroots organizations.”

    Click to access iwk-cpa.pdf

    There is much more in the paper that reveals the pro-China, pro-communist ideology of the CPA.


    1. “…Boston chapter teamed up with China’s Consulate General in New York to offer Chinese nationals the opportunity to renew their passports, getting praise from China’s official mouthpiece, China Daily.”

      So helping visiting Chinese is bad?

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      1. RE: “So helping visiting Chinese is bad?”

        Not at all. But Marxism is bad. Revolutionary Communism is worse. And BLM’s association with both is even worse.


        1. Communism? Really? The 1950’s called. They want their Red Menace rhetoric back.

          There is orders of magnitude more overlap between the GOP and the KKK than there is overlap between BLM and Marxism. In the former, hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people and even some office holders. In the later, a handful of early naïve activists whose ideas have been disavowed.

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          1. Having been accused of being a Venezuelan socialist, when in actuality I tend to lean toward the Democratic Socialist parties of Western Europe. I hear ya.

            But wait one second. If it is truly is “better dead then red” what are we going to do about all those Red States that Trump thinks are sooooo goood at handling things?


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