Ready for a little hope?

Bjorn Lomberg will be on Varney and Company on FOX Business Network today sometime between 11 AM and Noon. Turns out things aren’t as bad as we are told on many fronts. Fact based reporting on the world we live in.

5 thoughts on “Ready for a little hope?

          1. Thanks, I just watched it. I had no problem with his presentation. He started out by immediately making the point that climate change is a factor in the current California fires and then went on to put much greater weight on the lack of prescribed burning. Varney tried to blame environmentalists for that but Lomborg pushed back with a more realistic assessment – citing the many problems associated with the scale of prescribed burning that he advocates.

            I was a little disappointed in the end when he went after the straw man who says that climate change is the ONLY cause of the fires, but still a good listen.

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