11 thoughts on “Antifa Reality Check

      1. No, because it’s ridiculous. The violence has been so well videoed by media and individuals, including the police, and such egregious acts as throwing 30-40 pound stones any distance or access to expensive industrial strobes would not have escaped scrutiny.

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      1. If he is not telling the truth, then I guess he is a liar.

        Our president has taught me, probably most of us, not to believe anything. He told Leslie Stahl in 2016 that he is purposefully confusing Americans so they won’t know who or what to believe.

        I guess it is working just as planned.

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    1. Anyone who wants to go up against the Antifa/BLM protestors had better be well prepared for the confrontation. They will need superior surveillance, command, control and communications.


      1. Hong Kong police might help. They get their training from Xi, a good friend of Trump. Or was a good friend until he wasn’t. And no body beats the Chinese for “superior surveillance, command, control and communications.”

        Just ask any Uighur sitting in the Trump approved concentration and re-education camps.

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  1. Sorry-but the article reads like a Penthouse Letter to the editor back in the 70’s. They typically began “I wouldn’t believe it had it not happened to me” and would describe the writers sexual prowess and fun-filled night of glory.

    In this case? It reads like an article one might find in Soldier of Fortune where the writer is boasting about how his military training and experience made for a fun-filled night of glory.

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