23 thoughts on “Color, Communism and Common Sense

  1. A very important source. Communists are so hostile and cynical, it’s difficult for an ordinary person to grasp the extent of what I would call their sociopathology. it does not matter what idea or group they claim to care about, they don’t care at all. They care less than zero.


    1. This looks like completely irrelevant (Communists? Really?) projection. In terms of where we are today with the once Grand Old Party the victim of a hostile takeover by Trump, Inc. a more relevant formulation might be . . .

      “The remaining Trump die hards are so hostile and cynical, it’s difficult for an ordinary person to grasp the extent of what one would call their sociopathology. It does not matter what idea or group they claim to care about, they don’t care at all. They care less than zero.”

      Read my revision thoughtfully. There is a lot of truth in it. For example “hostile.” How about people labeling anyone who is fed up with Trump’s lies and failures as a “Communist?” And as for not caring, where is the care for the 140,000+ people who have lost their lives so far because Trump “cares less than zero?”

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  2. Communism is not really on the agenda anymore.

    True, there are always some small groups of self-styled Marxists that seem to raise the hackles of conservatives who see boogeymen in every closet. But, like the brouhaha over the 2 Black Panthers who stood at one polling station for a few minutes or the four non-BLM affiliated members of the Africa Town Coalition who protested at the entrance to the ER.

    “In a Facebook video posted Sept. 13, Kevin Wharton Price, a founder of an LA-based Black rights group called the Africa Town Coalition, identified himself as the protester whom deputies arrested — as well as an organizer of the small gathering outside the hospital.

    He said he and three other people went to the facility to call attention to an alleged gang of deputies within the sheriff’s department that control aspects of the agency, as well as the series of senseless killings of Black people by authorities over the years. And while BLM and Africa Town Coalition share some similar goals, such as empowering Black Americans, he said they have separate ideologies, and the latter group should not be conflated with the former. Price said:

    “Africa Town came with four people that night. Four people. That was it. …We are not Black Lives Matter. […] We have our own political agenda.”


    Tempest in a teapot because some of us would like to see some form of universal healthcare that is affordable and accessible for all Americans. In addition to affordable high quality education and good social safety nets. These issues are the best protection that capitalism can have and still not curb innovation and entrepreneurship.

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    1. RE: “Communism is not really on the agenda anymore.”

      That’s a highly dubious observation. For example, the founders of Black Lives Matter have boasted about being “trained Marxists,” and Antifa is both historically, and by recent self-avowal a communist movement. Given how active just these two groups have been in current events, it defies logic to say that communism is no longer an issue.

      Under the circumstances, you might even be called a “communism denier,” which won’t be advantageous to you in future inquiries, should the current communist agenda prove successful.


      1. Perhaps I used the wrong phrase. Of course communism is on the agenda…for a tiny minority of radicals.

        With the notable exception of a handful of countries communism is just that, a fringe political movement that might take hold in places that have abysmal wealth distribution and oppressive regimes.

        Just because some BLM leaders profess their Marxist beliefs does not mean they will convert us. But this anomaly is swept up by conservatives as a threat rather than normal, but rare political theater.

        Affordable universal healthcare, education and effective social safety nets are not the road to communism. Rather some of the most competitive capitalist countries with relatively easier paths to entrepreneurship and business creation have the strong safety nets.

        Once companies and individuals can cut the burden of healthcare and educational costs, more money is freed up to pay wages and innovate.

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  3. Yes, this book may well be something to consider in a college level course on Black History. Maybe in the same way that “Mein Kamf” belongs in a study of German history. To better understand the Zeitgeist.

    The 1950’s was a time of fear (“duck and cover!”), suspicion, and of hysterical reactions to change. The “Communist” label was thrown about very loosely. Those of a certain age will remember the popular TV show – “I was a Communist for the FBI” where each week seemingly normal people were outed as part of the Red Menace. Black people were not immune to any of this and the hysteria affected them as well. It was EASY to label any of their striving for justice as part of that same Red Menace. So, yeah, read it and discuss it.

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    1. RE: “Maybe in the same way that “Mein Kamf” belongs in a study of German history. To better understand the Zeitgeist.”

      What Zeitgeist, specifically, do you have in mind? And how, exactly, is a book written by an American black civil rights leader in the 1950s comparable to Mein Kamf in any way?


      1. I stated why very clearly – it reflects the Zeitgeist of a country at a certain moment in time and understanding what it says and why it says it may help better understand history.

        It is odd that “conservatives” find it very disturbing that Russian agents tried to stir up and exploit racial divisions in the 1950s but are just fine with it when they do it now. Go figure.

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        1. And I could direct you to dozens of “Conservative” web sites that are even worse. BLM is a legitimate protest movement with very legitimate issues to raise. No amount of attention from “conservative” media on the misbehavior of a few individuals (who may or may not be real advocates of BLM) can change that.

          My little jest was apropos. This kind of Red Menace baloney is an anachronistic joke. Especially coming from people unconditionally supporting a Russian stooge in the White House.

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          1. After all the investigations concluded there was no collusion with Russia by the GOP, you still cling to that?

            How long did it take for you to accept that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth?


          2. “After all the investigations concluded there was no collusion with Russia by the GOP . . .”

            That is simply not factual – it is far from the truth.

            “WASHINGTON — A sprawling report released Tuesday by a Republican-controlled Senate panel that spent three years investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election laid out an extensive web of contacts between Trump campaign advisers and Kremlin officials and other Russians, including at least one intelligence officer and others tied to the country’s spy services.”

            But actually, I was not referring to the campaign, but simply to Trump’s behavior vis a vis Putin since he became President. A level of deference and accommodation – even as Putin puts bounties on Americans and poisons his critics – that a Russian stooge would exhibit.

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  4. As I researched education and saw really vicious methods used throughout our schools, I began to realize that the driving force was a certain type of personality (that I call Commie for short). These are the termites in our basement. Lenin and his Bolsheviks were this type. Pol Pot and his “agrarian reformers” were this type. Mao and his Communists were this type; still are. I admire these people for their commitment and industriousness; but everything else is despicable.

    Here’s a good background piece: “K-12: Red Ed” https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/06/k12_red_ed.html


    1. This kind of labelling and name-calling “e.g., Commies” that is the stock-in-trade of Trump-loving “conservatives” is a kind of poison that is threatening the health of our country. But no worries, like many poisons, it is eliciting a purging of the national gut such as we have not seen since the election of 1932. It will be better very soon.

      Be the way, besides Donald Trump, which of our national leaders share these “Commie” traits of Lenin, Pol Pot or Mao? Any ideas on that which are not laughable?

      Here is what to look for . . .
      Which ones have a thriving cult of personality?
      Which ones favorite solution to political opposition is “Lock ’em up!?”
      Which ones abhor being held accountable and despise the free press?
      Which ones think that Truth is what the Dear Leader says it is?
      Which ones think that the law does not apply to them?

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