BLM Riot Turns Into MAGA YMCA Dance Party

On AUG 22, 2020, a violent #BlackLivesMatter mob swarmed the Trump Unity Bridge in Beverly Hills. The Trump Unity Bridge responded to #BLM with a DANCE OFF to their unifying theme song MAGA / YMCA!

3 thoughts on “BLM Riot Turns Into MAGA YMCA Dance Party

    1. It is understandable to experienced boaters, but you are really missing the point.

      When you have a large number of boats of different sizes and capabilities, moving in the same direction, some must run below their best speed to maintain their position in the floatilla and they make larger wakes below their optimum speeds. Further, the wake of a boat expands in a V shape, so those wakes cross, Where they cross you get a phenomenon known as constructive interference(look it up) that results in very large waves that pop up unexpectedly. So it is not surprising that some boaters would be caught by surprise.

      But what you miss is that these boat parades are not professionally organized by the campaign, they are spontaneous social media get togethers of very enthusiastic participants. Their very chaos should be a warning to Democrats of the enthusiasm of Trump supporters as hundreds of boats of all sizes come together to show their support.

      Could Biden generate anything like that? All he can get is a few people at a conference asking softball questions supplied by the campaign. All very organized, but lifeless as a dead fish.


      1. I don’t deny the enthusiasm by his core base.

        Sort of like the truck parade that set its route to go right through the protests. I suppose they are kind of like flash mobs with motors.

        I just find the irony of swamped boats and Trump’s campaign to be hard to resist.

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